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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 140: Battle of Eastcliff [III],Lewis vs Aditya Bahasa Indonesia

『 Ding! You have killed a Peak 3rd-order royal mermen guard. 』

『 Ding! You have killed a Peak 4th-order royal mermen guard. 』

『 Ding! You have killed a Peak 2nd-order lion man. 』

『 Ding! You have killed a Peak 2nd-order royal mermen. 』

『 Ding! You have killed a Mid 3rd-order Human. 』

『 Ding! You have killed a Peak 3rd-order royal Goblin Prince. 』

『 Ding! You have killed a Peak … 』

“If not for the Peak 4-star armor that I was wearing and my dragon scales, the explosion itself would have killed me.” To survive the explosion in addition to having armor and dragon scales, Aditya also used his mana to cast Lightning armor to add an extra layer of protection. Even with all that, he still was injured to this extent.

『 Stamina: – 286 out of 336

_Health: – 91 out of 336

_Mana: – 1,301 out of 3,901 』

『 Ding! Soul Blaze has reached 100%. 』

『 Ding! For the next 20 minutes, all of the host’s stats will be increased by 45%. 』

“This is the first time my health has dropped this much after reaching 2nd-order. From next time, I shouldn’t use this attack unless I have no other option.” Aditya sighed as he tried to get up but then he noticed something.

When he looked on his right side, he found a man with half burned face lying on the ground. The right side of his face was burned while the left side of his face was covered in black mud and dirt. Blood was coming out of his body from many places. Mainly from his nose, mouth, and ears.

“So he is the Deep Sea Palace King, Lewis.” Aditya’s coldly looked at the man who was lying unconscious 20 meters away from him.

“My story with the Deep Sea Palace is not over yet. Since this man had bought 500,000 troops, he should at least have another half million troops. Maybe even more.”

Aditya slowly got up to kill King Lewis. “After I kill you, your Deep Sea Palace will become my next target.”

Ignoring the pain that was making him feel like fell unconscious, he walked up to King Lewis. Without any hesitation, Aditya killed him by stepping on his throat and crushing his throat.

Just as Aditya finished killing Lewis, he noticed that he did not receive any notification from the system.

Suddenly Aditya’s instincts flared up. He hurriedly moved to his right but it was too late.



Aditya looked down only to see a blade piercing his heart. When he stared at the dead body of King Lewis, the dead body disappeared. Aditya instantly understood what was happening


“Never thought that I would fall for this kind of illusion.” Aditya would easily see through illusions but he got careless and fell for Lewis’s trap.

“Hahaha! You f**king bastard. Just because of you, I have lost half a million of my troops, I lost my 5-star artifact, I lost my precious armor. My royal guards died just to protect me. If that wasn’t enough I even lost my left arm. All this happened because of you.”


Aditya couldn’t help but smile. He can feel the regret, pain, and sadness in Lewis’s tone. Seeing his enemy going through these emotions even though he was winning, made Aditya very happy. “Thank you for the compliment.”

Lewis felt pissed hearing Aditya’s reply. He kicked Aditya, sending the Dragon King flying more than 20 meters away.


“That hurts” Aditya fell to the ground and groaned in pain.

“Yeah. I want you to suffer. The more you suffer the more I will enjoy myself.” Aditya looked at the man who was walking at him with his half-burned face. His right hand was missing. Lewis’s entire body was burned and filled with wounds.

Right now the right side of Aditya’s heart was bleeding. Without Lewis realizing the bleeding stopped after 30 seconds as Aditya’s black heart took control and started pumping blood. Lewis did not realize this. He failed to notice the black heart that was implanted in Aditya’s body.

“Unfortunately for you, I am not planning on dying anytime soon.” The next moment Aditya vanished and reappeared behind Lewis with a black sword in his hand.


Lewis somehow managed to block the strike. But seeing how fast Aditya moved his heart was again filled with shock. This was the second time that Aditya had shocked him. He thought that Aditya would be dead after he stabbed him in the heart but instead, this injured-looking man somehow got the power to continue fighting.

