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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 262: Leaving The Hall Bahasa Indonesia

Once he was done with the Fan Converting pill, Alex moved on to the next pill on the list, the Element Negating pill.

The Element Negating pill was perhaps easier than the Fat Converting pill. At least, the ingredients were easier to acquire, but still, the effect of the pill was so good that having more than a few with oneself at all times wasn’t a bad idea at all.

He cleaned the cauldron and put in the first ingredient. Soon a second one and a third one. Before he knew it, he had put in all the different ingredients and they were all powder by now.

Finally, when it was time to form the pill, he started moving the powder and turning it into a ball shape. Suddenly, the pill-splitting qi appeared from within him.

The pills were separated into two portions as two vortexes appeared above them and started sucking in the excess energy that was in the air.

Very soon, all the energy was gone and the pills were formed. Alex took out the two pills and looked at them.

One of the pills had 43% harmony and the other one had 44% harmony. Alex nodded to himself in satisfaction.

‘I wonder if it was possible to an 87% pill if I somehow collected all the energy there and put it into the pill,’ Alex wondered. That would be a genuine achievement if he could ever do any.

The higher the harmony, the harder it was to improve. Going from the beginning of heaven grade to a level of harmony to which he didn’t even know the name of was truly a dream he wanted to be true.

Alas, a dream was a dream.

He brought out another set of ingredients and continued to make the pills. He made exactly 7 pills in the next hour and a half.

Every pill after the first one was better and the best one was a 51% harmony Heaven grade pill. He stored the 9 pills into the pill bottles and moved on to the final pill.

The Rubber Body pill. He didn’t have a lot of ingredients for this one, so the remaining hour and a half he had in this room didn’t seem as necessary.

He swiftly started making the pill.

He focused his mind on the pill for the next hour and a half and managed to make exactly 8 pills out of the 5 sets of ingredients he owned.

The worst pill he made was a 38% harmony pill. He wasn’t used to making the pill and was just starting to he ended up making some minor mistakes for the first one which lead to such a bad result.

Of course, that was when compared to what he was capable of. If anyone else heard him call this pill bad, they would start searching for a shovel to dig a big enough hole on the ground that could not only fit his body but also his ego.

The best Rubber Body pill he managed to make was actually the best pill he made today. It was a 55% harmony pill. A Heaven-grade pill with such high harmony would certainly earn him quite a few spirit stones.

Finally, after making all the pills, he rested a bit. He looked at the time and saw that there were only a few more minutes before he had to leave.

He decided to go on his own, instead of someone else’s asking. He quickly stored everything away properly and opened the door.

He walked out to the registration desk and let the person know he was leaving. Once he got out of the Alchemy hall, he now had to decide if he wanted to go to the hotel or find some auction house to put up the 27 new pills he made in the last 5 hours.

‘I wonder if that is enough to place me in the speed competition that will take place tomorrow,’ he wondered. But he was sure his master wouldn’t let him take part in those.

‘Are the others faster than me? Maybe that is why,’ he thought. It would make sense that other people who have been making pills for nearly a decade would be much better than him.

‘Sigh, whatever,’ he thought and looked at the time. It was 5:23 pm. ‘Doesn’t look like there is enough time to make it to an auction house and back to the hotel. I guess I will just go back,’ he thought and left the place.

He still had quite a little time so he slowly walked amidst the festival-like city and bought a few more things with what little money he had. However, he was relieved by the fact that he now had pills, especially for this reason.

A few minutes before it was 6 pm, he made it back to the hotel and went to his room. Wan Li was still there, studying the new notes he had written.

‘I wonder what level I would be at if I put in the same amount of work,’ he wondered. No matter how much he wanted to believe that he was hardworking, he could always tell that the game was aiding him in some way.

He could already recognize all the ingredients in the world with a single glance. The recipes, no matter how convoluted, would immediately go into his head the moment he looked at them. And then, there were the double pills he could make once in every two pills.

Those were all skills that boosted his starting points by a lot. While he did put in work after that, it would never be to the same level as others who had to work their way to even reach his starting point.

‘Whatever, just because I didn’t have to do that, doesn’t mean I will have to look down on my hard work. While I might not have put in as much as everyone else, I did put in quite a lot,’ he thought.

Thinking so made him feel quite a bit better.


Someone was at the door once more.

“Sect Leader had called everyone for another debrief.”


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