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Divine Path System – Chapter 819: The Fight For Hellsong Bahasa Indonesia

Hellsong’s sky turned red without any warning.

Batran fought the thick killing intent and spent his psychic powers on the Abyss commander.

The Abyssal was once again forced into an illusion.

In fact, Batran’s psychic powers went from peak level 8 to one bottleneck clearance towards level 9.

It was a secret he kept until this war and he was prepared to use it as a trump card to kill his archenemy once and forever.

But Alec’s appearance changed everything.

Batran had to adjust and adjust he did. After trapping the Abyss commander, he teleported above the clouds and waved his hand.

A huge gray crack fissure appeared in the sky and swallowed the clouds. With each passing second, the fissure grew larger, from its starting one-mile radius to a dangerous fifty!

“Heh.” A slow but heavy snort sounded from the ground and Alec’s sword shone with a golden light.

Raising his sword to a calculated angle, Alec swung his sword.

A mass of concentrated lightning force shot out of the sword and headed for the fissure.

On the way to the clouds, the lightning quickly reorganized itself into a massive golden wheel—an intricate construct of lightning lines and curves—which was also carved with unseen mystic symbols and runes.

“Huh? What’s that?” Batran’s questions weren’t answered even as the golden wheel slammed into the space fissure!

To his utter surprise followed after a bang, the fissure stopped expanding and instead started to contract!

Even though the space fissure still tried to destabilize the space, the golden wheel easily restrained it and soon, the fissure closed up.

Then, a huge explosion shook the sky which sent out a powerful shockwave. At the same time, following the sound of a mirror cracking, a figure spat a mouthful of blood before he was sent flying to the ground.

At the speed he was coming down, it seemed inevitable to crash into a giant meteor.

But the man’s silhouette blurred and vanished as he teleported a few miles above.

“Haaa! Haa! Haa!” Appearing in the sky, Batran clutched his knees as he panted heavily.

It was just a single attack, but his entire chest was still feeling a stinging pain.

“What now?”

Batran jumped up as he instinctively put up an invisible space armor around him and turned around.

Alec appeared behind him at some point. The Abyssal wasn’t using lightning wings, he just had a bit of lightning to his feet letting him fly.

From the previous exchange, Batran knew that Alec was stronger than him. But instead of showing fear, his face showed a ferocious expression as he shot toward Alec with a spear in his hand.

Alec’s lips curled up as he pointed his sword to the ground instead of raising it to parry the incoming attack.

“Die!” Batran closed the distance between them and was about to thrust the spear.

Alec slashed his sword, but instead of aiming at Batra, it was aimed at a spot near the Abyssal Commander who was trapped in an illusion on the ground.

Unbelievably, right when Alec slashed the sword, Batran teleported and appeared in front of the Abyssal Commander.

Batran showed a satisfied smile as he was about to thrust his spear right into the commander’s neck.

But the hair on the nape of his neck stood straight and Batran instinctively raised his spear up.

His arm shook wildly as he felt like he was struck by a sledgehammer. The next moment, his arm bent at a strange angle as the sounds of bones cracking reverberated and blood spilled on the ground.

“Give up already. You can’t even take a single attack from me.” Alec’s voice sounded from the sky, causing Batran to grimace. “You know it too, don’t you? That’s why you want to attack a guy trapped in an illusion than me.”

Batran gripped his spear as he looked at the sky with a complicated expression. He…really had no chance of winning.

He only took two attacks and in each attack, he was hit hard despite defending himself!

The other level 8s were fighting a few hundred miles away and were all engaged with an Abyssal. He had no way of getting help either.

If he lost, then…

Batran glanced at the battlefield. The fortress forces had the upper hand as they defended against the invading Abyssals.

The formations were also used to their advantage to kill a few level 7s.

Overall, they were heading towards victory.

But for the two hundred thousand of his forces to remain victorious after winning the war, he needed to ensure Alec didn’t kill them.

“Come. Who’s afraid of who!” Batran decided to throw away his life and teleported in front of Alec.

Pouring all his space power into it, he tore the space around Alec.

With a cracking sound, the space surrounding Alec exploded and countless tiny space cracks appeared all over the place.

Alec’s body was covered with lightning armor which prevented him from becoming a bloody mess.

But even his defenses crumbled slightly and three inch-deep cuts appeared on Alec’s chest.

As the blood spilled out of his chest like it was a fountain, Alec’s gaze towards Batran changed for the first time. “Admirable, but also the end.”

Batran leaned against the spear as he panted heavily. That attack exhausted him, but only injured the Abyssal slightly.

Before he could even be properly surprised, a lightning sword with a reddish tip reached him.

Batran instinctively used up the last bits of his space power and solidified the space around him to act like hard armor.

But the sword tore the space apart and pierced through his chest in the next moment.

A super strong current surged through his body and a numbing pain spread from his head to toe.

Batran twitched violently as he began to bleed from all orifices. His vision turned blurry and he fell to the ground.


But instead of crashing, he felt something catch him roughly.

And in his hazy vision, he saw Alec standing in front of the fortress and raising his sword.


Batran wanted to yell, but only a whimper left his mouth followed by a mouthful of blood and burning pain in his throat.

Alec’s lightning sword grew from the size of an arm to that of an airplane.

Batran felt his heart crash against his ribcage as despair swallowed his chest. He didn’t want to see the fortress conquered! He didn’t want to see his men and women die!

Alec was about to swing the sword when a couple of silhouettes appeared before him.

They were all moderately injured and came down in a hurry! The level 8s of the Prime Fortress!

“T-Thank…” The corner of Batran’s eyes turned wet as hope returned to his heart.

At this time, the other level 8s Abyssals rushed toward them from the sky.

But taking advantage of the small time gap, the level 8 humans launched a joint attack on Alec.

Batran stared at them without blinking as he prayed for their side’s victory.

Alec snorted and waved his hand. Six lightning swords appeared in the air and shot at the level 8 humans.

Under the unbelievable and unwilling gaze of Batran, the human level 8s coughed out blood as they crashed into the fortress.

Alec raised his sword and swung down his sword.

The soldiers in the fortress looked at the incoming lightning attack with a pale expression. This time, there was no one to save!

They were done!

Gritting their teeth, the soldiers in the fortress roared with all their might as they prepared to resist.

But the overwhelming lightning enveloped the fortress and reduced them to ashes.

“I…I’m having a nightmare!” Batran sobbed.

“No. Your nightmare is just beginning.” A hoarse voice sounded from behind and a violent pain struck his neck before Batran fainted.


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