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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 170: More Shopping Bahasa Indonesia

There were not a lot of people at the place where the helmets were stored. Most people were waiting for the new capsule to arrive and didn’t want to waste money right now.

Alex looked at the brand new helmets on the shelves and was quite shocked at how many there were. Not just in amount, but in different brands too. There were barely any helmets for Eternal cultivation.

‘Why did Deva corp even decide to make helmets if they were making capsules in the first place? From a business perspective, that doesn’t make sense. Aren’t they losing money in production?’ he wondered.

He then looked at the other helmets in the business. They were nothing like the one made for Eternal Cultivation. These were the helmets, about which he mostly learned in the VR class.

Apparently, due to having proprietary technology and design, no one was allowed to know how it worked or was able to produce such amazing realistic senses. So his class was stuck with these other VR technologies that were trash when compared to Deva corp’s helmets.

“What can I do for you?” the Clerk asked seeing the two of them come towards the counter.

“One of those please,” Hannah said the moment she reached there.

“The EC Helmet?” The clerk asked in surprise.

“Yes, please,” Hannah said.

“Dear customer, we are required to let you know that a better version of the helmet is going to be available in about a week. Deva Corp will start selling a capsule at about the same price range for a similar amount of money,” The clerk said.

“Yes, we know, and we still want it.”

The clerk sighed and took one out from the shelves. They went to the front of the store where they paid for all of the items at once. Together with the phone, laptop, and helmet, Alex had to pay exactly $3200.

‘Oh my god. Just one day of shopping and I’m already down so much money.’ The furniture had cost quite a bit as well, but not as much as these 3 items. They got a free backpack with the items, which they carried the 3 things in.

“Let’s go back and eat something. The clothing section is on the other side of the house, which we can go to after eating.” They walked back to their home. Alex was still surprised every time he saw the large building, but after being in the city for a month, he was starting to get used to it.

They took the elevator back to their apartment and Hannah proceeded to cook some food.

“You need some help sister?” he asked.

“Hmm… okay. Cut the onions and potatoes, while I prepare the other dishes,” she said and proceeded to make the other food.

Alex looked at the vegetables that were already on the table. He took a knife from the counter and started cutting them.

“Hmmm….” He voiced out as he stopped cutting. Hannah looked back hearing him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, uh nothing. It just felt a little awkward chopping the onions for some reason. Maybe not cutting something for over a month has messed with my ability to cut.” Alex tried to squeeze his palms almost as if that would reawaken his senses.

“Oh, okay.” Hannah went back to cooking. Alex resumed cutting as well. He finished the onions and proceeded to cut the potatoes. He still felt awkward cutting them but kept at it.

Suddenly, “OUCH!” Alex screamed.

“What’s wrong?” Hannah immediately came to him after hearing him scream.


Droplets of blood fell onto the marble floor. Hannah then saw that Alex had ended up cutting his finger while cutting the potatoes.

“Oh, no. Are you okay?” she rushed to check his finger. Thankfully, it was just a shallow cut and he was fine.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just cut a little.” Alex held his finger up high.

“Let me get some bandages,” Hannah said as she left the room and came back with a small bandage and put it on his finger.

“Honestly, you should have told me you were bad at it if you couldn’t cut potatoes. I would’ve done it myself.”

Alex’s finger had now stopped bleeding after the bandage was put on. “I know how to cut them, Sister. Or rather, I knew it. It seems I have lost my muscle memory. Probably because I spend so much time in the game,” he said.

“I think so too. You should exercise every day after playing the entire night. You probably have a really bad lifestyle right now with only playing games and sleeping. ” Hannah chided quite a bit.

“I guess so,” he said.

“Alright, go and rest. I will do the rest,” she said as she took over the potatoes and started cutting them. Alex went outside to the lounge room and sat there watching the TV once more.

“Have I really gone that bad with the rest of my skills as well?” he wondered. He continued watching TV, flicking through the channels but nothing fun was on it. So, he took out his new smartphone and started setting it up.

After a while, he finally managed to get it working properly. When it finally worked, he was absolutely floored at how fast it was. He switched the number from his old phone and started using it.

“Cmon, the food is ready,” Hannah shouted from the kitchen.

“Coming sister,” Alex said and went to eat his food.

The food was delicious, much better than the ones made in the cafeteria. After eating, they went to the clothing stores on the next side of town and bought a bunch of clothes for themselves.

Just as they were returning from their shopping, their furniture was delivered as well. They opened the door for the delivery people and had them set up the bed and the other furniture.

Alex put his clothes inside the closet and finally, after a long day’s work laid on his bed.


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