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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 116: Birthday Party [III] Bahasa Indonesia

Knock! Knock!

“Come in.”


Opening the door, Sophie and Zak walked inside Aditya’s bedroom. Zak and Sophie’s eyes fell on Aditya who was sitting in front of a large mirror. Several maids and a butler were helping him with his hair and his black suit.

“Big brother, you look so handsome today.” The innocent brother of Julia praised Aditya.

“Do I?” Aditya chuckled seeing Zak’s reaction.

“You look completely different in this black tuxedo.” Sophie also has to admit that today Aditya looked very dashing and handsome. His appearance surely was going to capture the eyes of the ladies.

In most normal times, Aditya did not pay much attention to his clothes. He preferred to wear simple and ordinary fashioned clothes. It seems his handsome face matched perfectly with his black suit, making him even more charming today.

Just like Aditya, little Zak was also wearing a black tuxedo. Both brothers wore matching clothes.

“Aunty, you’re also looking very beautiful today.” From the corner of his eyes, Aditya saw that Sophie was wearing a velvet A-Line maxi long-sleeved dark green dress. Even though the mother of the goddess modestly covered almost all of her skin, the curves were still exposed. The dark green dress tightly stuck to her body; highlighting her curves.

Any man would feel their throat go dry just from looking at Sophie. The body of the Goddess’s mother cannot be underestimated. If Julia had the Aura of beauty and cuteness, her mother had the Aura of charm and seductiveness.

Aditya looked at Sophie for no more than a few seconds. He quickly looked away fearing that looking too much at her body might be misunderstood and he could be seen as a pervert. Aditya secretly wondered if Julia in future will also become a beauty like her mother.

“Thank you for your kind praise, Aditya. It took me some time to choose what type of dress I am going to wear on my daughter’s birthday.” In reality, it took Sophie nearly three days to find a dress. In her free time, she visited almost all the big clothing brands in the Empire. Though she might not say it she is someone who deeply cared about her beauty.

Aside from the dark green dress, she put on light make up which made her look even more stunning.

“Aunty, where is Uncle Adam?” Aditya curiously asked.

“Adam is personally welcoming the guests.” Just like her daughter Sophie also did not like political games. So she refrained from going with Adam as she did not want to deal with the nobles. Sometimes dealing with some sly and cunning nobles can be very exhausting.

Knock! Knock!

“Come in”

When the door was pushed apart, revealing the fairy that stood outside the room, Aditya suddenly forgot to breathe as he looked at her. He looked at her without daring to blink his eyes as he felt like he can keep on looking at the Goddess forever in a daze. He was so engrossed in staring at her that, he completely forgot about Sophie, Zak, and the maids who were standing behind him.

The first thing that came to Julia’s eyes was the figure of Aditya in front of a mirror. He was looking very handsome today. Looking at him in a black tuxedo, Julia couldn’t help but blush slightly.

“Wow! Sister, you look absolutely stunning” Zak excitedly run up to Julia meanwhile Sophie nodded her head. Even though her daughter has not properly developed in certain areas, her beauty and her charm had already on par with Sophie if not above.

Hearing her brother’s words, Julia snapped out of her daze as she elegantly walked into his bedroom. Meanwhile, Aditya was still looking at Julia like an idiot.

Feeling his intense stare, the Goddess couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed. “How long are you planning on staring at me?” Julia snorted as she stood beside her mother. Deep down she was very happy that her man was looking at her like that.

Julia’s words bought Aditya back to reality. He snapped out of his daze.

“Well, Aditya shouldn’t you tell Julia something?” Sophie hinted that as the man he should praise Julia. Every woman felt happy and proud when they are praised especially by the person they love.

“Tonight, you’re shining even brighter than the moon. Even the prettiest object in the world would lose in front of your heavenly beauty.” Aditya being thick-skinned, did not hesitate to say the words that directly came into his mind. These two sentences made the goddess even more embarrassed. She lowered her head and paid attention to Zak, purposely ignoring that shameful man to avoid feeling embarrassed in front of her mother.

