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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 219: Blade Bahasa Indonesia

Song Zun started moving his legs a little, jumping ever so slightly each time. Alex was surprised at first since he didn’t know what the opponent was doing, but soon he figured out.

” A footwork!”

Suddenly, Song Zun disappeared from the spot. Before Alex could even realize where he was, A punch came from the side of his face, barely missing his ears by a few centimeters.

Alex immediately stepped to the side and looked back to see a Song Zun taking a deep breath. “Urghh, I haven’t used this technique with this body. I am not used to it,” Song Zun said.

He took another deep breath and disappeared once more from the spot. Another punch appeared from the side, however, this time it managed to hit Alex straight onto the back of his head. Alex was sent flying to the grasses.

“Ah, I missed again. At least my punch did land on you, just not where I wanted it to,” Song Zun said and disappeared from the spot.

Alex really didn’t know how he was disappearing, but he knew he needed to dodge. So, he hurriedly crouched. A punch passed his head previously was, stopping just a meter ahead of him.

Alex saw Song Zun standing in front of him. His legs were trembling beyond crazy. ‘He is using something his body can’t handle just to deal with me,’ he thought.

He slashed the sword directly at Song Zun’s neck from below, but a casual hand blocked it. “You are… huff… not going to get me… huff… so easily,” he said while continuously taking in breaths.

‘Sh*t. At this rate, even my movement technique won’t be able to handle this kid. He just won’t take much damage. Unless I get a clean hit on his head and manage to knock him out, I won’t win this fight,’ Song Zun thought.

Alex on the other hand rubbed the back of his head. He was still kinda numb from the last attack and didn’t have the time to attend to the pain.

He ignored the pain once more and readied himself for another attack. The moment Song Zun disappeared, he moved too. Elusive Heavenly sword had footwork too. It was in a way, a sort of movement technique. But since it didn’t improve a user’s speed, it wasn’t considered one.

Still, that was his best bet at the current fight. ‘That or if I manage to take out my steel sword. I doubt his skin is tougher than that,’ Alex thought.

Song Zun was done taking his breath and once more disappeared. Alex used the Elusive Heavenly sword’s footwork to increase his speed somewhat by taking better steps around the battlefield.

He managed to dodge Song Zun’s attack by a hair’s breadth and immediately struck his neck. Song Zun wasn’t hurt, but he was hurled far away.

The fight continued for a little longer before both Song Zun and Alex were breathing heavily, neither able to get a hold of the other.

“Do you still want to continue, kid?” Song Zun asked.

“Yes, I will surely kill you if that’s the last thing I do tonight,” Alex said. He immediately launched towards Song Zun and delivered a sword blow to the head, but Song Zun locked the sword with his hands.

“This is getting an annoying kid. Neither of us can hurt each other, let’s just go our own way,” Song Zun said.

Alex didn’t budge however, he continued churning out attack once more, annoying Song Zun even further. His plan was working.

“You little sh*t!,” Song Zun shouted and started attacking himself. The fight went on for much longer than both of them expected it to. Alex never managed to cut Song Zun and Song Zun never managed to hit Alex’s head like he wanted to.

Suddenly, Song Zun disappeared. ‘This is it,” Alex thought. Instead of moving sideways or backward, or even forwards. Alex jumped up. He used the full strength of whatever remaining ones he could use on his leg and jumped high up.

Song Zun appeared where Alex was previously and looked up.

Suddenly, a glint of light appeared in the darkness as a sword came flying down at Song Zun from above. Song Zun managed to barely turn his head around and let the sword fly past his head.


A rather large noise appeared from the place where the sword struck. Song Zun was sure that he wouldn’t have been hurt from that, but he sure as hell would’ve been dizzy for a long time.

“Haha, you missed,” He said as he turned around to look at Alex who was still in mid-air. However, before he continued saying anything else, he froze.

There was another sword in Alex’s hand. It was already weird enough to see a sword in the forbidden fields, and now there was another one.

This new sword looked even better. Its crossguard shone with silver light, the handle had red leather poking out of it, and the blade itself wasn’t like anything Song Zun had ever seen. It was brownish in color and had a noticeable golden hue around it.

Alex had used his spiritual sense as a last-ditch effort to take out the steel sword. He had flared his spiritual sea to use all of it just to find the steel sword, but he never got to it. However, he found another sword. A sword that he had never used because of how heavy it was.

He had taken out the Ebony Corundum Stiletto. He still couldn’t handle it around or use it like any other normal sword. But what he could do was let it fall by itself, guided by gravity.

And that was exactly what Alex let it do. The stiletto fell from the sky making no noise whatsoever and the blade barely shining any light. Song Zun brought up both of his hands to block the attack.

However, the moment the blade touched his hands, he realized. He had f*cked up.


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