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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 131: Meeting Senior Brother Again Bahasa Indonesia

Alex looked at the alligator’s corpse in front of him, still somehow floating in the air, just like him.

“It was too weak. There is no way that was an Organ tempering realm monster right?’ he thought. He instinctively related the monster to the monster core he had just eaten.

The battle had taken a while, but that was just due to how tough the alligator was. Its actual offensive capability or speed was nowhere near the level of what an organ tempering realm monster should have been able to do.

Suddenly, a yellow aura started to leak out from under the sea. It started off slow near a small shadow, but by the time it reached him, it had sped up by a lot. The yellow aura consumed both him and the corpse in front of him.

Alex realized that he was back in his body and wasn’t in his mind anymore. Out of nowhere, a couple of notifications started popping up before him.

<Sun God’s Divine Yang Body disintegrates everything>

<The monster core’s element aligns with your spirit root>

<You have gained 680,000 Qi>

‘What was that?’ he started wondering. That fight was in his mind, but it felt so… Real. Almost like he would die if we weren’t careful. ‘Was that monster real? Did I really fight it? Why in my spiritual sea though?’ many questions started running in his mind, but there wasn’t anyone who he could ask about it.

He looked at the time and realized he had spent nearly 15 minutes fighting that monster in his mind. He simply shook his head wondering if that had something to do with his body.

‘Since it’s my body, I should try asking master just in case he knows about it,’ Alex thought. He took a deep breath and decided to forget about it for now.

‘Do I have to fight today?… No, today is Sunday, so everyone is free to do what they want. I should go and make some pills today.’ He thought. ‘But before that, I have something else to do.’

Alex got up from his bed and walked out. He walked out to the sounds of numerous noises from the area. Since no one had to go to the sect crater today, they were spending most of their time on the residential mountain.

Alex walked out of the sideways path and walked down the main path towards the main road. He walked up to the gate, however, instead of walking out, he went up to a guard.

“Hello elder, I am here to see elder Liu Xin, can I meet him?” he asked.

“You want to meet the leader? Do you have an appointment or something?” the guard elder asked.

“No, but the sect master sent me. Can you tell him that Yu Ming has come to see him?” he asked.

The elder was surprised when he heard that it was the sect master who had sent the inner sect disciple. He didn’t dare go against the sect leader, so he just walked into the building.

After a while, the elder came back out and said, “the leader is waiting for you inside, go.”

Alex thanked the guard elder and walked into the building. He found his way to the familiar room he had entered when he came here.

Inside the room was the young black-haired leader sitting in his chair with his feet on the table. “So, you said you came to see me?” he asked as Alex entered.

“Yes, senior brother,” Alex replied. The man’s eyes perked up when he heard that. He smiled a little and asked,” How did you find out? Did little Mei tell you about me?” he asked.

“No, it was master,” Alex replied. The man, Liu Xin, stopped acting like an elder and started acting like an elder brother. “So, did master really send you? He usually just called me in my communication talismans,” Liu Xin said as he scrutinized Alex’s expressions to see if he was lying or not.

Alex simply said, “No, I needed to meet you so I came up with an acceptable lie.”

“Oh, needed? Not wanted? Why would need to meet me? Do you need something? Are you in some sort of trouble?” he asked curiously.

Alex reached into his bag and took out a pink flower. Liu Xin watched him take out the flower with a puzzled face. “What is this?” he asked.

“This is a Spirit Cleansing Lily. Cultivate with this in your hand overnight and you will unlock Spiritual sense,” Alex sent the message directly to Liu Xin’s head.

Liu Xin was surprised when he heard a voice right in his mind. He asked with wide eyes, “Do you already have a spiritual sense?”

“Yes,” Alex replied. Liu Xin was still in awe as he looked at the flower in his hand. Hidden in that awe seemed to be excitement and nervousness.

They talked for a while longer and Alex returned back to his room around 15 minutes later. He logged out a little before lunchtime to talk to the dorm warden about leaving the dorm room.

The dorm warden didn’t think much about it and simply noted his name down in his notepad while constantly mumbling, “how many more are going to leave because of that damn game.”

Alex was surprised he wasn’t the first one to decide to leave the dorm just to play the game. During lunch, he told Logan, Matt, and Eric about his ideas of moving, and surprisingly, they weren’t surprised about it.

“Yeah, we are thinking of moving too,” said Matt. “But, we will stay as long as possible since staying in a dorm is very much simpler than having your own place and taking care of it. Maybe the dorm will change its policy on the capsules, who knows.”

They finished their meals and returned back to the game. Alex opened his eyes inside his room. He looked at his storage bags and started thinking of the many pills he could make.

Finally, after he finished choosing what pills he would make today, he walked out.


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