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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 191: 10,000,000 vs 1,000,000 [4]; Crimson Sun Bahasa Indonesia

『Ding! You have killed a Mid phase 2nd-order mutant fire ant. You have gained experience points.』

『Ding! You have killed a Mid phase 1st-order mutant fire ant. You have gained experience points.』

『Ding! You have killed a Mid phase….』

『Ding! Your experience points have been saved for future use.』

『Ding! Soul Blaze has reached 84.3%.』

With Ronnie’s orders, the Ethereal troops slowly began to move away from the Acid rain. The acid rain was extremely dangerous. Especially for anyone below 4th order. Even a 4th-order wouldn’t be able to stay in the acid rain for too long. After a certain point, their bodies would also start burning.

It hasn’t been even 20 seconds since the acid rain started and all the grasses, trees, bushes, and insects have been burned. Even the dead bodies of the mutant fire ants were starting to melt and mix with the soil.

Seeing that the ants are trying to run away from his acid rain, Aditya controlled the clouds and began to move the dark clouds.

『Ding! You have killed a Mid phase 2nd-order mutant fire ant. You have gained experience points.』

『Ding! You have killed a Mid phase 1st-order mutant fire ant. You have gained experience points.』

『Ding! You have killed a Mid phase….』

『Ding! Your experience points have been saved for future use.』

『Ding! Soul Blaze has reached 100%.』

『Ding! The passive effect of Soul Blaze has been triggered. For the 10 minutes, all of the host’s stats will be increased by 45%.』

Both Ronan and Ronnie stopped fighting. Both of them looked in Aditya’s direction in shock. Both of them can clearly feel Aditya’s Aura sharply increasing. It is as if he was breaking through 3rd-order but in reality, his powers were getting stronger but his cultivation remained the same.

“I should have loved to use Inferno Overdrive in this state.” Since both Inferno Overdrive and Soul Blaze were skills that increased his stats, Aditya wanted to see how strong he will become while both skills together.

Crimson Lightning Dash!

Lightning Armor!

Storm Flight!

“Given the current state of my wings, flying more than 5 minutes would only worsen my wing’s condition.” Thanks to the Peak 3-star that Julia had made for him, Aditya’s dragon wings were slowly healing. In these kinds of situations, he really wished to have some form of healing-type skills. The pain had decreased a lot. Aditya now can barely feel the pain from his burned wings. –

“Uncle, I want to do something.”

Ronnie fired another white Nova bullet toward the horde of mutant fire ants that was charging in his direction. He then turned his attention to Aditya. “What is it?”

“I need Uncle and Elder Ronan to make a strong barrier to protect the Ethereal soldiers. Because what I am going to try will be utter chaos.” Saying that Aditya did not wait for Ronnie’s response. He opened his wings and started flying up.

“What he is trying to do?”

“I am not sure. By now around 1.5 to 2 million mutant fire ants have fallen. While other than some of our injured soldiers, not that many soldiers have died. Our number is still above 2 million.” Ronan gave a brief report to Ronnie. Meanwhile, the Emperor was looking up. He was trying to see Aditya beyond the dark clouds.

“What about the queen? Did you manage to find her?” Ronnie wanted to kill the mutant fire ant queen as soon as possible. The queen was the brain of the entire mutant fire ant army. Without the queen, the ants would become wild animals.

“Yes, I have managed to detect a strong Mid-5th-order presence in the inner region of the Heavenly Hemlock forest.” Ronan was a sensory-type cultivator. Besides having raw strength and brutal force, he was also a sensory cultivator. Unlike a normal Peak 5th-order cultivator whose senses cannot reach the inner region, Ronan being a sensory type cultivator, his senses were able to cover almost half of the inner region. And the Heavenly Hemlock forest was even bigger than the entire Ethereal empire.

Sensory cultivators are those with a very high affinity toward sensing Mana. Every living being has Mana in their body. Each cultivator has a unique signatory Aura. Every cultivator releases a very small amount of mana. Usually, this amount is so small that the cultivator wouldn’t even feel it. Unless the cultivator completely learns to suppress mana in the body or the cultivator uses some special artifact or runes to hide his Aura, it is impossible to hide Aura. For someone like Ronan who is a sensory-type cultivator, within a second he can tell how the number of enemies that they were facing by reading all the Auras that are very slightly disturbing the flow of the mana in the atmosphere.

“I believe the queen is hiding in her lair. Should I kill her?” Ronan has been keeping an eye on the queen for a while now. If the queen tried to escape he was going to chase her to the end of the continent and then kill her.

