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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 195: Zhou Mei’s Confusion Bahasa Indonesia

‘But how could he get his hands on the only immortal technique of the sect that costs over 50,000 contribution points, as an outer sect disciple?’ Zhou Mei wondered with her eyes still wide open.

‘Could the disciples be correct and he is actually a son of an elder?’ she wondered. ‘But even then getting your hands on the technique should be impossible, unless…’ her eyes turned wide at her own speculations.

‘Unless he is the sect master’s own son. Besides, she is the only one that I know of that has fully learned the Flickering Shadows technique. Was she hiding him from us? Is he a secret love child with an outsider?’

Numerous thoughts ran across her mind trying to make sense of how an unknown Outer Sect disciple could become a core disciple directly, and how that person could have learned an immortal technique.

“Sister? Sister!” Zhou Mi called out trying to wake Zhou Mei out of her own thoughts.

“Yeah? What’s wrong?” she asked.

“You seemed to be lost in your thought, Sister. What happened?” Zhou Mi asked.

Zhou Mei thought for a second and asked, “You people know him right?”

“Him?” Zhou Mi cocked her head to the side in confusion. Only after realizing who she was talking about did she say, “Oh you mean Brother Yu?”

“Yes, that disciple, the new Core formation disciple. You guys seem to know who he is. Do you know how he is close to the Sect Leader?” she asked.

“Close to the sect leader?” Zhou Mi was once again confused. “I have no idea sister, I have only met him once and that was during Brother Kong’s ascension too. In fact, Brother Kong knows more about him,” she said.

Zhou Mei turned her head towards Kong Yuhan and glared at him, waiting for him to answer. Kong Yuhan on the other hand started feeling uncomfortable under the intense gaze and said, “I’ve only met him a couple of times. Due to him helping me a few times I call him a brother. That’s just to the extent of what I know about him,” he said.

“Helped you a couple of times?” Zhou Mei got a little curious. “Explain.”

Kong Yuhan proceeded to tell her how Alex had managed to help him by finding him the incredibly hard-to-find Dwarf Berry, being an Aid during the preparation of the Qi Improvement pill, and then helping him once more during the pill cauldron exploding accident.

“Explain more about the accident again,” Zhou Mei asked.

Kong Yuhan proceeded to explain in more accuracy how Alex had managed to throw away the cauldron just before it had exploded during his ascension and how he also blocked the incoming shockwaves and protected him.

“You didn’t realize what had happened to your cauldron yourself?” she asked with a look of disdain. Kong Yuhan knew that she hated him for liking her sister, but didn’t say anything because of her sister, so he didn’t say anything except shake his head.

Zhou Mei then turned to her sister and asked, “You were there too, right? You didn’t do anything?”

Zhou Mi simply shook her head as well. “He moved and saved us before any of us even realized what had happened,” she said.

Zhou Mei could only think of one thing after listening to the story, ‘ This person definitely used Elemental Guidance. Another technique that is only known by elders and high-level Core disciples. Just who is this person?’ the curiosity was eating her up from the inside.

“Sister?” Zhou Mi had to wake her sister once more as she was lost in her own thoughts once more.

“Huh?” she was jolted awake again.

“Aren’t we going to leave?” Zhou Mi asked.

Zhou Mei took her eyes off her sister and looked at the testing hall only to find out that nobody was inside anymore. Not even the elders.

“Right, let’s leave.” Zhou Mei started walking up front and the two followed behind her. The lecture was already done, so the lecture hall was empty as well. Instead of leaving towards the core disciple’s mountain, however, Zhou Mei walked towards the place where the Sect Leader’s mountain and the left alchemy garden met.

“Why are you going there, sister? Do you need something in the gardens?” Zhou Mi asked.

“No, I’m not going to the garden. I’m going to the Elder’s quarters,” she said and kept on walking.

“But why, sister?” Zhou Mi asked in confusion.

“Just go back to the Core disciple mountain, for now, I will come by later. I have something I need to ask my masters about,” She left without waiting for a reply.

“Bu— ” Zhou Mi was about to say something, but her sister was already far away.

“Sigh, she’s always like this.” Zhou Mi simply shook her head and looked at Kong Yuhan, who was looking at her too. Kong Yuhan gulped before he said, “Sister Zhou Mi, let us go back to the core disciple mountain and wait for your sister there. In the meantime, we can set up your new home as well,” he said.

Now that they were alone, Zhou Mi got a little embarrassed as well and made a simple “mmm” sound to show affirmation. Kong Yuhan smiled and showed her the way to her new residence.

Alex, on the other hand, was already back at his home in the sect leader’s mountain. He had employed both the Flickering Shadows Technique and the Veiled Light technique to escape from the crowd of people.

He was late for his university classes, so he took out the communication talisman and messaged his master. “I passed, master. I am currently tired due to cultivating all night and the exam, so I am going to rest. I will see you later for the talk about the forbidden fields.”

He got a simple reply back saying, “Okay, and Congratulations.” He smiled when he saw that.

Once he was inside the house, he walked into a random room, sat cross-legged, and logged out.


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