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Divine Path System – Chapter 904: A New Undead Bahasa Indonesia

The Twilight Zone was one of three forbidden zones of this world. The natives could only have up to three Sovereigns. Even the invaders or rather, the contestants were allowed only five Sovereigns.

But there were dozens and dozens of Sovereign beasts and Undead creatures here. Not to mention numerous peak level 9s.

High level 9s were nothing special here. Mid level 9s could barely call themselves an overlord. Low level 9s were as good as lackeys. Everyone else below level 9 were mobs.

Now, this zone welcomed its first human Undead. Even though he’s an Undead, since he was burnt to ashes, his body had to be reconstructed from scratch.

So, except for the typical black pupils, black sclera, and a darker aura, the Undead looked like a living being.

Like every Undead, this man too started acting on his instinct–Fight.

Ghost Valley was one of the mid-end areas for the Undead. This place was ruled by an Undead Red Hawk–a giant red bird with bone wings, an esteemed peak level 9.

And the residents of this valley were made up of two species.

Phantom Tigers–Undead that could completely hide their breathing and engage in deadly sneak attacks.

Drought Vipers–Undead vipers that only contain a skeleton. They try to drink the blood of their prey and fill themselves. But since they’re just a skeleton, no matter how much they try, they never succeed. Yet, they keep doing it again and again.

These beasts were mostly mid or high level 9. For the surrounding hundred miles or so, the Undead Red Hawk was the overlord.

The Ghost Valley consisted of a hundred and one mountains. The Phantom Tigers occupied sixty mountain tops. The Drought Vipers took forty. The largest and widest mountain was occupied by the Red Hawk.

No matter which creature tries to walk through the valley between the mountains, it’d be sneak attacked by the Phantom Tigers and then bled to death by the Drought Vipers. Even the Undead would be mercilessly killed here.

Now, such a dangerous place was shaking violently. It seemed like an earthquake occurred, but upon a closer look, it was something else.

At the center of the valley stood a man, an Undead man to be precise. The ground around him was burnt, frozen, broken, and overall, utterly destroyed.

Scattered around him were the corpses of the Undead–the Phantom Tigers whose bodies were ripped apart with bare hands, the Drought Vipers that were smashed into pieces with bare legs.

Of course, the man wasn’t unscathed. There were a few cuts here and there on his chest and back. But these injuries quickly healed up and only a few red lines remained.


The Undead man looked at the top of the largest mountain and roared.


The Undead Red Hawk watched the intruder with killing intent. It naturally couldn’t think much, and just wanted to attack him. But its instincts were warning it to be careful of the intruder.


The Undead man shot into the mountains and the ground started shaking.

Then under the incredulous gaze of the Red Hawk, the man lifted a huge mountain and hurled it at another.


Dust clouds rose into the air and the beasts on either mountain died miserably.

But the mania didn’t stop.

Mountain after mountain was thrown into the air like they were mere stones. The Undead in the valley, the army of the Red Hawk, began to die in mass numbers.

In a few minutes at most, every creature other than the Undead bird would die.


Unable to take this provocation any longer, the Red Hawk flapped its bony wings and shot toward the Undead, letting the instinct to fight to win over the instinct to flee.

The Undead saw the giant bird closing the distance between them in a blink and laughed.

Eight different powers shot out from his body. The Red Hawk’s feathers stiffened and it immediately wanted to return.

But the real killer was the dark and gloomy energy that expanded from the Undead’s body.

Once it unleashed itself, the man whose overall strength was barely reaching high level 9 quickly climbed.

Even though his strength rose quickly, the man’s body had no problem adjusting to it. He kicked the ground and teleported to the Red Hawk in an instant.

The Red Hawk, terrified by now, was about to escape when the space around it solidified and an invisible force formed a barrier around it. As if this wasn’t enough, a crude psychic power pulled it into an illusion.

When the Red Hawk finally broke these three obstacles, the man’s fist, covered in lightning and ice, was in front of the bird’s skull.


Understanding that escaping was useless, the Red Hawk attacked with all its might.


The man and the bird both crashed into the only remaining mountain and flattened it.

The Undead man got up and started beating down the Hawk. The giant bird that ruled this region could only take the beatings passively.

A few minutes later, the Hawk stopped struggling and collapsed. Its corpse slowly disappeared.

“Raaa!” The Undead felt a surge of strength inside his body and roared in joy.

As he was about to pick the next target, he came across an Undead horde that seemed to be gathered to chase someone.

The Undead man also felt it.

Two pure souls that never died. He too wanted to kill those two females.

But whenever he looked at the Undead, he felt way more pissed. It was as if the anger was engraved in his bones and turned into an instinct.

So, instead of chasing after Sarah and Enigma like every other Undead, this one attacked the Undead chasing them.

Within an hour, a hundred Undeads were smashed into pieces. The Undead man was nearly killed twice but thanks to the strange dark energy in his body, he overcame the difficulties and counter-killed.

The fighting continued. With every battle, the Undead grew stronger.

Thanks to his Plantae power, his injuries were healed. Thanks to his status as an Undead, his stamina was nearly limitless.

So, that day, the region saw the rise of a new Overlord. Every Undead in a radius of a thousand miles was killed or fled.


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