“Wait a few minutes. Let’s create a barrier. I am curious to know what Aditya is going to do now. Make sure to keep an eye on the queen.”

Meanwhile, the Dragon Monarch continued to fly up. He continued to move at his full speed that had reached [2034+]. In a few minutes, Aditya was above 5000 meters. This continued till he was almost 10,000 meters which were 33,000 feet above the ground.

Crimson Blaze!

Crimson flames covered Aditya’s burned wings. However, the Crimson flame did not harm Aditya. He was completely fine.

Aditya currently had [6308+] mana adding a 45% boost that he got after the inferno overdrive was activated. Earlier Aditya had used [1500+] mana to make the acid rain. Now he was going to use the Crimson with all of his remaining mana.

As Aditya started investing more and more of his Mana in the Crimson blaze, the Crimson flame started expanding everywhere. In a few seconds, the size of the Crimson flames had reached 1,000 meters and the flame was still continuously expanding without showing signs of stopping. Aditya was at the center of a massive red Crimson orb that now threatened to devour the entire sky. Each second as the size of the Crimson flame expanded, Aditya’s face also continued to become paler.

Mysterious Angel Flash!

On the ground, Coby who was the strongest elite soldier of the Ethereal Empire used one of his strongest attacks. Coby moved like a ghost. In the blink of an eye, he appeared behind 4 Peak fourth-order mutant fire ants. Before the ants can react, the diamond chain shot out from his arms and wrapped around the mutant fire ants. The diamond chains prevented the ants from moving.

“I will be using you to heal myself. Health Drain!” Suddenly the diamond chain started shining in green color. Green color energy began flowing out of the mutant fire ant’s bodies to Coby’s body. The small cuts, bruises, and the 1-meter-long cut on his right shoulder, all started healing at a rapid naked speed.

“Coby, I also need some healing.” Coby turned to look to his right. At his right, one of his best friends, Isaac was standing. Isaac was also a powerful Peak 4th-order cultivator but he never was able to defeat Coby in battle. Mainly because of the annoying diamond chains that Coby possesses.

“You look completely fine to me.” Coby couldn’t see any serious wounds on his friend’s body.

“Brother, I have internal injuries. If you let me touch your breasts my wounds will automatically heal.”

Coby rolled his eyes. “Seriously if you got time to joke around, then just go and keep killing the mutant fire ants.”

Coby then ignored Isaac. “Coby, look up.” Coby did not look up thinking that Isaac was joking with him again. “Isaac, this isn’t the place to joke around. You shou…..I am serious, Idiot. Just look up.”

As soon as Coby raised his head, the words that he was about to say to Isaac got stuck in his throat as his eyes bulged outward. His pupils started trembling fiercely while his face turned pale.

“What the hell is this?”

Ronan and Ronnie didn’t have to wait long to know why Aditya had asked them to make a barrier. The dark clouds were pushed away, revealing a massive Crimson sun descending on everyone. Every soldier and mutant fire ant stopped fighting and looked at the sky. Some soldiers began to feel that this was the end of the world. The day of judgment was here. The size of the Crimson orb was out of this world. Seeing this huge thing, even Ronan, the Peak 5th-order cultivator, someone who stood at the very top of this continent, felt his throat go dry.

“Is he trying to kill us or what?” The size of this Crimson orb had already exceeded the 10,000 meters mark. This thing was so massive that, everyone who lived in the central region of the Westnia was able to see this red sun descending. Anyone who looked at this massive thing was frightened.

Somewhere far away, Alicia, Noah, Nora, and Sylvie, all of them had just exited the Heavenly Hemlock forest.

“Now that we’re out of the Heavenly Hemlock forest, Sylvie, please take both prince Noah and Princess Alicia back to the capital. I will join this war.” As an elder of the Ethereal Empire, the beginner 5th-order Succubus wanted to join this war.

“I will also join the war.” As the next Emperor, Noah would never run away from war. He wanted to fight beside his father.

“Sylvie, you all three can leave. I can go back to the capital alone…” Alicia had not even finished saying her words when she felt the sun was shining too brightly for some reason. When the goddess of wealth raised her head and looked up, her mind for a second stopped processing and just blankly stared at the red giant sun that was descending.

Noah, Sylvie, and Nora also had similar types of reactions. After a few seconds of silence, all four looked at each other at the same time. “This bastard. Is he trying to wipe out the entire Ethereal Army or what?”

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