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Divine Path System – Chapter 844: The Abyss Rulers’ Decision Bahasa Indonesia

“Madness,” Enigma muttered as she observed the level 9 Undead she was supposed to fight was attacking a level 9 Abyssal.

“I told you it’d work.” Varian’s amused voice sounded from the comm.

After learning about Noir’s success, Varian immediately pulled the strings and didn’t even wait for the Army order before ordering the Shadow Guardians and Athena agents to destroy the crystals in the two planetoids with level 9 Undeads.

The result?

Instead of waging a bitter battle against a level 9 Undead, Enigma had the leisure to chat.

The Undead and Abyssal were already heavily injured. The Human level 9 on this planetoid was currently recuperating.

Once the Undead and Abyssal fought it out, the level 9 woman would come out and finish off the remaining enemy.

She’s in a very enviable position. On the other hand…

“What about the other planetoid with a level 9 Undead?” Enigma asked in a neutral tone.

“The Undead there is only fighting against the Human. The human powerhouse would likely die soon. Then, no one can stop the two level 9s from going on a rampage. So, if you could, then…” Varian trailed off.

But Enigma clearly got his message.

“Ugh,” She rubbed her forehead to quell the growing headache. Due to the overuse of her psychic powers, she was mentally exhausted.

But she didn’t want to refuse his request. “The Undead and Abyssal I fought until now were both out of my league. So, I’m currently as fatigued as I can be.”

“Then we’ll figure out something. Don’t worry.” Varian’s assuring voice sounded.

The problem was that a level 9 human of Mars was recently killed along with a severe injury of another level 9.

Even if they wanted to, Mars’ army wouldn’t be able to sort this situation at all.

They needed Enigma.

“I can still fight. But I’ll need some help.”

“I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

Enigma shrugged helplessly.

The two reached the planetoid with the level 9 Undead.

This planetoid previously had one human level 9 and one Abyssal level 9.

The Undead teamed up with Abyssal and had just killed the Human powerhouse.

Now, the Undead and Abyssal were destroying the Human army.

By the time Varian and Enigma arrived, more than half of the human army was killed.

Watching the ongoing massacre with calm eyes, Varian asked. “Sneak attack and assist?”

Enigma nodded and used her artifact. The space twisted lightly and the next moment, she appeared right behind the Abyssal.

The Abyssal was in the middle of constructing a fire net to fry the humans when he suddenly sensed danger and shot a fireball backward.

Enigma waved her hand and slapped the fireball away.


The Abyssal’s eyes widened at the unexpected and unwanted guest.

A heavy pressure fell on his mind and tried to pull him into an illusion.

The Abyssal’s eyes turned red and his breath turned haggard. But he successfully resisted the illusion.

Having expected that, Enigma stretched her hand toward him and a pitch-black sword appeared from her palm and shot outward.

The dark sword suddenly accelerated as it was boosted by her gravity field.

Despite the mental attacks on him, The Abyssal instinctively channeled his fire mana to cover himself with a shield.

He would’ve succeeded if not for a sudden intervention.

The space around his neck twisted apart while an invisible force gathered in the shape of a needle reached his forehead as the temperature plummeted.

Due to these weak but lethal attacks, the Abyssal was forced to use some of his power to neutralize them. This cost him a short second and caused him to be a bit late in organizing his fire armor.

By then, the dark sword had already reached him.

The half armor he managed to put up couldn’t stop it and was pierced through without any resistance. Then, the sword lodged itself into his chest and tore his heart.

The space around the Abyssal cracked and broke his body into pieces, preventing the slightest chance of him becoming an Undead.

Varian then turned his attention to the Undead. Enigma was already fighting him at her full strength, yet the Undead wasn’t breaking or dying.

‘It’s been so so long since I had such a fight.’ Varian felt envious.

He’s currently in an awkward position. Stronger than any level 8s and weaker than any level 9s. Even the Blood Heirs were no match for him.

Thus, Varian gave up on finding a good match.

‘Varian, hurry up.’ Enigma’s complaining voice sounded in his mind.

‘Coming.’ Varian ambushed the Undead at an opportune time and Enigma ended the Undead.

— — — —

More than ten planetoids were conquered by the Human Army. In the rest of the planetoids that witnessed the Undead attack, the Abyssal army was critically suppressed.

Their average losses amounted to as much as 8%, resulting in a total of tens of millions of deaths.

But it’s honestly not the worst part.

The Abyss Rulers all had a special treasure to monitor the situation of the crystals on the planetoids.

According to their original plan, once the crystals were filled, they’d gather them all and pour the energy into the Sovereign corpse.

Unlike the other Undead that only had limited intelligence and had to be commanded, the Sovereign Undead would be able to think for himself.

Once he awoke, then no one could save Humanity.

Such a beautiful plan was abruptly disrupted by the crystals being destroyed.

In the meeting room, the Abyss Rulers looked at each other with a gloomy expressions.

In front of them was a bar indicating the energy they collected so far.

It was filled by seventy percent previously. But with the destruction of crystals, it had fallen to sixty-five percent.

With the ongoing deaths, this percentage was slowly rising. But this slow increase couldn’t offset the huge blows with the destruction of each crystal.

Humans still hadn’t found the majority of the crystals. But once they do and they definitely would, their progress would be wasted.

“Humans are out for blood. Even if we order our armies to protect the crystal, they’d destroy it at any cost.” Demon King said through gritted teeth.

“We don’t have any more of those crystals.” Mirage Queen sighed.

The room fell silent and subconsciously, everyone looked at Sin King.

The Old Abyssal pondered for a few moments before pointing to the coffin. “We’ll awaken him now. He will only be a low or mid level 9 at most. But since he’s a Sovereign, he’d be stronger than anyone low or mid level 9.”

“Then we won’t have a Sovereign Undead.” Thunder King shook his head.

“We will, eventually. If we use our treasures on him, he will gain the ability to absorb the energy of the dead and grow stronger. Even though it’ll take a while, he can regain his peak strength.” Sin King explained in a composed voice.

“…How long is this while?” Hollow Queen asked. “Varian will be taken care of by Sanguik, but if we wait for a year or two, Enigma will reach the Sovereign level and be the death of us.”

“Around a month.” Sin King’s answer dispelled the gloominess in the room.

So, even if they awaken him as a level 9, he’d reach the Sovereign state in a month. It’s a good deal.

Despair Queen stood up and said. “Let’s begin.”


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