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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 1030: Eating the Pill Bahasa Indonesia

The next 2 lightning bolts struck his cauldron again, hitting the layer of protection around the pill before dissipating.

Alex protected his pills from another two lightning strikes, but the upcoming ones were going to be stronger.

While he was certain his Qi could still defend it, he wanted to be sure. So, instead of Qi, he pulled out his blood aura from his body.

The blood aura entered the Sun’s Womb and made another protective layer around the pills.

The 3rd pair of lightning bolts struck the cauldron again, and Alex protected his pills once again.

Soon after, as the 4th pair of lightning bolts prepared to fall, Alex put in some more blood Qi and protected them the best he could.

When the lightning struck the pill and he managed to protect it, Alex immediately pulled the pills out. His blood aura was still slightly stronger, but there was no guarantee that it was strong enough to survive a single one of the 5th strikes, let alone two.

Alex took the pills and looked at them. The pills had 4 different lightning scars on them, each one of which was uniquely shaped. He could tell that this was a fantastic pill and was as effective as eating at least 3 or 4 of the 90% harmony version of the pill.

He kept one of them in the pill bottle and then ate the other one. As soon as it entered his body, Alex could tell the difference between a normal pill and a pill with a pill vein.

The difference between a pill with a pill vein and one without it would be the difference between swords that were made with tempered metal and swords that were made without any tempered metal.

They were simply incomparable.

As the energy in the pill started diffusing into his body, Alex quickly stored everything that was outside in his storage ring and started cultivating.

Using the new energy, Alex started using the Immortal version of his Five Yang Divine path technique to quickly cultivate.

The movement of Qi in his body was normal, but the rate at which his body was drawing in Qi from the outside was extraordinary. His already wide meridians were bulging as they struggled to contain the amount of Qi he was getting.

The pill allowed him to draw in Qi at a rate that made his meridians full each time, and his Dantian had to work extra hard to quickly process through all the newly brought in Qi.

Soon enough, the dantian was getting full as well, so each time Qi was being added to his dantian, the dantian was compressing the Qi, even more, trying to reach a high state of Qi.

It wasn’t very good at that, so it would still lose a lot of Qi in the end. However, overall it was still an incredible improvement for Alex.

His cultivation speed had increased by over 20 times with just a single pill he made in just 2 hours.

With 2 hours and a few Saint rank ingredients, he was doing 20 days’ worth of cultivation in a single day. This was a speed that had likely not been seen in this world for the past few thousand years.

Alex continued his cultivation and soon enough he fell into a rhythm where he could do it without worrying.

It took nearly 2 days for the pill’s effect to wear off, and in that time, he cultivated over 40 days’ worth of it.

As the effect of the pill wore off, Alex felt the backlash that came from eating the pill. His meridians were slightly sore and his dantian was weak.

Judging by the ‘backlash’, he wouldn’t be able to cultivate for the next 5 or so days at least.

Alex was fine with that. It was still on average what it would take him 33 days to achieve. With that sort of speed, he could reach the Saint Condensation 9th Realm in less than a month.

‘I can use the 5 days of downtime I get to go look for father while using the rest to cultivate,’ Alex thought. That was surely the best method out of all.

As his cultivation came to a stop, Alex began cultivating the Demon Eyes and the Undying Physique. These two would take him half a day, but they were so easy to do that he had already established a muscle memory for both of them.

Alex immediately started cultivating the Undying physique first as that was the way to get Whisker back quickly.

Whisker’s body had already reformed, but there was still a bit of healing left to be done by his own Undying physique which was slowly siphoning off Alex’s Qi.

At normal times, this siphon worked slowly, but when Alex cultivated the Undying Physique, it improved the connection significantly enough that Whisker could heal even faster.

As he did so, Alex remembered about the other person that needed to quickly regain what he had lost.

It had been a while since Alex had seen him, so he decided to go and check if anything had changed.

As the Undying Physique was being cultivated, Alex entered his own mind and arrived in the Spiritual Sea, flying above the deep water below him.

“How long has it been since I’ve come here?” he thought. The last time he came here was after leaving the crater in the north of Wasteland where he had fallen. He had quickly come to check on Godslayer at the time.

Godslayer had given his all to fight against Xue Kuangren, allowing Alex to break off his Tribulation warding pendant. After that, he had gone dormant.

That time when Alex had come to check on him, Godslayer’s crystal body was clear without the black flame that forever burned at the center.

Alex could tell at the time that Godslayer wasn’t going to come back anytime soon, so he had left this place and never come back.

“Geez, how long has it been since I was here?” he thought to himself. “3 months?” That felt like the right amount of time.

The silver threads that floated in the air from the silver mountain were barely there back then, but now they were taking over the entire sky.

“I’ll have to clean that up soon,” Alex thought, but for now he had to check on Godslayer.

He floated next to the crystal ball that had hovered down to just over the water. He picked up the crystal ball and looked inside. There was the tiniest bit of flame inside but it didn’t seem to burn at all.

“Well, that’s still better than last time,” Alex thought to himself. He tried thinking of ways in which he could help Godslayer at the moment. The only way he could think of was to provide some Death and Darkness aura which he could feed on.

‘Maybe I can go around searching for some Death aura. That is the only thing I can gather anyway,’ he thought.

However, just then remembered something. “Wait, didn’t he use to become stronger from the beast cores I ate? He could gather what he destroyed in here, right?” Alex thought. “Can I maybe get some beast cores and see if that helps him in any way?”

That wasn’t a bad idea in Alex’s eyes. Even if it didn’t work, he could still use the beast’s core to improve himself, the body to make pills, and the blood to improve his own blood.

“That settles it then,” Alex thought. “I’m going to go kill some beasts.”

Since that was the case, he was most likely going to hate to wait a few more days before he went to search for his father again.

‘Maybe I should wait until I’ve broken through before going to search for my father,’ Alex thought. However, in the end, he decided to do it all simultaneously. There was no reason to waste that much more time.

“Let’s go kill some beasts,” Alex thought and left Godslayer.

He was about to leave when he saw the silver threads floating in the sky like a swarm of bees near a hive.

“Urgh!” Alex couldn’t help but make a hateful sound when he saw that. It was going to take so long to fully clear it all from the sky, and why? There wasn’t even a point in cleaning up these threads anyway.

Still, who knew what bad things could happen if he let it be? Since collecting the silver threads had worked for the last 25 years of his life, there was no point in not doing it again.

“The mountain is definitely getting smaller though,” he thought. “Maybe I will see something inside of it when it’s all gone.”

Alex hoped to see anything from this mysterious silver mountain that had been staying freely in his mind for the last 25 years.

He slowly floated up to the mountain and landed on the peak. He raised his hand to grab onto one of the silver threads.

As he did, the silver thread turned into silver light before vanishing into his body.

Other silver threads floated nearby Alex, but he was too shocked at the moment to do anything at all. He slowly brought the hand he had just used before him as he looked at it with shock.

Unbelieving what he had just sensed, he quickly grabbed onto more silver threads and absorbed them. However, each time he did so, he got the same exact result.

He was finally starting to gain an understanding of what these silver threads were.

“That… that’s Space aura.”


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