『 Ding! Soul Blaze has reached 100%. 』

『 Ding! For the next 20 minutes, all of the host’s stats will be increased by 45%. 』

『 Soul Blaze: –

『 3rd-order Passive skill 』

『 Description 』 – A special type of skill that can be learned by both body and magical path cultivators. There is no requirement to learn this skill. This skill itself is a passive skill that will increase the user’s stats after reaching a certain limit.

『 Function』- Since this skill is a passive skill, the user won’t have to spend any mana to activate this skill. This skill works by collecting a small part of the enemy’s soul killed by the host. When a certain amount of soul energy is collected by the user, this skill will increase the user’s stats by 45% for a temporary period of time. The boost in the user’s stats will disappear after 10 minutes.

Note: – This skill is totally passive. The activation of this Skill cannot be decided by the user. 』


“How did you suddenly get become so strong?” Lewis sensed the sudden rise in Aditya’s Aura.

『 Soul Blaze – 19:45 』

“That’s a secret.” Aditya replied without being bothered about the wound in his heart. Right now even though he wasn’t showing, every time he moved his body every single fiber on his body ached in pain. But he knew that he cannot stop. His opponent was a beginner 5th-order. Even though Lewis was seriously injured, the power of the 5th-order is something that shouldn’t be underestimated.

When Aditya evolved to 3rd-order, all of his passive skills also reached 3rd-order. The Aura of Soul fire now had evolved to Soul Blaze; he kind of liked the old name. Before he only got a 40% increase in his stats but now he got a 45% increase in his stats and that was also for 20 minutes.

So right now Aditya’s stats had reached a terrifying level.

『_Strength: – 361 [45% increase] → 523

_Speed: – 501 + [100] [45% increase] → 726 + [100]

_Stamina: – 336 [45% increase] → 387

_Health: – 336 [45% increase] → 387

_Mana: – 3,901 [45% increase] → 5,656』

Along with the increase in his stats by 45% percent, Aditya’s injuries were slowly beginning to heal because of the increase in his stamina and health. Right now his speed had reached [800+] making Aditya faster than 4th-order cultivators.

“You might have gotten faster and stronger but it’s still not enough to defeat me.” Lewis roared while dodging Aditya’s attack and sending him flying with another kick on his stomach.


Lightning Armor!

Storm Flight!

Crimson Lightning Dash!


Suddenly Aditya disappeared from Lewis’s view. Aditya moved so fast that Lewis could not follow his movements anymore.

“Damn you, bastard.” Lewis took out a Peak 3-star pendant from his pocket. The pendant started shining as Lewis poured his remaining mana into the pendant. The shine of the pendant gradually increased. Reaching a point where the bright light forced Aditya to stop moving as he could not see anything because of the intensely bright light.

When the bright light disappeared, Aditya found himself sitting on his throne. “What is happening?” When he looked down, he found that he was wearing luxurious clothes and a beautiful golden crown today.

“Your Majesty?” Aditya looked at the man who was walking with a beautiful woman.

“Watson, who is that woman?” Aditya couldn’t help but ask. His butler was so reluctant to get a woman but he was holding a woman’s arm and looking at her like he was looking at his wife. This confused Aditya for a moment until he heard Watson’s next words.

“Your wives now shall now enter.” The golden doors were pushed apart revealing 7 figures wearing wedding dresses and looking at Aditya with beautiful smiles that could charm even the heavens. But for some reason other than seeing the face of Julia and Alicia, Aditya could not see the faces of his other 5 wives.

“Boy, you better take care of my daughter. If you dare to neglect my daughter, I will personally settle matters with you.” Behind Julia, Aditya saw Adam and Sophie.

“Aditya, I hope you will give me my grandchild in a year. I can’t wait to play with my grandson.” Behind Alicia, he could see some blurry figures. While behind his other 5 wives, he only saw white clouds instead of seeing their parents. It was as if someone was hiding their faces and their parents from him.

“What the hell is happening?” Aditya was totally confused. He felt he should remember something very important but for some reason, he couldn’t.

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