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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 143: Fighting Meng Yun Bahasa Indonesia

“Bring trouble to me? Is it because his mother was in the saint realm?” Alex asked.

“Yes. Since his mother was in the saint realm, he has a high chance of being able to break through the True realms and reach the saint realm as well. Since both you and he are very weak right now, people will either try to steal him from you or harm you both lethally.” Wen Cheng said.

“They can steal my beast companion? How?” Alex asked with surprise.

“Yes, they can. they either make the owner break the bond willingly by force, or they kill the owner with the beast still out of him.” Wen Cheng said.

“I will make sure to not reveal Pearl to the outside then, master. Thank you for telling me.” Alex said. He then thought of something and decided to ask about it right now.

“Master, do you know anything about something called Sun God’s Divine Yang Body?” Alex wanted to know more about his body.

Wen Cheng thought for a second and replied, “I don’t think so. But then again, I haven’t read every record in the library. Maybe you will find some if you read them.”

“But, won’t it cost a lot of spirit stones?” Alex asked. He was worried about having to spend too much money.

“Ahem… don’t tell anyone what I’m about to tell you okay?” Wen Cheng said, lowering his voice to a whisper even though they were in a soundproof room.

“While the technique is all sealed, none of the records are. So you can just walk into the higher floors and read everything with your spiritual sense.” Wen Cheng said.

Alex was surprised that the sect master of the sect would teach his student how to steal stuff in his own sect. “Can I go all the way up without being a core disciple or elder?” he asked.

“Yeah, there is no other restriction in the Tiger sect. As long as you can pay, you can go anywhere and get anything. So, you can walk all the way to the top of the library, while reading everything. However, maybe rent something just so it looks like you aren’t wasting your time in there and are not so suspicious.” Wen Cheng’s advice seemed really enticing to Alex.

“I will do that tomorrow then, master,” said Alex and finally started to train for the day.

“Alright, since you learned so many techniques, today you should just train in them. Let’s hold off learning another one for tomorrow. Okay?” Wen Cheng said.

“Yes, master.” Just as he said that he noticed someone coming near the door. So did Wen Cheng. Alex hurriedly called back Pearl.

“You guys are training already?” suddenly a voice came from the door. Luo Mei walked in with Meng Yun behind her. Alex hadn’t seen her since that time in the forest and was surprised to finally see her.

“Hello, senior sister.” He greeted Luo Mei and turned towards Meng Yun, “Hello daoist Meng, it’s been a while.”

“Hello,” Meng Yun gave a small response too and immediately turned towards Wen Cheng to give the sect leader a bigger greeting.

“Little Mei, why have you brought along Yunyun? It’s time for your junior brother to train. You aren’t here to disturb him or worse beat him again, are you?” she asked.

“Of course not master, what do you take me for? I brought Yunyun along to test how strong little brother had become.” Luo Mei seemed to want to have Meng Yun fight with Alex. He was quite shocked when he heard that.

He slowly focused himself and looked at Meng Yun, and was absolutely shocked at what had shown up.

[Organ Tempering 1st Realm]

‘Wasn’t she still in Bone tempering 7th or 8th realm back when I met her in the forest? It’s only been 3 weeks. How is she already so high in cultivation?’

‘Unless… she is a player as well,’ He thought.

“Alright, little brother, you should fight Yunyun. She is one of the fastest up-and-coming disciples in the sect right now. She joined only a few months ago and is already in the Organ tempering realm. Within a few months, she is sure to enter Meridian tempering. If you don’t focus on cultivating, you might never be able to catch up to her,” said Luo Mei, who seemed to be quite proud of Meng Yun’s achievements.

“Okay,” Alex simply nodded and got into position. Under Wen Cheng’s instruction, Meng Yun walked to the other side and prepared herself as well.

Alex brought out his normal sword, while Meng Yun brought out a not-so-simple-looking flute. ‘A flute?’ Alex has heard people fought using music but had never seen it himself.

Wen Cheng walked up to the middle and acted as the referee. With a single swing of his hand, he started the fight.

A sweet sound started flowing out of Meng Yun’s flute that sounded very simple and sweet. Alex didn’t immediately attack as he felt a little apprehensive towards an unusual weapon like a flute.

More sound slowly appeared and he started to feel something heavy pressing down on his consciousness. But, it was barely anything, so he ignores whatever it was.

He crouched a little and in a single leap, crossed the entire fighting hall, arriving right in front of Meng Yun. He decided to use not techniques to attack her vulnerable self, but before he could even do anything, the music coming out of her flute changed dramatically, and Alex was immediately sent far away, hitting the wall on the other side.

“Ow, what was that?” he asked as he got up once more. The flute’s melody had changed back to the first one that put some load on his consciousness.

‘Seems I can’t attack just like that.’ He started to pour his Qi into his sword. However, instead of turning yellow like how most of his Qi lit up things, the sword started glowing a not-so-dark shade of green.

Alex was preparing to use the second strike of the Elusive Heavenly Sword.


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