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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 209: 5 million royal gold coins Bahasa Indonesia

“I apologize for losing my control. Thank you for your kind words. These words mean a lot to me.” Kane sincerely thanked Aditya. Right now Kane was finally calmed down. After crying, Kane for some reason started to feel light. As if the burdens on his heart has been lifted. He now felt freer as if his wings has been released after being caged for decades.

Aditya shook his head with a smile and then looked at the little girl who was also curiously staring at him. “Would you mind introducing her?”

“Jennifer Walsh is the name of this beautiful angel.”

Aditya looked at little Jennifer. Little Jennifer also curiously stared at Aditya. “Jennifer, he is Aditya. You call him big brother.”

“Nice to meet you, big brother.”

“Nice to meet you too, little Jennifer.” Kane looked very happy holding his daughter. The small smile on his face was always there.

“Kane, it’s okay if you don’t want to answer my question. But I am curious to know where you were planning on going?” Aditya was sure that Kane would leave the Dying Isle continent and go to some other continent.

Kane hesitated a bit for replying. “I was planning on going to the Westnia. For now, my destination is not decided. I am planning on traveling around with my family for a while before settling down.” With the remaining time that Kane had in his hand, he wanted to travel to new places and make new memories with his daughter and family. Who knows, maybe while traveling, Kane might find a place where he and his family can settle down.

Kane wasn’t afraid of Aditya betraying him. For this interaction, Kane was trusting Aditya even more than before.

Kane looked down to look at his daughter who was sitting on his lap and curiously looking at Aditya. Kane gently rubbed his daughter’s head with a smile. “Jennifer, why don’t you go and help mommy in preparing lunch? Don’t you want your big brother to taste your cooking?”

Hearing Kane’s words, little Jennifer’s eyes sparkled in excitement. Jennifer quickly got down. “Big brother, Jennifer will make you delicious food. Just you wait.” Saying that, without giving Aditya any chance to refuse, she left the meeting room.

“You have a wonderful family. I wonder how long I will have to wait to have a child?”

Hearing Aditya’s words, Kane looked at Aditya and asked. “Why? Is something wrong with you….thing?”

Aditya didn’t know whether to laugh or cry hearing Kane’s words. “No. Nothing is wrong with my thing. The problem lies in my dragon bloodline. You should know how hard it is for a dragon to have an heir.” Besides, it was not as if Aditya was actively looking for a child.

Kane nodded with an understanding look.

“Now moving on, Kane, let’s get to the main topic of our discussion.” Kane nodded his head in agreement.

“Give me a reasonable price?”

“Before that let me tell you the current condition of my Kingdom. Currently, the Skyline Kingdom has 9,000 soldiers. Among those 9,000 soldiers, only around 500 of them are second-order cultivators and I am the only 3rd-order cultivator of this Kingdom. Recently I have taken a large debt from one of the merchant companies to develop a city that is located 34 km away from the capital.”

While Aditya appreciated that Kane was being honest here, he didn’t like the thought of the Kingdom being in debt. “How much is the debt?”

“14.5 Million royal gold coins. In exchange for this huge amount, it was written in the contract to give a tax exemption of 100 years to the merchant company.” Aditya couldn’t help but frown. Tax exemption for 100 years was just too much.

“Kane, I think the Tax exemption of 100 years is just too much.” In Aditya’s opinion, Kane shouldn’t have taken this debt at all.

“What other option did I have?” Kane replied with a bitter smile.

“Is there anything else that I should know?” Of course, Aditya already knew everything that there is to know about this Kingdom through his connections. He still asked as he wanted to see if Kane would be honest. If Kane hid anything from Aditya, he would just leave.

“As you know, 9,000 troops are never enough to protect a Kingdom. As a result, the Sky Line Kingdom has one of the highest crime rates in the whole southern region. Beside that, some of the cities of the Sky Line kingdom are underdeveloped. Around 60 to 70% of the population is struggling to find their 3 meals.”

