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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 138: Battle of Eastcliff [I], Beginning of Chaos Bahasa Indonesia

After ending his communication with Watson, Aditya took out a 5 meters giant golden spear from his storage ring. The golden spear had rune engravings on its body making the golden spear even more majestic looking.

[ Doomsday of Heaven ]

[ Peak 3-star weapon ]

[ Description: – This spear has an affinity with Crimson Flame. The Crimson flame won’t harm this spear…. ]

“Not bad.” Aditya had asked his blacksmith, Percy Lowe to forge this spear for a special purpose.

“If only I had gravity Manipulation then I could have made my attack even more powerful.” Aditya held the 5 meters long golden spear. In the next moment, a crimson flame devours the entire golden spear; surrounding it with a layer of crimson flame. The crimson flame flickered leaving small wisps of crimson flames.

At the same time, crimson sparks of lightning cracked around the golden spear. Aditya had added both fire and lightning elements to the spear making the Peak 3-star weapon even more dangerous.

“Let’s start.”

Aditya stopped flying; allowing gravity to pull his body down earth. As he began falling, he simply held the spear in front of him. After a few seconds, he used his wings and storm flight to accelerate his falling speed.

Crimson Lightning Dash!

Adding crimson lightning dash, his falling speed increased once again. Right now Aditya’s falling speed had broken the [1000+] agility mark. Making him so fast that no Peak 4th-order cultivator can even come near him.

As Aditya kept on falling from a height of 10,000 meters, he kept on increasing on using more of his mana, increasing the crimson flame that now enveloped him. Fortunately, the armor he wore was preventing his crimson flame from burning off his clothes.

“Man, I can’t wait for this war to end. I want to go home and cuddle with my wife.”

“Man, you sure love your wife, don’t you?”

“I think you got the incorrect form here. Instead of wife, you should use wives.”

“What? Just how many wives do you have?”

“I have three wives and 8 children.”

The soldiers looked at each other in astonishment. For them having one child was hard enough, having 9 children was beyond them. In a middle-class family, if the family member of the family increases even by one, it puts more restraint on the budget. Having children meant that the soldiers would have one extra mouth to feed and one extra child to raise.

“Dude, just how the hell do you get enough money to feed your entire family?” One of the soldiers couldn’t help but ask.

“Hehe! Actually, A part of me is Incubus. My father was the same. He had 9 wives and 27 children. Our family is very big. All of our family lives in a village together. We mostly rely on fishing and agriculture so it’s not that difficult for us to feed everyone in our family.”

All the soldiers looked at him with jealousy. An incubus had more stamina than a human. In fact, even a normal incubus can keep going for at least 3 to 4 hours whereas a human can hardly last till one hour.

“Why don’t you just make it 9? You will have a triple hattrick.”

“Hahaha!!!!! Actually, my 9th child is on the way.”

“____” The soldiers

“What happens if you die on the battlefield?” One of the soldiers curiously asked.

“Well, in that case, one of my brothers can take care of my wives.”

“Are you sure about that?” The soldiers would never let their woman sleep with another man.

“Well, my family’s bloodline has a small part of incubus origin so it is pretty normal in our big family to sleep with each other. There are over 100 family members.”

“____” The soldiers

“Hey! Are you guys feeling hot? For some reason, I feel as if my body is burning.” One of the soldiers from Deep Sea Palace asked. This soldier was from the mermen race and had spent all of his life under the sea.

“No, we don’t feel hot. I think this is maybe because you’re from the sea and not used to this temperature.”

“You’re maybe right.” The mermen race soldier nodded in agreement. He just used some water to make his body wet which cooled down body.

A few more seconds passed, and more and more mermen race soldiers began to feel their bodies burning. About a minute later, now all the soldiers were beginning to feel very hot. Some soldiers could not even stand the high temperature and fainted.

The knights who were wearing heavy armor felt as if they were being suffocated from the inside out. Without having any choice some of the knights took off their helmets and their breastplate.

However, this was just the start. Only the 1st-order cultivators were feeling these changes, The second-order and third-orders did not feel anything.

Around 20 more seconds later, even the second-order soldiers felt extremely hot. They felt as if their entire bodies were burning. It was finally then the Kings noticed the changes as well. Many of the Kings were also 2nd-order cultivators.

“Why is the temperature suddenly rising so much?” Ethan couldn’t ask feeling his body sweating a lot. Normally a 3rd-order would have great resistance to cold and hot weather. But this temperature was hot enough to make even 3rd-order sweat like their bodies were drenched by rainwater.

While all others kings and soldiers felt uncomfortable, King Lewis remained silent. “I think this is Aditya’s doing.” King Lewis has heard that Aditya had a terrifying flame under his control. It was the legendary crimson flame that has been lost for countless ages. No one knew how the king managed to gain control of such a powerful flame. It is said that the Crimson flame had the potential to even burn the whole and turn it into a black orb.

“Haha! Sir Lewis, Aditya does not have…King Ethan’s words got choked into his throat as the sky suddenly turned red.

As the sky suddenly turned red, the yellow sun suddenly vanished. To the soldiers, it was as if the whole sky has been turned crimson red. The terrifying temperature only continued rising until many of the 1st-order soldiers couldn’t handle it anymore and just died because of heatstroke. While the rest used mana to cover their bodies which reduced the burning sensation on their skins.

All the white clouds that hovered over the blue sky making it very peaceful and gentle looking had been replaced with a sea of crimson flames. It was not just the soldiers from Ethan’s side who saw this, but also the marching soldiers of the Istarin kingdom also saw.

Right now every single person who saw this scene was deeply shocked. More than 2000 meters of the sky was covered in a sea of flames, making it look like the crimson flame had devoured the sky.

However, after 10 more seconds, the temperature in the Eastcliff region reached a terrifying level. Surpassing the temperature of magma itself. Things had become so hot that the tree grasses, trees, and insects started burning.

Lewis kept a close look at what was going on. After a few seconds, he finally understood what was going on. Realizing what this mad king was doing, his pupils contracted as his entire body trembled. His teeth clattered while his blood turned even colder. His heartbeat nearly stopped when he looked at the sea of crimson flames that extended over 2000 meters and was currently descending toward them.

“Ev….eve…..everyone, use water magic. Otherwise, this crimson flame is going to devour us.” Before today the King of Deep Sea Palace has been pushed to the edge of death many times. Yet whenever he was pushed near death, he fought fiercely without caring much about his health. Whenever he met an enemy, he crushed them. Till now, the Deep Sea palace king hasn’t found an enemy that could stand against him.

But right now, the king who has won went through hundreds of life and death battles looked deadly pale. His body did not stop shaking no matter what he did. His cold heart beat fiercely as if trying to warn him to run away.

With King Lewis’s command, every soldier who had water elemental spells used them. Hundred thousand spells were cast at the same time. Even king Lewis also used a Water dragon. All the water spells combined formed a gigantic water dragon whose body was over 10,000 meters big.

The gigantic-looking water dragon’s appearance started cooling down the battlefield. King Lewis and all the mermen soldiers used their mana to move the 10,000 meters big water dragon to stop the crimson sea of flames.

At this time, the army of the Istarin kingdom stopped marching without any orders. Everyone stared at the scene in astonishment and in a deep state of shock. Whatever they were seeing today will go down the history for hundreds of ages. The soldiers will never forget this scene in their whole lives.

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