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“Just die.” The goblin roared in anger before charging at Aditya once again.

“Who the hell are you?” Aditya asked as he side-stepped to the right and dodged the attack.

“You killed my sisters.” Aditya remembered the 7 ugly-looking royal goblins that he previously slaughtered.

Suddenly a cold smile appeared on Aditya’s face as his Crimson pupils started shining in red color. “I remember those ugly b*t*hes. It was quite fun to kill them.”

Hearing those provoking words, the goblin named Zi Heng suddenly stopped. Aditya watched as the male goblin’s body started shaking while his eyes turned red from anger. The goblin named Zi Heng was standing only 2 meters away from Aditya. Just like Aditya expected, the male goblin roared before going to attack.

However this time, instead of dodging his attacks, Aditya coldly smiled as he deflected his attack before Aditya’s sword pierced the goblin’s chest.

“Idiot, since your sisters couldn’t survive against me. What made you think that you can defeat me?”


“You…” The goblin looked like he wanted to say something but Aditya stopped him.

“Let me tell you one thing. You sisters were the ugliest b*t*** in the whole world.” The next second the royal goblin named Zi Heng’s head fell to the ground. This time Aditya did not turn his body to ash. He instead put the sword that this royal goblin was using before walking away.

『Ding! You have killed a Peak 3rd-order royal Goblin Prince.』

『Aura of Soul Fire: – 91%』

“Now that my level has increased to level 142, my current strength should be more than enough to wield this.” Aditya couldn’t help but smile in excitement. He has been waiting to get strong so that he can finally use that bad boy.

[Adamantite Doomblade]

Aditya’s heart started beating faster as he held the Adamantite Doomblade, the black sword which weighed 3 tons in his right hand. Right now Aditya had no problem holding and using his sword as his strength had reached [300+].

On his left hand, Aditya had his Crimson Dragon wrath, the Peak 2-star sword with a fire affinity.

“Let’s try out my new partner.”


The next second Aditya disappeared from his position. Goblins who were previously keeping a distance from Aditya felt panicked seeing Aditya disappear.

“So Aditya finally is going to use that sword.” Julia couldn’t help but feel excited. Meanwhile, her mother had a surprised look on her face. She knew the black sword weighed around 3 tons. Adam couldn’t lift the sword till he reached Peak 3rd-order. And here Aditya was using it while still being Mid 2nd-order.

Aditya was still around 7 km away from the gigantic dark blue portal from which goblins endlessly kept on coming out. The goblins had kept a 100 meters distance from Aditya. They didn’t dare cross the 100 meters line knowing full well that this devil was going to kill them the next moment.


The Peak 2nd-order goblin saw a dark red flash before its whole body exploded into blood mist. A similar thing happened to other nearby goblins. One by one their bodies exploded into blood mist.

『Ding! You have killed a Mid 2nd-order Goblin.』

『Ding! You have killed a Mid 2nd-order Goblin .』

『Aura of Soul Fire: – 93%』

The human soldiers who were fighting 3km away suddenly noticed the red blood mist in the air. When they looked closely they found the bodies of the goblins were exploding like water balloons.

“What is happening there?”

“I have no idea.” But the soldiers did not have to wait long as after killing hundreds of goblins Aditya finally stopped. When he crouched down to pick up the swords from the ground, others were finally able to see his body which by now was covered in the blood of goblins.

“As expected of a Mid-5-star sword.” Aditya used his high agility to pick up all the weapons and armors that were lying on the ground.

“Doing this is going to take a lot of time. I need someone who can pick up weapons and armor for me instead.” Aditya did not like stopping in the middle of the fighting. He looked around to see if he can find any good candidates.

But the next second his attention was drawn toward another being that had just come out of the portal. “What are they?”

Similarly, Adam, Tobias, Eddie, and other 4-order cultivators also stopped fighting and looked at the sky.

“They are finally here.”

“Hehe! Now nothing is going to stop us from crushing the humans and other races.”

“Finally our sufferings are going to end.”

Aditya was able to hear these words with his heightened senses. He couldn’t help but frown.

From the portal hundreds of blackbirds that strangely resembled a crow started flying out. However, unlike normal crows, these crows were about 5 meters in size. They had large black wings and red eyes.

What shocked everyone was when they saw goblins wearing full body armor sitting on the back of the crows.



Next second, all thousands of goblins in the area near Aditya were cleared up leaving a river of blood.

“Kid, those birds are called Devil Crow.” It was Adam who instantly killed 1,000 goblins before appearing next to Aditya.

“Devil Crow?”

