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One could only imagine how horrifying the pressure in the central plains currently was. Seeing the state of all the troops, everyone in the meeting room was terrified. By now the bodies of the 1st-order and 2nd-order cultivators already had exploded into the bloody mist from not being able to handle the huge pressure.

While the bodies of the 3rd-order and 4th-order had been turned into meat paste. Even Peak 5th-order Kang was having trouble standing.

The entire Southern region was violently shaking. The ocean and the sea had become wild. High tides started to hit the shore. Many dead volcanos in the Southern region started to erupt. The very strong wind continued to blow all over the southern region. The magical animals that lived in the southern region started running here and there as if trying to find a safe place.


Large fissures began to appear on the ground. The entire atmosphere of the southern region had become very chaotic. At this moment, not even the 5th-order cultivators felt safe. Not even the Southern Fire Dragon Empire was safe from this.

As seconds passed, this change soon started taking place in the Eastern region. Just like what had happened in the Southern region, the entire Eastern region also experienced those chaotic changes.

The atmosphere of the whole Dying Isle continent had changed. Seeing the fate of the millions of soldiers and seeing that even a Peak 5th-order cultivator was struggling to stand, no one had the courage to go to the central plains anymore. Some Kings and nobles even began preparing plans to escape the Dying Isle continent and flee to another continent.


Kang coughed out a mouthful of blood. Above him, a colossal size dark vortex began to open up. The vortex was so big that it could be seen even from the eastern region. The vortex was nearly 5000 meters big. Looking at the dark purple vortex, Kang felt like the entire world had been sucked by this vortex. At this moment, Kang felt powerless.

Before Kang used to look down on others. Kang was a cultivator that stood at the very top of this continent. He was one of the strongest and most powerful figures in the Dying Isle continent. He was the existence that some even called God. Standing at the very top of the continent, Kang had forgotten that there are existences who are even more powerful than he was. But right now, his miserable state reminded Kang that there are always bigger mountains.

The elder of the Southern Fire Empire couldn’t hold it anymore and ended up falling on his knees. Meanwhile, Lucas, the son of the Black Dragon wasn’t looking so good. Lucas was lying on the ground and looking at Kang with a pleading expression. He wanted to shout and ask for Kang’s help but at this moment, even breathing air felt like the most difficult thing to him.

Meanwhile from the huge, gigantic vortex a certain someone who has been waiting for ages started coming out to see the light of this world. The being that waited beyond the vortex was a being that once was called a God. Right now he was going to make his return to the Dying Isle continent.


Aditya who has been sitting miles away from the central plains suddenly felt his entire body stiff. Aditya began to sweat even though strong southern cold winds were blowing outside. Right now, the Dragon Monarch felt like he was being stared at by someone. Aditya couldn’t point out what was looking at him or what is this feeling.

Right now his Dragon instinct was on full alarm. Aditya has never felt anything like this before. Even when he faced Ashley who was one of the strongest opponents that he ever fought to this date didn’t make him feel this way. Aditya felt as if someone was directly staring at his very soul.

Julia who was sitting next to Aditya noticed something was wrong with Aditya. When she looked at him, she found him sweating and looking distracted. The look on Aditya’s face wasn’t something Julia had ever seen before. Aditya looked extremely concerned. He was sweating in this cold weather. Every hair on his body was standing.

“Aditya, are you alright?” Julia put her hand on Aditya’s right shoulder and asked in a worried tone.

For a second Aditya was startled before he looked at Julia. “Ye…ah. I am alright.”

Under everyone’s surprise gazes, Aditya stood up and closed the open window. He then turned to Julia. “I want all of you to go back to the Istarin Empire right now.”

“What? Why are you sending us back?” Julia and others felt Aditya was hiding something from them.

“This place is not safe for you all.” Without giving any more explanation, Aditya grabbed Julia’s right hand and pulled her up.

“Let’s go. I will send you all back to the Istarin Empire.”

“But I want to stay here.”

“I said no.” This time, Aditya raised his voice slightly which scared Julia.

Seeing this, Aditya suddenly felt guilty. He suppressed the anxious feeling in his heart and gently looked at Julia with a smile. “Princess, please don’t be stubborn. Just go back. This place is not safe at all.” The way Aditya looked at Julia was as if he was pleading with her to go back.

Julia had never seen Aditya being this stubborn with her. “Alright.” Julia decided to agree with Aditya.

“Your Majesty, I shall remain by your side.” Aditya hesitated for a bit before nodding his head. After that regardless of what others said, everyone was sent back to the Istarin Empire using the teleportation array.

After everyone left, Watson walked to the balcony to find Aditya staring at the massive vortex that had formed in the sky.

“Your Majesty…?” Seeing Aditya not replying, Watson raised his tone and again called him. Watson also slightly shook Aditya’s right shoulder.

“Your Majesty?”

“A….!” Aditya looked startled. This was the first time Watson had seen Aditya looking this concerned about something. Even when the Istarin Empire at its worst and was about to be attacked by a very strong Dynasty, Aditya never lost his calm. He never looked this serious. But right now, the Dragon Monarch looked dazed as if he was lost in deep thoughts.

“Watson, what do you think of this massive portal that has opened in the sky?” Aditya asked while looking at the massive vortex.

“Your Majesty, honestly speaking, I would answer danger. But so far whatever danger that we or the Istarin Empire has faced so far, you have been able to take care of it. You always have stood like an iron mountain. The only reason the Istarin Empire hasn’t been attacked by some enemy Empire is because of you.” It was not just Watson. Everyone that worked under Aditya, had developed this blind faith in Aditya. They all believed that Aditya can accomplish wonders and bring miracles.

Aditya smiled in response. Then the smile on his face faded as he looked at the gigantic vortex.

Meanwhile, a being was slowly approaching from the other side of the portal. Just as the portal opened that being was able to sense something very special on the Dying Isle continent.

[A dragon!!!! Hehe! This will be fun.]

While grinning this being moved through the black space and approached the portal. As the being got closer to the portal, the pressure on the central plain increased. Even the tectonic plates under the southern region started shaking.

The being realized this and controlled its Aura. As the Aura from leaking out from its body, Kang, the elder of the Southern fire Empire was finally able to breathe again. Kang felt as if he had been bought from the brink of death.

“Thank God.” Just as Kang somehow stood up, his entire body stiffened. Right now, even though the pressure had decreased, even though Kang was able to endure this pressure, he felt his entire body had frozen and was refusing to move. Even in this cold weather sweat started to form on his forehead and started rolling down.


From the portal, a huge wave spread everywhere. At that very moment, Kang’s body started to tremble violently. His arms and legs started shaking, his teethes were clattering, and his old heart was wildly jumping like a fish that was taken out of water.

From the corner of Kang’s eyes, the Peak 5th-order elder of the Southern Fire Empire looked at the massive portal. Without needing to be told, Kang felt something was coming. Just as he had thought, at that second, Kang saw something that he will never forget in his entire life.

Just when he looked at the being beyond the portal, Kang felt the God of Death was descending to end the entire world. The being was so frightening, that even a Peak 5th-order cultivator like Kang only felt Fear. Right now Kang was so afraid that he even felt fear in breathing.

Also at the same time, millions of people who were in the southern region and in other parts of the world saw this. Almost everyone was frozen in shock and in fear seeing a huge black pair of eyes staring at the southern region from the massive portal.

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