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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 237: Buying Rush Bahasa Indonesia

“You see, it seems like there are going to be a lot of different competitions in the upcoming annual competition and I might end up missing a lot of days of classes,” he said.

“Haha, you are worried about that? Then you will love the news that came out today at noon,” Hannah said.

“Hmm… what news?” he asked.

“Look,” Hannah said as she handed him her phone. Alex took it and saw that it was an official email from Oakleaf University.

-Due to the upcoming release of a gaming capsule from Deva Corp. for the game Eternal Cultivation, the university is going to remain closed for the next week. Classes will run as usual from next week-

“What? They are stopping classes just for a game, why?” he asked.

“Just a game? Do you not know how big Eternal Cultivation is right now?” Hannah asked in surprise.

“I mean I know, but still. Closing a university due to the game, isn’t that a little extreme?” he asked.

“Not really. Just think about how many students will be absent from their classes due to playing forever. Especially since you won’t have to log out as much with the capsules. Besides, I’m pretty sure the teachers want to play the game too,” Hannah laughed.

“Maybe that is the case,” Alex thought and nodded.

“Yeah, either way, it doesn’t matter to us, d—,” Hannah stopped talking and looked at the news. “Oh, sh*t. Go get your laptop and phone, fast,” she said and ran from the sofa.

“What?” Alex was a little surprised and looked at the TV. There was flashing breaking news at the bottom.

– From Deva Corp.

– Sales for Capsules will start at 5 PM today. The sales system will be a first come first serve. Meaning, whoever orders first will get a capsule delivered to them first.

– One will only be able to order a single capsule at a time.

“Ah,” Alex exclaimed and ran to his room too and brought back his laptop and smartphone. Hannah was already in the room with her laptop open.

She was furiously typing something. Alex looked at the time and saw that it was only 4:50 PM right now. So the sales shouldn’t have started yet.

“What are you doing, sister?” he asked.

“Oh, you are here. Open your laptop and start typing everything necessary for buying a capsule, like the home address, your bank account, and everything. It will be easier to copy-paste later,” she said.

“Oh, that’s not a bad idea,” he thought and started typing the same as well.

Time started ticking by. They were constantly refreshing the website trying to not miss it.

The clock hit 5, and the page was available.

Both of them furiously started inputting the data into the different fields. There were a few more fields to type in than they had prepared for, but they could just type that right now.

“Done,” Hannah said and exclaimed.

Alex jumped of fright from the sudden exclamation and missed the ‘BUY’ button. So he brought the cursor back and pressed it again.

“Sigh, I did it as well,” he said as he took a breath.

“Hmm… tomorrow at 3 pm huh? That’s… around the time the party will end. That actually works out for me perfectly,” Hannah said.

“Oh,” Alex heard her and looked at his information as well. Then, he started laughing. At first, he chuckled and then broke out into a burst of full laughter.

Hannah was caught off guard. “What’s wrong?” she asked. That was definitely not good laughter from her perspective.

“I finished a split second later than you, and yet my delivery date became Monday in the morning,” he said.

“What? That’s so late though,” Hannah said, not realizing that she was the entire reason he was slow in the first place.

“It’s fine, I can work with my helmet for 2 more days,” he said.

“Alright then,” Hannah said.

Alex went back to eating his snacks. With the laptop right next to him, he decided to check a few things that had been bothering him for the last few days.

He went to the forum and looked up stuff about Crimson Empire. Especially, he wanted to see if he could find any information about the beasts getting restless.

“They only talk about the beasts attacking and never say why,” he thought as he read through the information. He looked up other information about the Crimson Empire and found out that the upcoming competition was quite popular amongst a small group of people.

These were probably the only people who were in the Crimson Empire. Most of them were taking part in it as well.

Next up, he looked up the Evolution thing that was in Pearl’s status.

Unfortunately, only 30 people had even managed to bond with a beast and of them, not one of them had a beast with over 2% in evolution chance.

The highest one was 6% that the person acquired through a guardian in their sect. Aside from that, there was no information about evolutions at all. Everything else was just speculation.

And they matched what he had been thinking in the first place.

He sighed and looked through more information that was popular on the forum. Apparently, a tournament in the southern continent had just ended, and a lot of players had managed to get a good result there.

He looked through the other information and found a post that talked about the reincarnation problem the game had right now. Unfortunately, it was nothing but people complaining. There was nothing informative about that post, so he closed it.

He went to the kitchen to help his cousin prepare food for the night and ate it afterward as well. At the same time, the things she had ordered for the party arrived as well.

“I can do it myself, you can go,” she said and sent Alex who wanted to help. So, he returned back to his room and logged back into the game.


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