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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 1057: Buying Information in Advance Bahasa Indonesia

Alex arrived in front of a building just around the time the sun was going down.

“Great, I wasn’t mistaken at all,” he thought as he read the name on the board at the front.

The Insight Pavilion.

He walked in and saw a few people in soundproof boots buying information from the pavilion. Alex looked around and found a person who worked in the building.

“Excuse me, I want to talk with someone with some authority in this place,” Alex said.

The man who was there for security purposes looked at Alex for a second before asking, “For what purposes, may I ask?”

“I want to buy information that is not available yet,” Alex said.

The man was confused. “Buy information that is not available? Uh… wait around, I will call someone.”

A few minutes later, a man with a bald head and cultivation base in the early Saint Condensation realm walked down the stairs after being called.

“Who?” he asked, and the security pointed toward Alex.

The man turned towards Alex and his eyes narrowed. Even if he didn’t know who he was, he could sense Alex’s cultivation base and realized that he had a guest in the building.

“Greetings senior, how may I help you?” he asked as he cupped his fist in front of Alex.

“I want to buy information from your pavilion that isn’t available at the moment,” Alex said.

“Um, can you elaborate a bit more?” the man asked.

Alex nodded. “There will most likely be many people in the future that will try to learn about me through your pavilion all over the continent. I want you to record the faces of everyone who tries to do so,” he said.

“Ah, I see,” the man said after realizing what Alex was trying to do. “Just your information, senior? Or is it your faction?”

Alex raised his eyebrows as he realized he wasn’t the first one with such an idea. ‘So there are other people who preemptively try and buy information of people who had tried to look up information about them, huh?’ he thought.

“No, it’s just me,” Alex said.

“I see,” the man said. “Please come with me so we can better discuss this elsewhere.”

The man took Alex up the stairs to a lounge area where he served him some tea before beginning the conversation.

“So, this is going to cost a bit senior, I hope you are prepared. I will list off these prices,” he said.

“Sure, go ahead,” Alex said.

“So, since you are trying to intercept information about you being taken out, for a single person, our price will be lower,” the man said. “We have two types of systems you can buy. One is where we charge you per information intercepted and you will have to pay by post. This one is what I will suggest if you don’t believe many people will look for you.”

“There is still a price to pay at the start, but most of the price will have to be paid in post for each piece of information. The initial investment in this way will be 10 thousand True Spirit stones a year, followed by 100 True spirit stones per information of yours that was requested,” the man said.

“If you don’t want to go this route and know your information will be requested a lot, I suggest going with the prepaid plan where you will have to pay 120 thousand True spirit stones at the start, and all information after that will be given to you at a monthly basis without any additional charge,” the man said.

Alex nodded as he heard the numbers. “Will you sell the information that I have bought this sort of system in your pavilion?” Alex asked.

The old man chuckled a bit. “We sell information here senior. As long as someone wants to learn it, we sell it for a price. However, for a price we can also hide it,” he said.

“No need,” Alex said. “I will take the yearly prepaid plan. I want to pay you everything for the year.”

“Oh, you must be expecting many people to look you up,” the old man said.

“That’s the hope,” Alex said. “So, what do I do now?”

“Uhh, let us prepare a contract to be signed. After that, we will be done,” the old man said.

Alex nodded and waited for the contract to be prepared. A person walked in with two pieces of talisman and handed them over.

Alex took both the talisman and saw the contract that was written in there.

“Please give some of the required information in there so we can know exactly who you are senior,” the man said.

Alex nodded and wrote the information into the talisman. Once done, he handed over both the talisman and let the old man check it.

The old man looked through his head and suddenly exclaimed. “Ah! Are you the alchemist who can make those amazing pills senior?” he asked.

Alex nodded. “I am,” he said.

“It is a pleasure to have met you, senior. I didn’t know you were in the city,” he said.

“I have some work,” Alex said. “Are we done?”

The old man checked the contract quickly and nodded. “We’re almost done, senior. All that is left is for us both to place our Qi into it,” he said.

The old man placed his Qi on both of the talismans which glowed slightly and handed it over to Alex. Alex did the same and placed his Qi into the talisman as well.

The talisman pulses with light for a moment before going dormant. Alex split the two talismans apart and handed one over to the man while he kept the other one. He also brought out 120 thousand True spirit stones and gave them to the man.

“Thank you for working with us, senior,” the old man said to send Alex off.

Alex nodded and was about to leave when he thought of something. “Do you have an image recording talisman?” he asked.

“Image recording talisman? I do, senior. Why do you ask?” the old man asked.

“Record my image please,” Alex said.

The old man was confused a little but did as asked. A moment later, he had a talisman in his hand that had the perfect depiction of Alex that no one else would be able to find anywhere.

“If someone tries and look for my information, give that image away freely,” Alex said.

“Sorry?” the old man was surprised. “You want us to willingly give away information?”

“Yes,” Alex said. ” And don’t ask them for money in return. I will pay you some more if that’s what you want.”

“You can just pay us for the cost of the talisman senior,” the man said.

Alex nodded and handed a few more thousand True spirit stones. “Remember, tell them you have my image and give them away free if they ask for it,” he said.

“I will make sure that’s made aware senior,” the old man said.

Alex nodded. “I will leave for now. I will be back in a month to get the list of people who are looking for me,” he said.

“We will have that ready for you senior. You can take it from any of our branches,” he said.

Alex bowed a little and left the building.

By the time he was out of the pavilion, it was already dark outside. The sun had set and thus the many lanterns and artifacts had started glowing by the side of the road.

Alex flew through the sky as he hoped what he had done today would give him some result.

He had asked the association leader for help in finding his father, and that hadn’t resulted in anything for the past 6 months. He had also asked Qiu Jianhong a few days ago for help as well, but at some level, he knew he couldn’t trust him either.

In the end, he had to rely on himself to find his father. With what he had done today, if anyone ever wanted to search for his information, they would be recorded by the pavilion.

Alex now hoped that if his father was still alive, he would go to this place as well and find out about him. With his free image being distributed, his father would definitely recognize him.

After that, all that would be left would be for him to get that information from the pavilion and then go and find his father.

That would be the perfect scenario.

Alex hoped, no, prayed for it.

He returned back to the palace and went on to cultivate his physique and eyes. The next morning, he went on to make more pills.

Over the course of the next 2 weeks, he made pills daily and finished everything that was requested of him but the lightning pills.

The lightning pills required a bit of recipe correction so he spent another week doing that, after which he was finally done.

Alex handed over all the pills over to the council who couldn’t help but be shocked.

“You finished all of this in less than a month?” Yao Ning asked.

“Of course,” Alex said. “Since seniors wanted me to make the pills, I had to give it my best.”

They nodded and looked through the pills. “All the pills are really here,” they said.

“Oh, what about the other pills? Any ideas?” Lei Zhong asked.

“I haven’t had the time to think about them, but I will start now. Since I will need a lot of ingredients for research alone, I hope you seniors will help me in that regard.”


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