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Westnia is one of the 7 continents that is home to more than 1.7 billion people. The 1.7 billion population is made up of all types of intelligent races that harmoniously live here. This continent is home to some rarest plants and bird species in the world. The Westnia continent is home to a variety of geographical features, such as glaciers, rainforests, valleys, deserts, and grasslands. The Westnia lies on the Eastern side of the Dying Isle continent.

The continent has hundreds of Kingdoms, factions, Empires, and dynasties. Westnia is divided into five regions that are the central region which is home to the strongest and biggest Empires of Westnia. Surrounding the central region, there is the northern plateau which is home to the tallest mountain in the Westnia.

Opposite the northern plateau, the southern plains are home to the oldest Kingdom of Westnia. The southern plains are roughly inhabited by more than 37% of the entire population of Westnia. This makes the Southern plains the most populated region of Westnia.

The eastern region of Westnia is known for its idyllic islands, endless beaches, plenty of resorts, tasty cuisine, world-class restaurants, and diverse cultures, eastern Westnia is one of the best vacation destinations on the planet.

The western region is the most underdeveloped, poorest, and sparsely populated region of Westnia.

The central region of Westnia had four big Empires. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these four Empires heavily influenced the entire Central region. Whenever one of these Empires was at war, the entire central region saw a high increase in food prices and a shortage of supplies. These four Empires controlled around 50% of the total land of the Central region.

The Ethereal Empire was one of these four Empires that stood at the very top of the Westnia. Right now the whole Ethereal Empire was celebrating the Duke’s wife who is the sister of the current Emperor’s wife had given birth to a child.

Far away from the capital, in some countryside of the Ethereal Empire, in a double-story wooden house, there were some people waiting for the Goddess of Wealth.

“When will Alicia return?”

“She did say that she is going to return today. But she did not tell me the specified time.” Replied the mother of the Goddess of wealth.

If the people of Westnia knew that the ruler of one of the biggest and strongest Empires, the Emperor lived in the countryside and in a wooden house, everyone would be shocked to death. Other than a select few people, no one else knew about this. Julia and her big brother, both were raised in this double-story wooden house.

“Where is Noah?” The Emperor asked his wife. Right now the Emperor who is the father of the Goddess was spending time with his family. The whole royal family had gathered today to celebrate the birth of the Duke’s son. The Duke is the Emperor’s little brother.

“Noah said that he has to sign some papers to finish. We will probably return before evening.” Replied Julia’s mother. Noah was Julia’s big brother and the crown prince of the Ethereal Empire. The Emperor had two children. One was Noah and another was Alicia. While the Emperor did have two more wives, he did not have any children with them. The Emperor wanted to avoid a throne succession fight between his children.

For a father, nothing is more painful than seeing his own children kill each other. Hence the Emperor took measures from the beginning and did not go on to make children without thinking. If Noah was born a girl, then Alicia might have a third sibling. The Emperor was already satisfied with Noah and Alicia. Both of his children were geniuses that million envied.

One might think that the Emperor’s third wife might be dissatisfied with not having a child with her. But in reality, it was quite opposite of that. The third wife loved and also raised Alicia and Noah like her own children. In fact, in some cases, she was more overprotective than Noah and Alicia’s actual mothers.

From the moment Noah was born, the Emperor announced that Noah will become the next Emperor. Noah was raised and taught to be the next Emperor. The Emperor was very strict with Noah.

“Mother, for some reason I am feeling that Alicia is lying to us. I think her boyfriend might be fake. She must have hired this man to pretend to be her boyfriend.” Said Bianca, the biological mother of Alicia. Bianca knew her daughter very well. She knew that her daughter was dissatisfied with having to follow the traditions that their family followed. She also did not believe that with her daughter’s proud personality, she can allow someone to become her boyfriend.

hearing the words Bianca, everyone sitting in the living room also felt that the possibility of Alicia doing something like that is very high.


“I understand that this daughter of mine does not wants to get married this early but we have to follow our traditions. our ancestors have been following this tradition and have strictly warned us to do the same.” The Emperor sighed. While in front of the whole world, the Emperor always showed a cold and strong look, when he was in front of family, he did not hesitate to show his weak sides. The man that everyone thought to be a cruel and cold Emperor is actually a kind and caring man who wanted nothing but to protect his Empire and his family.