“They are demonic beings that can be found in the demon world or places with high corrupted mana. An average Devil crow is about 5 meters in size. These birds have a flight speed comparable to a Peak 3rd-order. While an average Devil crow is strong as a Peak 2nd-order cultivator.”

After hundreds of Devil Crows carrying thousands of goblins flew out of the portal, another group of Devil crows started coming out.

“Normally even a peak 2nd-order can kill these crows. But the problem is that only 5th-order cultivators can fly. While some of us can fly using rare artifacts, that will also consume a lot of mana.”

Aditya understood what Adam wanted him to do. “Don’t worry, uncle I will take care of these Devil Crows.”

Adam patted his right shoulder. “If do not put your life in danger. I don’t want my daughter to become a widow even before getting married.”

Two pairs of Crimson wings came out of his back surprising all goblins who previously thought that Aditya was a human. Aditya’s fingers transformed into dragon claws with red hard scales covering his arms.


Adam felt a gust of wind when Aditya flew off to the sky. Seeing Aditya flying in the sky, all the goblins who were sitting on devil crow’s back were shocked.

“So they have a few dragons among them.” Following Aditya, 11 other dragon men and women also flew off to the sky. Their speeds were not fast as Aditya’s.

Aditya turned his attention to the 11 other dragons. Before he also had sensed the presence of other dragons in the army. Aditya and the other 11 dragons looked at each other and nodded their heads simultaneously.

‘It looks like those other dragons are from one single family.’ All dragons had the similar color of dragon wings. Their wings were light blue in color. The light blue color represented water, so those dragons were water dragons.

“Hehe! Today we’re going to slay dragons.” Aditya turned his attention to the goblins sitting on the back of the devil crow. Each devil crow was carrying 15 goblins on their back. Since goblin’s bodies are much smaller than humans, they had no problem carrying 15 goblins on their backs.

He noticed that all the goblins that were sitting on the Devil Crow’s back were either 2nd-order or 3rd-order goblins.

Lightning Dash!

[100+ agility]


Holding two swords in his hand, the Dragon king moved in the direction of the devil crows. His sudden increase in speed shocked the other dragons who were following him. They realized that despite having lower cultivation this dragon was able to beat them in speed.

Seeing the enemy moving in their direction, the devil crows released a dark red mist from their mouth. All the dark red mist joined together to form a mist screen in front of Aditya.

Seeing this he suddenly changed his flight path and started flying up. Using his wings to control his movement, he up at a terrifying speed. Within 15 seconds, he was 500 meters above the Devil crows.

Crimson Blaze!

The goblins and the Devil crows saw the sky above them was getting covered by a huge wave of Crimson flame. The crimson flame extended over 1000 meters, hovering above hundreds of devil crows like a net. They felt as if the sky itself had turned red, replacing the clouds with red flame.

The dragons who were following Aditya, the millions of soldiers who were fighting goblins, the goblins, Adam, Eddie, Tobias, Julia, and her mother Sophie all looked at the whole scene in a state of deep shock.

“What the hell?” The 3rd-order goblins who rode the devil crows felt their blood go cold from looking at the Crimson blaze that was over their head. What kind of attack was this? Even if they used all of their mana, at most they can cover around 100 meters.

Even a beginner 4th-order wouldn’t be able to release this kind of horrifying attack unless that cultivator has a massive pool of mana. Julia knew that Aditya’s mana pool has largely increased because of the black heart but never did she think his mana has increased that much.

“Hahaha! This is called Nightmare of Goblins. Now die.” With a wave of his hand, the Crimson flame that covered 1000 meters area of the sky started raining down on the goblins and on the devil crows.

Everyone held their breaths as they watched the sea of crimson flame devour more than 300+ devil crows and 4,500+ 3rd-order and 2nd-order goblins.

『Ding! You have burned a Peak 3rd-order Goblin to death.』

『Ding! You have burned a Peak 2nd-order Goblin to death.』

『Ding! You have burned a Peak 2nd-order Devil Crow to death.』

『Ding! You have burned a Peak 2nd-order Devil Crow to death.』

『Ding! You have burned a Peak 2nd-order Devil Crow to death.』

『Ding! You have burned a Peak 2nd-order….』





Hearing thousands of messages from the system, Aditya felt a headache. At this moment he had a huge smile on his face. The continuously ringing from the system was only making his body more and more excited.

『Ding! You have leveled up. All of your stats have been increased by 1 point. You have obtained two free stats points.』

『Ding! You have leveled up. All of your stats have been increased by 1 point. You have obtained two free stats points.』

『Ding! You have reached level 150.』

『Aura of Soul Fire: – 100%』

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