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Divine Path System – Chapter 822: Get The Fuck Out Or Die Bahasa Indonesia

The Ghostship streaked across the endless dark space at breakneck speed. The space subsystems worked continuously as they loosened and hardened the space around it to keep the ghostship at top speeds.

The stealth subsystem—consisting of light and darkness subsystems also worked tirelessly. With a mix of these two powers, the Ghostship achieved stealth hard for even level 9s to notice.

In two minutes, the Ghostship reached a reddish brown planetoid.

With a gesture, Varian’s seat moved to the edge and the man gazed out of the window.

Hellsong. A planetoid that turned out to be a nightmare for even great military tacticians.

Right now, the plnaetoid’s clouds were filled with a hue of red while small lightning arcs crackled across the sky.

And the ground…

Varian abruptly stood up and stared at the planetoid’s surface.

The Abyssal armies, almost five hundred thousand in total, were now marching into five giant fortresses!

“Oh shit! The teleportation formation!” Varian’s face turned grim.

The secret teleportation formation was under one of these fortresses. If the Abyssals find it, then the time for him to reach Enigma would increase greatly.

The Ghostship had already reached the clouds. The situation became clear.

The Abyssal army was slaughtering the Human army! The level 8 Abyssals were unleashing terror as they decimated the army like they were stepping on ants.

Varian noticed that there were no level 8 humans fighting these level 8 Abyssals.

Not one!

Varian’s breath turned haggard and he put his hand over his chest. “Please stay alive! Stay alive!”

The fastest way to get to the area below the fortress was through the fortress itself! According to the information Sovereign Kevin sent, the commander of the fortress was the only one with access to that area.

Hellsong’s fortress commander was a peak level 8. But not even a low level 8 was anywhere to be seen now.

Varian saw carnage unleash in front of his eyes. He wanted to help. He wanted to intervene.

But Sia’s face flashed in his mind. The time she spent under Roxanne played like an endless loop.

Varian lowered his head and gritted his teeth. In the end, he picked his choice. “Boo, go to the fortress, we’ll break into the underground—”

Before he could finish, a red light flashed and flickered in the sky and the Ghostship veered to the left.

A red lightning bolt exploded right behind the Ghostship and painted the sky a beautiful red.

Before the Ghostship could even stabilize, ten more reddish lightning bolts reached it.

Boo realized then, this wasn’t an on spot attack, but a pre-planned one!

“Master, someone is—”

Varian appeared in front of the Ghostship and slapped at the lightning bolts.

The attacks scattered in different directions and blew up in the Abyssal army, killing thousands.

Varian didn’t spare them a second glance. Instead, he looked at the Abyssal who suddenly appeared in front of him.

With his full body crimson armor, it was clear that this Abyssal wasn’t someone from the solar system.

Besides, what really stood out was his killing intent.

If everyone’s killing intent was like air, this guy’s killing intent was similar to that of viscous fog.

But Varian wasn’t in the mind to think all that. He had only one goal now: to rush to Enigma as soon as possible.

He already informed the people he could trust to find her, but it wasn’t successful so far.

Besides, Varian had a fear of losing Sia and Sarah due to his own near-death experiences.

So, to this new strong enemy that appeared out of nowhere, Varian only said a single thing.

“Fuck off!”

Alec Everblood was observing the so-called monster. But hearing Varian’s words, his eyes turned cold and without another word, he raised his sword.

Varian’s body blurred and he reached Alec the next moment.

Alec’s eyes widened as he felt the space around him harden. His mind slowed down at the same time. At the same time, an invisible force struck his wrist, causing his sword swing to lose some of its force and also change its direction.

All of this happened in a blink and when Alec swung his sword, Varian punched him.

A muffled cough sounded in the air as Alec crashed to the ground raising a cloud of dust and shaking the entire battlefield for the thirty-mile radius.

“What the…!” The Abyssal Army that was in the middle of slaughtering humans stopped in its tracks.

The level 8 Abyssals that were having fun squashing the ‘bugs’ also hissed as they turned at this horrifying creature.

Alec Everblood was strong. Strong to the point he defeated Batran—a terrifying dual awakener in minutes.

Even when all the level 8 humans banded against him, he took them down easily.

Heck, he even destroyed the defense barrier of the fortress with three attacks!

Such a man…

Clutching his stomach, Alec Everblood stood up in the deep crater that formed after he crashed.

Four of his ribs were broken and his entire torso was now drenched in blood. The Abyssal’s face, once confident and cold was now pale.

He looked up at the human whom even the Abyss Emperor termed as a ‘monster’ with a complicated expression. “No wonder…”

Varian, on the other hand, noticed that even though the Abyssal was injured, he wasn’t out of the game.

Even if he tried to kill him, it’d take at least a minute!

For someone who cleaned up entire planetoid level 8s in a minute or two, this was an extremely long time to spend on a single individual. But this also showed how strong Alec was.

But what of it?

Sure, he could last sixty seconds compared to three seconds by your average level 8, but he’s just a bigger prey at the end.

However, Varian wasn’t even willing to waste that much time.

With hands behind his back, in the presence of five hundred thousand Abyssals, Varian looked at the Abyssal in crimson and the twenty level 8 Abyssals with undisguised contempt. “Either get the fuck out or die.”


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