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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 124: Lucky Bahasa Indonesia

Alex walked back to his home in the dark. He quietly entered the home numbered 168. Thankfully, his master had registered him as someone who had left the sect, or else he would have lost his home today and would have to go somewhere in the outer sect to live.

He went on to stay in the bed and finally started to think about what had happened today. All those ingredients, the tunnels, the corpse, and the worm.

He took out 6 different bags from within him. After the 5 original bags were filled to the brim, he had used his own bags to collect them. As such, out of everyone today, he had got the most profit.

“This was way beneficial than the 3 days of break I took to gather ingredients in the southern forest.”

He thought back to the day and shuddered as he remembered the worm again. “Just what was that? What cultivation was it to make me feel so physically scared?” he wondered. Due to the suddenness of the situation, he hadn’t managed to look at the name of the worm or its cultivation.

“I doubt it would’ve worked. It would’ve probably said Mortal like it does for all beings with high cultivation base.” He decided to not think about that for now and instead looked at the 2 storage bags he had gotten from the corpse.

One of them was full of talismans that he thought did something like that one talisman he was holding. The others had a bunch of ingredients in them.

He looked through the ingredients, and while he recognized all of them, barely any of them were useful for the pills he knew about. “That’s odd. I have seen some ingredients that didn’t align to a recipe, but not so many at once.” He started wondering what other recipes might be out there that used these ingredients. And for them to behold on to using a wooden box, the owner really must’ve been worried about losing its energy.

He kept the bag and looked at the next one. He had already kept the original talisman the corpse was holding in his other bag, so this bag only had the other ones.

“Let’s see what they are about.” He took out a single talisman and tried to see what sort of ability it could have or if he could even find that out without trying.

However, when he used his spiritual sense to look at it, he realized something different. The talismans were recording talismans, unlike the other one.

“Hmm… it’s a recipe?” he was shocked. The talisman was actually a recipe. He quickly read it all, and suddenly.

<Congratulation. You have learned the recipe for ‘Heaven Profound Pill’>

Heaven Profound pill, according to the recipe, was a pill that helped people breakthrough from the True realm to the Saint realm. The most amazing thing about this pill was that it was actually a Saint Rank pill.

“What? A Saint rank pill’s recipe?” he was stunned. He quickly started reading the other talismans. Almost all of the talismans were recording talismans, which had one of two things.

It either recorded a pill recipe or formation blueprints. “Was the one who set the formations in that place this guy?” Alex wondered.

He read through all of the talismans in about 2 hours of time. There was truly a lot of them. Unfortunately, only a handful of the talismans were Saint Rank pills. Still, getting to learn 8 Saint Rank pill recipes and over a hundred True Pills recipes was a chance that would rarely ever come by.

He also remembered about 20 different formation blueprints. But since he had no idea how formations worked, he didn’t understand a single thing. Not that he wanted to.

He looked at the time and realized it was 2 am. He decided to cultivate for the rest of the night, when he suddenly realized, his face was still the same as when he ate that pill.

‘How do I stop this effect?’ he wondered. There weren’t any abilities that canceled the pill’s effect. He calculated the time and realized that his face would change back at around 4 am in the morning tomorrow. So, he still had over an entire day to go.

‘Whatever,’ he thought and simply started cultivating. Before he knew it, he was already in a trance state, falling unconscious due to the cultivation.

Early in the morning, a little past 6 am, Alex opened his eyes. He logged out to have his breakfast. As he got out, he saw a notification on his phone. It was from his cousin Hannah.

They hadn’t met in a couple of weeks, so she wanted to take him to an amusement park today.

“An amusement park huh. I wonder how different it is from the fairs in the countryside,” Alex thought out loud. The time set for the amusement park was around 11 am, so he could only go back to the game for 3 hours at most.

He went to have his breakfast and returned back to his room. While his other 3 roommates went back to the game, he had nothing to do in the game this morning, so he decided not to.

“Guess I won’t do anything for this morning then.” He went back to bed and tried to sleep, but the game was too good at making him rest well, so he couldn’t even sleep.

“Arghh,” he said as he started tossing and turning but couldn’t sleep at all. So, he took out his phone and started surfing the Internet. “Should I go to the forum?” he wondered but decided not to. “I am already making money and am getting enough information from masters in the game. I don’t see why I should spoil myself with other information instead. I want to play it the way the developers intended.” Alex thought.

So, he opened up his go-to video hosting site to watch some new videos. On the recommended page, there was a new video released by Deva Corp explaining their latest capsules.


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