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Divine Path System – Chapter 870: I Will Protect You Bahasa Indonesia

Varian ignored the aching pain in his left hand and checked the conditions of Enigma and Sarah.

Even though they passed out and were constantly getting new injuries due to the…space currents, their lives weren’t in danger.

But the fire had already been lit. It didn’t matter if they were at the center of the forest or at the edge, they’d be burnt.

“Where are we? Why are they with me?What…”

Question after question popped up in Varian’s mind. Suddenly, he recalled the last moment before he fainted.

Varian’s eyes widened. “The Space Crack!”

Everything suddenly made sense.

“You…you two actually.” Varian looked at the two with a complicated gaze. He didn’t know if he should feel happy that they didn’t abandon him in face of danger or if he should be worried that they risked their lives in doing so.

Pressing down the bubbling emotions in his heart, Varian decided to do something about their current situation first.

First, he needed to ensure Enigma and Sarah’s safety.

He covered them with the three-layered shield of water, lightning, and telekinetic energy.

Feeling the sharp cuts suddenly stop, Enigma and Sarah’s tense faces finally relaxed.

Varian’s finger turned into a small branch and grew two leaves. These two leaves broke from the branch and landed on the two women. Like ice melting, the leaves melted and started healing the numerous injuries.

Even with the physical injuries healed, they were mentally exhausted and lacking aura. They wouldn’t be getting up anytime soon.

Varian looked around and realized the space outside this weird tunnel was filled with chaotic space currents.

Even though he seemed to have reached the strength of a level 9, he didn’t have the confidence to face those currents along with two more people.

On one end, there was endless darkness filled with chaotic space winds that were ready to devour him. On the other were twelve weird gates covered by barriers.

At the edge of the tunnel on the gates’ side were several places that were either glowing brightly with different colored lights or were pitch black.

These were the aftermath of Enigma and Sarah’s powers. For some reason, they were using their powers against these barriers, trying to break them.

Varian didn’t know the full story but felt that he might not be able to break the barriers after all.

But he decided to not worry about it.

As a Space Awakener, he instinctively knew they were in Layered Space. Getting out of here was easy. He just needed to bear the space currents outside and stand in the open. The space currents themselves would push him out into Outer space.

Of course, he couldn’t bear the space currents. But someone else can.

“Boo, take us in.”

There was no response.

Varian’s eyebrows knitted together into a frown and he called again. “Boo?”

The little ghost’s cute but mischievous voice didn’t reply.

Varian used the connection he had with ‘Ghostship’ and searched for its position. A moment later, his expression grew heavy. “I told Boo to keep an eye on the Human Army.”

From him being attacked and sucked into space crack happened in a second. By the time Boo reacted, he was already gone.

Only then did Varian realize the gravity of their situation.

“Hiss!” Varian suddenly winced and pulled his left hand away. It was bleeding badly and he could even see the outline of a white bone.

Varian urged his Plantae powers and started healing himself before shooting a glare at Enigma.

She knew the repulsion would injure him if she touched him, so why…

Enigma remained unconscious but feeling the missing hand, she showed a panicked expression and muttered. “D-Don’t…D-Don’t go…”

She tried to move her injured right hand to search for his missing hand, but she barely had any energy. So, she could only move her fingers. Every time her fingers moved ever so slightly, blood would leak from her fingertips.

Seeing her in such a pitiful state and hearing her pleading voice, Varian felt like he was hit by a sledgehammer.

He looked to his right and saw Sarah holding onto the tip of his finger with all her strength as she mouthed. ‘Var-Varian…’

She was too weak to even speak.

Varian closed his eyes as he tried to calm his heart that pounded against his chest.

They knew they were going to die. And since they were going to die, they wanted to hold his hand for one last time.

‘Till death us apart.’ But even in death, they didn’t want to be apart.

Varian felt lucky, happy, and sad at the same time.

Everyone wanted a share in a happy life. But how many would want to share their death with others?

Varian reluctantly pulled his hand away from Sarah and was about to walk toward the barrier.

Since they couldn’t go outside and couldn’t stay in this tunnel, the only way out was the barriers.

But as he moved, he noticed a thin dark barrier covering his skin like a body suit. And he also felt the existence of time power in his body. It was acting upon the strand of death energy and slowing it down.

Varian turned to the two girls and imagined the moment they fainted.

They were heavily injured, completely tired, and on the verge of losing consciousness. They knew that once they closed their eyes, the nasty space currents would eat them alive and end their lives.

Death was a certainty.

At that moment, when their eyelids grew heavy and death stared them in the face, what did they do?

They didn’t blame the person for whom they came here. Instead, they used the last bits of their energy to protect him and lay down beside him.

‘Even in death…’

Why spend their last energy on him? They’re all going to die anyway.


Because they wanted him to survive, even if for a bit longer.

Varian opened his mouth to utter a word but all he could let out was a whimper. His emotions were in turmoil and he was overwhelmed.

He covered his eyes as tears rolled down his cheeks. But his lips curled up into a bright smile.

“I will protect you.”


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