Before coming here, Aditya already had known about all these problems. Aside from these problems, there were also some minor problems that Aditya would have to take care of.

“How about 5 million royal gold coins?” Hearing the price, Aditya couldn’t keep himself calm. The Dragon Monarch looked shocked. Kane’s words had broken the calm and composed look on Aditya’s face.

“If the price is too high then we can negotiate and bring the price down?”

Aditya shook his head in denial. Before coming here, after reading Kane’s letter, Aditya thought that he at least would have to pay 15 million to 20 million royal gold coins which would be 150 million gold coins or 200 million gold coins to buy the Sky Line Kingdom. But the price that Kane was giving him was too cheap. Especially given the fact that this Kingdom has mana stone mines. As long as Aditya sells these Mana stones, he was sure that he can recover this amount within a month’s time.

“Kane, do you understand that you would be making a big loss if you sold your Kingdom only for 5 million royal gold coins?” Normally Aditya would have happily accepted this offer but after talking with Kane and seeing his condition, Aditya did not want to take advantage of him.

However, Kane shook his head with a smile. “Aditya, I understand what I am doing. These 5 million royal gold coins would be more than enough for my family to start a small business and live a happy life for the next 500 years or even more than that.” Since Kane had decided to leave everything, he stopped caring about money. These 5 million royal gold coins would ensure his family’s future even if something happens to him in the future.

“Besides, I am leaving you with a debt of 15 million royal gold coins.” Seeing Kane being so sincere, Aditya felt this man didn’t deserve to die.

“I know a person who is the best healer in this whole world. You can bring your family there and tell her that Aditya has sent you. She would happily heal your diseases.” Aditya was 99% sure that Riya can heal Kane’s disease.

“Who is that person that you’re talking about?” Kane curiously asked. The title of the world’s best healer belonged to the Goddess of Nature. Kane knew that even if he used all of his wealth and connections, he might never meet the goddess of Nature. Kane also refused to believe that Aditya knew the Goddess of Nature.

“Her name is Riya. Just head to the Celestial Terrain and you will know what I am talking about.” Kane decided to trust Aditya on this matter.

“Kane, I can pay you the money right now. Let’s sign the contract.” Given the chaotic situation in the southern region, Aditya didn’t wish to waste any more time. Before the second battle started, there were many things that he needed to do. The first thing is, strengthening the military of the Sky Line Kingdom which would become a part of the Istarin Empire very soon.

“Aditya, I will need some time to prepare the contract. To make the contract, I would first have to hire a runemaster.” Since the contract is going to be a soul-binding contract, a runemaster was needed.

“There is no need to call a runemaster. I can draw the contract myself.”


Aditya took out a special type of paper. Before drawing the contract, he first talked with Kane about various topics. Aditya made sure to let Kane know that once the contract was signed, the Sky Line Kingdom would belong to the Istarin Empire and neither Kane nor his descendants would have any rights in this Kingdom.

Kane accepted all the conditions with a heavy heart. Even though he prepared himself for this moment, it was certainly not easy for someone like Kane to give up his birthplace.

“Kane, if in the future, you managed to get well, then you will always be welcome to return to this Kingdom. At that time, I will give you the position of a Duke and give you the rights to govern this Kingdom.” Aditya said those words fully knowing that it would be impossible for Kane to just forget about this Kingdom. There will always be regret in his heart.

After all, for this Kingdom, Kane sacrificed so many things.

After the contract was made, both parties put a drop of their blood on the contract. After the contract was created, Aditya gave Kane 5 million royal gold coins. Aditya didn’t need to touch the royal gold coins that were reserved in his treasury. The money that he got from the Echo Dominion Emperor and from the Mutant fire ant queen was more than enough.

After Aditya paid, Kane invited Aditya to have lunch with his family. At the dining table, Aditya once again invited Kane to work under him. Kane said that for now, he would like to spend time with his family. Since Kane never refused Aditya’s offer, the Dragon Monarch knew that the former King was going to return to his land as the Duke of the Istarin Empire in the future.

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