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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 297: Auction Day Bahasa Indonesia

Alex logged back into the game at around 9 pm. He stood up from his bed and saw that Wan Li was already gone from his room.

‘Where could he have gone?’ Alex wondered but didn’t really give much thought to his disappearance.

He walked out and saw a few people from his sect walking up and down the stairs. He saw a few elders leave as well.

Suddenly, his master walked out of her room as well and saw him standing.

“Oh there you are, I was about to go look for you,” Ma Rong said.

“What’s going on master?” he asked.

“Oh, there are auctions taking place in the capital today, really big ones. One of the auction houses saved a VIP seat for us. Do you want to come?” she asked.

“Is it the Pink Cloud auction house?” he asked.

“No. It’s a different one. Why? You wanted to go to that one?” Ma Rong asked.

“I have a VIP room in that auction house for today. I will be going soon too,” Alex said.

“Hmm… Who will you be going with?” Ma Rong asked.

“I’m going there alone, I guess,” Alex said.

“Hm, be careful out there. Don’t try to get into a bidding contest with others. If they really want it, just let them have it. You are very weak in the grand scheme of things, so it’s better if you don’t make enemies, okay?” Ma Rong said with concern in her voice.

Alex nodded and said, “I understand master.”

“Alright, you need some spirit stones? What are you looking for today?” she asked.

“I don’t need spirit stones. I sold a few pills some days before and have enough for today. As for what I want to buy, I’m thinking of getting armor for myself. As you said, I am weak and need better protection,” Alex said.

“As for the other things, I will see what I like,” Alex said.

“Alright, take care. I’m already late so I will leave now,” Ma Rong said and left down the stairs.

Alex looked around and the other ones had left as well. ‘Damn, everyone is gone somewhere huh. Well, it is a free day after all.’

‘I should leave as well,’ he thought. However, before that, he decided to change his robes to something more normal like the Blueish-gray robes his master had given him when he went to the Tiger sect.

So he changed into those before walking out of the room and going into the southern side of the capital city.

The roads were particularly lively today since most of the people weren’t in the coliseum and instead of enjoying the free day from the competition.

Alex weaved through the crowd of bypassers and made his way to the auction house.

There were more than a few auction houses at the same spot, so the crowd was very huge today. Alex squished through the people to reach the auction door, but that too seemed impossible.

Thankfully, he was able to make his way to the door and a staff member who recognized him accepted him and took him inside. As for those that didn’t have a VIP room registered to themselves, they would have to wait until it was time for the auction.

The staff took him to a VIP room that was much smaller than the one he was in back in Scarlet City. However, that was a VVIP room and this was a VIP room, so that was to be expected.

Alex walked over to the window and looked down on the hall. This was something that was completely different from the auction house back in the Scarlet City, however.

The hall was beyond massive and could easily house over 2000 people. Alex then looked to the side and saw other similar rooms lined up all over the wall of the hall.

There were about 200 rooms counting both the VIP and the VVIP rooms. The VIP rooms were lower while the VVIP ones were higher.

‘So that means there will be someone above me, huh?’ Alex thought. He turned around and saw the staff member standing by the door, the same as the last time.

“Umm… you can come to sit here if you want. I’m not so important that you have to stand there,” he said.

“It is our job and we are used to it. Respected guest does not need to be concerned about this lady,” the staff politely said.

“Are you sure? Cause you are welcome to sit,” Alex said.

The lady just shook her head, and Alex left it at that. He went to sit on the chair and waited for the auction to start.

More and more VIP and VVIP rooms were filled but he couldn’t see who was near him. He wasn’t going to randomly use his Spiritual sense in a place like this, especially when there would be so many high-level people in the auction.

As more and more people entered, it seemed that it was time for the regular folks to enter, so the doors were opened and the people started entering in droves.

Alex watched as the lower hall managed to be filled in practically minutes.

Once the entire hall was full, including the VIP and VVIP rooms, the lighting in the hall changed and soon a spotlight appeared on the curtain that hid the stage away.

The curtains opened in a single unstopping motion and revealed a lady behind them. The lady was around 25 years old with a face that had fair skin and hair redder than the empire itself.

She was wearing a pink dress with cloud patterns on it, just as the name of the auction house itself.

The crowd full of people was mesmerized at her beauty as this was the first time most of them had even seen her.

The lady smiled at them and finally spoke, ” Welcome to the Pink Cloud Auction House.. I am your auctioneer and host for the day, Yu Min.”


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