“Brother, should I send someone to the Dying Isle continent to investigate about the origin of Alicia’s fake boyfriend?” No one believed that Aditya was Alicia’s real boyfriend. Especially knowing the personality of the Goddess, no one believed her. This was not the first time, Alicia had tried to trick her family into thinking that she has done this but in reality, she never did that.

“Please do. Knowing my daughter’s personality, I am sure that she won’t allow any perverted-natured man to get close to her. But I need to find out the identity and the background of this fake boyfriend.” The Emperor was always soft with Alicia. While he was very strict and hard with Noah, Alicia got all of his love and soft spot.

“Should we expose her?” Asked the Duke’s wife. The woman named Nia was currently her newborn child. The child had gone to sleep in his mother’s embrace after drinking milk.

“No, for now, let’s pretend that we have believed in her. If Alicia is bringing a man knowing that she will have to stay in the same room with him and be intimate in front of us to pretend that they are in a relationship, I am sure she must closely know this man.” It was known that Alicia never in her life has shown any signs of falling in love. She was never seen with a man other than her father, her big brother, and her uncle. Bianca believed that if her daughter is comfortable letting another man share room with her and comfortable enough to make him her fake boyfriend, that man must have some special relationship with Alicia.

“Tomas, do whatever you want. By tomorrow, I want every bit of information about this Fake boyfriend of my daughter.”

“Leave it to me big brother. I already had sent some spies to the Dying Isle continent a while ago. It should not be difficult to find out more about this Fake boyfriend.” Thomas was also worried that this fake boyfriend might try to take advantage of his niece.

“I heard that Alicia’s boyfriend is the Emperor of some Empire.”

“Yes, she did say that.”

“What was his name again?” Thomas asked.

“His name is Aditya.” Bianca replied.

Meanwhile, Aditya had no idea what was going on. He had no idea that he without even knowing had gotten himself into a big trap. Alicia was also clearly underestimating her parents. She was underestimating the power of the Emperor.

“Welcome to the capital of the Ethereal Empire.” The guards who were in charge of operating the teleportation array and ordered to keep the huge crowd in order were dumbfounded seeing the princess returning without any notice.

“So this is the Westnia continent.” There was a trace of disappointment in Aditya’s tone.

“What? Disappointment?” Alicia asked with a smile. To Aditya, this place might not seem anything special but to Alicia, just returning back to her home continent made her feel very comfortable and relaxed.

Aditya silently nodded his head while trying to sense what order cultivation power that people in the capital had. He was slightly surprised to find that more than 70% of the people in the capital were cultivators with Mid 1st-order or higher-order cultivation. “You set the expectation bar too high. Westnia and the Dying Isle both are almost the same but Westnia is more beautiful. Every year hundreds of thousands of people from other continents come here to tour.”

“What is this place’s name?”

“This city is called Whitfrost, the capital and also the biggest city of the Ethereal Empire.”

Meanwhile, the guards snapped out of their shocked state. One of the guards took out a pentagon-shaped wooden object which was the size of his fist from his pocket and announced the princess’s return.

[Her royal highness has returned. I repeat the Her royal Highness has returned. Sent a royal carriage as soon as possible.]

“Welcome back Your royal highness.” All the guards bowed their heads and shouted. The crowd also followed and bowed their heads. Every citizen of the Ethereal Empire had a deep respect for the princess. It was because of the princess that the Ethereal Empire was able to end poverty. Finding even one beggar or a homeless man in Ethereal Empire is rare as finding gold mines.

Meanwhile, Aditya’s focus was on the artifact that one of the guards used. ‘This looks like some advanced communication artifacts. It looks like the Ethereal empire has mass-produced these communication artifacts and has given them to the soldiers for fast communication. I also had thought of doing the same for my Empire but I simply did not have enough time. Pass producing this many artifacts would take me a lot of time.’

Alicia and Aditya did not have to wait more than 5 minutes as a royal carriage appeared in their sight. The crowd moved out of the way and allowed the royal carriage to stop right in front of Alicia and Aditya. Meanwhile, Noah who was working in the castle also noticed the Princess’s arrival. Noah quickly stopped with his paper works and quickly went out to greet his little sister and her boyfriend.

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