Tonight Julia was wearing a sleeveless dark green silk gown. Both mother and daughter wore the same color dresses. The gown perfectly covered her body. Tonight she had tied her hair in a braided bun; exposing her sexy nape. Julia was destined to be the main attraction of tonight’s event.

By now almost all the guests have arrived. No one wanted to miss this event for two simple reasons. The first reason was to form strengthen their relationship with the noble house of Onard and the alchemy Goddess Julia. The second reason was that everyone wanted to meet the Goddess’s future husband and try becoming his friend. Forming close connections with the Princess and the Princess’s fiance would benefit them in numerous ways. Even though Aditya did not have any noble background, his power and his bloodline were enough to convince the nobles that becoming Aditya’s friends would benefit them. Not to mention the fact that even the emperor himself favored Aditya.

A soft romantic melody was being played. Butlers and Maids were busy serving drinks and various kinds of famous and expensive wines to the guest. Some nobles sat across the round tables and chatted with each other while some were dancing with their partners. Mostly the lower-ranking nobles would go up to the high-ranking nobles from various empires and greet them in hope of leaving a good impression.

“Lord Adam, I hope I am not late.” Adam who was silently sipping some wine while talking with another person turned his attention to the noble who came to greet him.

“Sir Ivan, you’re here. It’s nice to meet you. You’re not late Sir Ivan. Would you like to have some wine?” Ivan was a lower-ranking noble. But Adam, unlike other high-ranking nobles, did not look down on lower-ranking nobles.

Ivan had recently become a noble of the Empire because he had managed to please the emperor by killing one of the most wanted criminals of the Empire. Ivan was only 33 years old, yet he had reached Beginner 4th-order. The Emperor wanted to nurture this kind of talent who were loyal to the Empire.

“I will have some wine later. By the way, thank you very much for helping me with my territory’s economy. In the future, if there is anything that I can do to repay your kindness please don’t hesitate to ask me.” Adam nodded with a smile satisfied smile. Adam likes people like Ivan. Unfortunately in this cold world, people like Ivan were very rare. Most people lose themselves when they gain power. They start thinking that they stand at the top of the world.

“It’s lady Sophie.”

“She looks stunning as ever.”

“Even after so many years, she still looks the same.”

Ivan, Adam, and other nobles stopped talking and turned their attention to Sophie who elegantly walked toward Adam. Even Adam’s haters also have to admit that Adam had managed to get the golden butterfly. If Julia was the most beautiful girl on the continent, her mother undoubtfully would be the most beautiful in the whole empire.

Seeing Lady Sophie, many noble women walked up to her. Even though Sophie does not show it, she also had a big influence over the noble circle. In her free time, she actively participates in female noble gatherings and parties to make more connections. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Sophie was even more influential than the Royal queen.

[His Majesty, the Emperor of Echo Dominion is coming.] Suddenly the whole place descended into silence. The nobles who were sitting and drinking wine stood up to greet the Emperor.

When the golden doors were pushed open, the first thing that everyone saw was the face of the Emperor himself. Who would have thought that the Emperor of Echo Dominion would personally attend this birthday party? But this also goes to show just how much value the Emperor himself puts on Julia and her future husband Aditya.

As the emperor who was followed by a bunch of his royal guards who always stay around the Emperor walked in, Adam and Sophie had serious expressions on their faces. To be honest, neither Sophie nor Adam wanted the Emperor to attend this event as his presence would make the whole situation tense. No one would be able to enjoy the birthday party.

The Emperor gently smiled as he walked in Adam and Sophie’s direction. Right now both of them were the center of the attraction.

“Adam, I hope I am not too late. Where is princess Julia, I don’t see her anywhere?” The Emperor looked around while asking.

[Lady Julia and young master Aditya is going to enter now.] Adam, Sophie, the emperor, Ivan, Campbell, Addison, and every other guest turned their attention to another door. The golden doors which were previously closed were opened by the two guards, allowing everyone to see the faces of two people.

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