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Divine Path System – Chapter 841: Catching Hope Bahasa Indonesia

“What is this?”

It was an experience Varian wasn’t expecting. He sensed energy far purer and more potent than anything he experienced.

Varian teleported to a hill under the ocean and waved his hand.

The hill broke into pieces and a crystal floated above Varian’s palm.

The crystal had a single small black dot inside it—the original energy, even though it’s diluted millions of times.

And around that black dot were many black threads. The same black thread responsible for turning dead into Undead.

Varian didn’t understand a lot of things about the crystal.

But after he summoned another Abyssal, killed him, and saw an extra black thread in the crystal while the black dot shrunk, he realized something.

The black dot was being used to create the Undead. The black thread was some sort of energy that was being collected.

“Collected for what?” Varian didn’t know, but he was certain it wasn’t for anything good.

Moreover, he needed to verify a few things. But the nearest planetoid with Undead was still a few minutes away.

Moreover, he had twenty-nine more planetoids to clean up.

“Haaa~” Varian groaned in frustration as he devised the way for the least number of deaths.

‘I can only investigate after five more minutes. Tens of thousands could die in that time. It’s better to save as many as I can.’ He decided and tapped his comm.

Rather than waiting for a few minutes, Varian delegated the task to the army.

The HQ forwarded his message to the armies across the Solar System. But only a few had the opportunity to try it out. And they didn’t hesitate.

— — —

Planetoid Noir of Jupiter was currently being ravaged by the Undead and the Abyssal army.

The Human Army could opt for a defensive fight.

In such a defensive strategy, Plantae Awakeners played an important role.

The Commander Plantae was one of the paths for the Plantae Awakeners. They could summon many little and weaker plants through their seeds and have them fight.

Depending on the proficiency of the user and the Plant species itself, the summoned little plants could be incredibly useful.

Just like now, around a hundred Plantae Commanders have summoned around a thousand small plants in total.

One variety of these plants was a one-meter-tall flower plant resembling a sunflower.

These plants stuck to the military base’s walls and acted as an intelligent barrier. They left the too-strong and too-weak attacks reaching the base. And moved only to block the attacks they could bear. And not only did they block, but they also repelled these attacks back on the invaders.

The Abyssal Elementals had to take special care not to mess with these plants after getting hit by their own attacks.

Just like this one, all the other plant species were contributing in their own way.

There were also other plants inside the base doing their duty. Some were healing, others were reducing fatigue, few more were giving mental clarity to defend against mental attacks.

Thanks to the excellent contribution of the Plantae Awakeners, Noir was able to put on an incredible defense and stopped the combined forces of the Undead and Abyssals.

At this critical juncture, however, the plant defense of the base suddenly shrunk.

A good part of the Abyssal attacks that were usually blocked now reached the base and put incredible pressure on the Army.

The men and women defending from the base already knew that the ten best Plantae Awakeners were withdrawn from the defense and summoned into the meeting room.

It sent a bad signal across the troops who feared they were being abandoned.

But the base had a qualifying commander who announced. “We won’t back down. We conquer. Show them our wrath.”

The falling morale suddenly soared.

The soldiers channeled their aura and defended the base even more fiercely. Even the gap in defense that appeared due to the removed plants was covered temporarily.

Because the announcement contained a hidden message meaning: “We might have found the solution. Hold for a bit longer.”

In one of the most secured rooms of the military base, ten Plantae Awakeners gathered in a circle as they waited.

The space distorted and a bloodied woman appeared carrying two dying Abyssals.

The space continued to twist as more and more Space Awakeners appeared with dying Abyssals.

Soon, the room was filled with around two hundred dying Abyssals. Since they were in the middle of an intense war with armies numbering in tens of thousands, the Abyssals didn’t notice what the Space Awakeners were doing.

“We pray for your success.” Liam, the Captain of the Space Awakeners gave them a hopeful gaze before teleporting back.

His brother, Siam, in the group, waved back at him with determined eyes.

This was the most space awakeners could do at this point. The Abyssal Space Awakeners were continuously trying to infiltrate the base.

Even though the base’s formations and treasures could block them for a small period, it was ultimately the Human Space Awakeners that fought them tooth and nail.

Now, the ten Plantae Awakeners were left with the two hundred dying Abyssals.

The oldest Plantae Awakener looked at his brothers and sisters with a strong smile. “Varian sensed it with a single corpse. We can do it as well.”

“Wait, what are you—”

A dying Abyssal tried to talk, but a woman pointed her finger at him and his neck was sliced off by a sharp thorn.

“Let’s start.” She closed her eyes with a solemn expression and said.

The remaining Abyssals were killed ten a second.

As they died, the Plantae Awakeners focused their senses to the limit and tried to sense the ‘death’, ‘energy’, and more importantly, the ‘black thread’.

Seconds flowed into minutes and no progress was made.

By now, the absence of the Plantae Awakeners was already taking a toll.

The Undead and Abyssals were starting to damage the base’s defenses and were progressing in their conquest.

If this continued for a few more minutes, then they’d reach a point of no return.

Before that happens, the Plantae Awakeners would be forced to abandon their search and join the fight. But if that happens, then the best result they could hope for is temporary survival.

But if they succeed before that moment…

“Pour your heart and soul into it. This will change our future.” The Oldest Plantae Awakeners said and followed his own words.

A few more minutes passed with no results.

The Abyssals and Undead have made several key breakthroughs in breaching the defense and were about to gain a decisive advantage.

The Commander was about to call the Plantae Awakeners back.

Then, it happened.


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