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Divine Path System – Chapter 809: The Nests [4]: A Plan Bahasa Indonesia

A weird scene was happening on Pluto.

Nearly one-eighty wyverns were chasing after a single man.

They flapped their wings angrily and bombarded him with lethal attacks.

The whole Pluto was glowing with a golden light now.

If Varian still had a chance to come out of the encirclement previously despite the injuries, he could forget living if he was trapped by these beasts.

Varian kicked the air and jumped up as he twisted his body, dodging thirty lightning bolts that dangerously came close.

Occasionally, one or two attacks struck him and inflicted him with injuries.

“Fuck! Fuck!” Varian spewed profanities as he continued his escape. “I didn’t sign up for this shit!”

Even peak level 8s wouldn’t be able to face off this crazy mob.

“Master, master, should we escape?” Boo’s hurried voice sounded in Varian’s mind.

Varian wanted to laugh. Even if he wanted to use Ghost Ship, he’d have to pause for a moment.

That moment was more than enough for these beasts to fry him to death!

Moreover, if he did escape, then the Abyssal troops on Pluto would send these wyverns to Neptune.

A hundred and eighty level 8s would completely decimate Neptune’s planetoids and conquer Neptune itself in no time!

“I can’t leave.” Varian gritted his teeth as a lightning spear grazed his arm. Along a thin line on his arm, his skin turned black and blood spilled out. “I can’t kill them either.”

Varian teleported once again and right after he appeared, another wave of attacks followed.

As he dodged again, Varian noticed something in the distance—High-rise buildings that were giving off a sense of oppression—because they were made from extremely precious alloys.

‘Only Pluto’s command center would have such luxury.’

Varian’s mind spun and he called out to Boo. “Get into the command center. Find the locations of the secret realms! Hurry!”

The ring on his finger flew out and shot toward the command center.

Varian, on the other hand, continued his escape from the wyverns.

His condition was getting worse with each attack and the worse he got, the more he was hit.

Owing to this vicious cycle, Varian wasn’t confident in lasting even ten more minutes.

That’s why…

“Hurry up, Boo.”

Varian prayed that Boo made it in time.

— — —

“Give up!”

“At this rate, you’ll die!”

Jezur and Lurth yelled at the madman covered in injuries. Seth didn’t listen to their words and continued his attacks.

“I don’t mind dying.” Seth laughed as he punched through a lightning bolt. “If it’s Pluto and if it’s taking down you two with me, I can happily die!”

“You nutcase!”

“You aren’t going to make a difference! Our beasts down there would’ve already devoured Varian! It’s over!”

Seth fell silent for a moment before he burst into laughter. “For your information, he’s well and kicking.”

The Abyssals gave up trying to convince this madman and continued their fight.

The space flickered with golden lights and ear-piercing hits. Hundreds of blows were exchanged in a second and the three of them were going down a path of mutual destruction.

Time trickled by and soon, the three level 9s were battling despite serious injuries.

Seth’s eyes which clearly showed an intent to die earlier were now sober. Varian’s words kept ringing in his mind.

“After I give a signal a few minutes later, come to 23.5 EXZ coordinates.”

— — —

Varian’s vision turned red as his blood dripped from his forehead and covered his eyes.

With his clothes long ripped to pieces, Varian was drenched in blood as the smell of roasted flesh emanated from him as if he was some human barbecue.

At least half of his muscles were electrocuted and severely injured. Varian twitched from time to time as the lightning in his body wreaked havoc.

The wyverns chased him relentlessly and Varian was quickly approaching his limit.

The only saving grace was that he lasted longer than he expected. It was thanks to the increased lightning path after the continuous electrocution.

“I…I…hate this.” Varian’s mind was dizzy and he was escaping purely on instinct. Thankfully, his battle instinct was drilled into his bones and it showed in ensuring his safety so far.

After dodging ten more attacks, his instinct tried to lift his left arm and dodge an attack. When he was halfway through, his arm went numb and the lightning bolt struck his arm.

Varian grimaced in pain and gritted his teeth.

This hell, this torture, this fucking pain, how much longer would he have to bear?

Like an oasis in the desert, Boo’s voice sounded in his mind. “Master, Boo did it!”

Varian told Boo his teleportation coordinates.

A hundred lightning bolts reached his position the next moment and Varian teleported right in front of Ghost ship’s entrance.

Ghost ship moved forward and put Varian in, then closed its door shut.

The lightning wyverns noticed its presence and recognized it.

They ignored it earlier because they were focused on Varian. But now, they unleashed their fury and bombarded it with lightning.

Ghost ship simply used its superior speed and escaped the attacks.

The lightning wyverns roared in frustration once they realized they lost their target. The level 7 Abyssals on Pluto, however, sighed in relief.

“Line up! Line up!”

“We’ll teleport you to the battlefield!”

“Split into seven batches!”

They quickly mobilized the wyverns to send them to Neptune.

Once the division was done, the Abyssals decided to recharge the wyverns. The wyverns woke up prematurely due to Varian and didn’t consume as much of the golden liquid as they should.

So, the level 7s quickly arranged for the wyverns to recuperate and drink the remaining golden liquid.

After all, this was the power the wyverns traded at the cost of their lives. They would be alive for only five days and it’d be a shame if something happened to their powers since they didn’t consume the golden liquid properly.

While this happened on Pluto, Varian rested in the emergency healing pod as he studied the secret realm locations.

His injuries were terrible, to say the least, but he must do what he’s about to do.

If he did succeed, it’d a victory great enough to be talked about for generations!


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