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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 283: Good Reviews Bahasa Indonesia

As soon as the group returned back to their hotel, Alex went directly to his room.

“Yu Ming, we leave for the library in an hour. You lot as well. Come meet me in an hour if you want to visit the library,” Ma Rong said just before everyone went back to their room.

Everyone kept that in mind and went to their room.

“Oh wow. I wonder how many alchemy books there will be in the library. I can’t wait to go there at all,” Wan Li said as he followed Alex behind to the room.

“Should be a lot,” Alex said and went back to his bed.

“Brother Yu, why do you always sleep for small periods of time. Is something wrong with your body?” Wan Li asked as he cocked his head. He had been curious about that for quite a while but had kept to himself.

“Oh, I… ah… I am just taking a power nap. I feel refreshed after napping for half an hour or so every day,” Alex said.

“Oh, I see. Maybe I should do that as well,” Wan Li said.

“Umm… you probably don’t have to. Just spend your time how you are doing right now,” Alex said and sneakily acted like he was sleeping before logging out.

He opened his eyes inside the capsule and pushed it open. As he walked out, he felt like he was really dull somehow. As if he had lost all senses and feelings.

“Damn, spending too much time in the game through the capsule seems like a bad idea. I hope it won’t harm me physically,” Alex thought.

He was still feeling no hunger at all and that was a little concerning as well. ‘Should I switch to the helmet from time to time?’ he wondered.

Surprisingly, even after so long, he didn’t need to go to the bathroom as well. ‘They are really messing with my body,’ Alex thought and started to get scared.

He grabbed his phone and walked out. He went to the kitchen to get some food, despite not being hungry at all. He needed to force down a bit of food.

So he served himself some and went onto the forums to check about the capsule.

Surprisingly, there was nothing but praise regarding the capsule. There were obviously people concerned about their physical health, but surprisingly there were no posts about the grave consequences of long-term capsule usage.

Alex clicked on a post and read about some doctors and scientists doing experiments on people who used capsules. Aside from the slight disorientation due to the change in senses they felt when coming out of the capsule, there was nothing else wrong with the person.

Their physical strength was the same, motor coordination was the same and even their metabolism rate was the same once the player left the capsule.

Unlike the helmet, which had apparently failed to keep that during the early phases of the game’s release, the capsule was miles better.

So both doctors and scientists were urging the player to keep on using the capsule as much as possible as opposed to the helmet.

‘Huh, so it’s okay?’ Alex wondered.

He decided to check other sites and sources as well. But no matter where he looked at, they sang nothing but praises regarding the capsule.

As long as the player was being a responsible human being and didn’t play unnecessarily long, they would be fine. Finally feeling some sort of relief, Alex quickly finished his food and went to his room.

He climbed into the capsule without fear and covered the lid. He slowly let his consciousness wander and before he knew it, he was inside the game once again.

He slowly got up from the bed and took a long, deep breath to bring his suddenly flared-up senses under control. Once he was done, he looked around and saw Wan Li writing something.

“What are you writing, brother Wan?” Alex asked.

“Oh, you are up, brother Yu. It’s nothing much, just what I realized from the competition today. I had a few enlightenment during the competitions and I was writing them down before I forgot them”

“I believe that if I use this new knowledge of mine properly… I can reach the Heaven grade with my pills too,” Wan Li said.

Alex looked at Wan Li very attentively. Despite being the number one disciple of the sect, he seemed to be the most hard-working of them all.

Or maybe that was the wrong way to look at it. He was most likely the number one disciple BECAUSE he was hard working.

However, despite being so hardworking, he still had to struggle through his learning process because his brain couldn’t pick up on things instinctively and he had to write everything down.

That surely slowed down his progress a lot. However, Alex wondered, if he perhaps didn’t have to bother with writing each time, and could easily remember everything… how great of an alchemist would he be?

Alex’s mind went to the 3 Spirit Cleansing lilies he still had on him. Unfortunately, the lilies seemed to be useless by themselves to him. And unless he could find a pill recipe that included the Spirit Cleansing lilies as an ingredient, it was probably going to remain useless for a long time.

However, if he could just give the flower to Wan Li… that would help him a lot and secure his sect’s future as well.

‘Should I even do that?’ Alex wondered. ‘What if he isn’t as good as he shows himself to be on the outside. I can never judge a person by how they look or act. Anyone is capable of sudden changes. I… I can’t trust a person just based on what I feel of them,’ he thought.

He had been traumatized by the events in the forbidden fields and didn’t want to repeat the same mistake again. For now, the only people he could truly trust were his two masters and his senior brother and sister.

Everyone else, he would have to judge on a case-by-case basis, and he wasn’t sure his judgment was refined enough to do that.


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