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Divine Path System – Chapter 860: A Battle To Save The World [1] Bahasa Indonesia

Varian felt the skin on his fist split and crack all the way to his elbow, like a cobweb. As blood was about to spill out, the prana in his body circulated and the cracked skin restored itself in a blink.

But the pain inflicted on his bones due to the Undead’s strong punch remained. That pain told Varian that even though he used all his powers: attacked him mentally, superposed his telekinetic, space, and body powers on the punch, and applied ice and lightning on his fist, the Undead was still significantly stronger than him.


“Your strength is not out of my reach,” Varian grinned and dashed forward, splitting the ground due to his sheer speed.

The Undead responded with a punch and since he wasn’t taken by surprise this time, he exerted his full-power that he currently could.

As a result, when their fists met, Varian was blown back like he was hit by a truck while the Undead remained in place, despite being slightly shaken.

The difference in their strengths was clear.

“Even though I’ve been tremendously weakened, even though I can’t kill you with a sneeze like before, I’m still much stronger than you. I’ll still kill you and then torture these two pests,” The undead sneered as he eyed Sarah and Enigma.

The two women were already sweating from the burden of using their powers to suppress the Undead.

This plan itself was very dangerous. If their concentration was shaken, then the Undead’s strength would be restored.

Sarah and Enigma had a chance of surviving against him and fleeing but Varian would have no such choice.

Once the Undead regained his strength, Varian would be dead. So, this was a very high-risk mission for Varian.

He literally entrusted his life to Enigma and Sarah. And the two didn’t want to breach his trust at any cost.

The battle between Undead and Varian continued. The Undead blasted away Varian with each attack, inflicting several injuries on him.

After a few exchanges, Varian was bleeding from seven injuries.

But to the Undead’s irritation, he kept fighting no matter the injuries. His stamina not only didn’t decrease, but to the Undead’s horror, it rose!

“Damn you, a pest that refuses to die!” The Undead kicked Varian away once again and turned his attention to the two women. “It’ll take me forever to kill you like this, but if I attack them.”

Sarah looked at the Undead defiantly as he locked his sight on her and was about to launch an attack.

But a bleeding forearm stopped him in his tracks. “You’re not reaching them. Not even a chance.”

The Undead chuckled and his pitch-black, pupil-less eyes seemed to shine with wisdom. “I can’t attack them, indeed. But did you forget where we are?”

With a snap of his fingers, hundreds of Abyssals appeared on the horizon! These were the level 9s and level 8s that fought off the Human group headed by Old Man William previously!

They were waiting for the Undead’s instructions and once they got the signal, they shot toward the battlefield at full speed.

Sarah’s and Enigma’s eyes remained calm even as the Abyssal army approached. If they were even slightly disturbed, the whole plan would collapse.

So, they already considered every variable. Naturally, the Abyssal army came up during the brainstorming.

Varian had a simple solution for them. That was—


The ghost ship suddenly appeared behind the Abyssal army, catching them off guard.

The doors opened and hundreds of human soldiers suddenly jumped out and ambushed the Abyssals.

This was the same group that was sent back by William!

Since she was a member of their mission, Enigma had their contacts and called them back.

Due to the injuries they suffered, this group was naturally weaker than its Abyssal counterpart. With the lack of William, they were further behind.

So, this ambush was framed to help them get back some leverage. They did, but it wasn’t enough to make them dominant.

The Human group was still weaker than the Abyssals, but they were strong enough to hold them back.


“Even if we lose our lives, we aren’t letting one Abyssal cross us!” The current leader of the team, Jonah put her hand over her chest and vowed.

The team vowed with her and attacked the Abyssals.

The sky shook and the ground split as countless colors filled the sky. The powers of divine paths were used in full display and before long, a status quo was formed.

The Human group surrounded Varian’s trio and the Undead in a very wide circle and acted as a wall for the Abyssals.

“Insolence! There’s no William here! You’ll die!” The Abyssal leader said viciously as he waved his hand and exploded the poisonous flowers at Jonah.

Jonah’s face turned green due to the poison. She quickly suppressed it and attacked the Abyssal with an ice sword.

The ice sword split into ten and each ten split into another ten. A hundred ice swords attacked the Abyssal Team’s leader, forcing him to retreat.

Both indignant and furious, the Abyssal roared. “You can’t stop us for long!”

“Save your breath. Either you’ll be stalled or die together with me.” Jonah remained firm.

These battles happened far away and didn’t interfere with Varian’s battle with the Undead.

It wasn’t by an accident but by the deliberate design of the Human group.

After hearing from Varian that there was a chance to prevent the nightmare of the Undead Sovereign, they rushed back.

Initially, they were skeptical. The Undead was already a Sovereign, how could they prevent it? But for the tiny and desperate hope, they still came.

What they saw inspired their confidence.

Somehow, Varian brought down the Undead’s strength! Then, he might really be able to solve this problem forever.

But if they fail his instructions and let these Abyssals attack the two girls, his mission would fail and the Undead would regain his strength.

What would await them was the destruction and near-extinction of the Human race.

So, every man and woman fighting the Abyssals now was supercharged and ready to stop the enemies at any cost. It didn’t matter if they had to lay down their lives. If push came to shove, they’d gladly die!

As the humans put their lives on the line to buy time for Varian’s trio, the trio fought their own battle.


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