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Divine Path System – Chapter 805: Hello Again, Pluto Bahasa Indonesia

Ghost ship dashed into an empty space near a bunch of asteroids. Traveling at its fastest speed, Boo reached the secret realm in two minutes.

The space detector rang and Boo entered the secret realm.


A small world unfolded in front of them. It was as big as a typical city.

A Red Sky. Blue Land. Filled with Abyssal architecture. And tonnes and tonnes of Abyssals—around one million of them.

Barring three level 7s, the rest were low and mid awakeners.

“Really now.” Varian’s lightning sense spread across the secret realm and quickly discovered a secret location at the center of the city.

“Let’s go,” Seth said with urgency.

Previously, they didn’t have any choice but to wait. So, Seth didn’t mind chatting. But now they didn’t have to wait. The situation on Mars was dire, so Seth wanted to make it as quick as possible.

Varian nodded.

The ghost ship flew over the oblivious crowd and entered the city center. It quickly infiltrated the Mayor’s Mansion and reached a giant hall.

A teleportation formation stood there, space fluctuating slightly around it, indicating it was used recently.

Boo was about to enter the formation when Varian raised his hand. “Boo.”

Even if he tried to hide it, Abyssals would soon know he used the teleportation formations. The spatial fluctuations couldn’t be masked once they’re gone.

So, the better choice would be to…

“Tutor, can you fire a few shots and kill everyone here?” Varian asked.

Seth was taken aback. He wanted to insist on going to Pluto than this, but upon second thought, he nodded.

A few seconds later, the red sky of the secret realm was dyed golden with lightning. The lightning destroyed one-quarter of the city.

Abyssals panicked at the sudden attack. But before they could react, the space around the city was twisted and torn apart.

Like every building in the city, the Abyssals also broke down into pieces.

Soon after, the city was destroyed by a few punches, each resulting in craters several miles wide.

Varian roamed the secret realm in the ghost ship and using his psychic sense, he covered a large range and killed anyone who was still alive.

Then, the tutor and pupil duo entered the teleportation formation and vanished.

The secret realm they teleported to was somewhere in the middle of Pluto and Neptune.

It too was populated by Abyssals who didn’t take their visit nicely.

So, Varian and Seth let their fists do the speaking.

In less than thirty seconds, the secret realm was utterly destroyed. After some confirmation, Varian dropped lethal chemical and poisonous bombs in the secret realm to kill off the remaining Abyssals.

Then, the duo teleported once again and reached a secret realm near Pluto!


When they appeared, there were three wyverns near the teleportation formation. They were waiting for their batch to fill up before they get teleported.

But with the tutor-pupil appearance, everything changed.

As a level 9, Seth effortlessly killed the wyverns while Varian focused on silencing the Abyssals.

After two minutes, they reached their destination.

Varian stood up from his seat and walked to the glass window. The brown planet that once glowed every second now only had the light from Abyss military bases left.

Tracing his fingertips on the glass, Varian opened his mouth when—

“Pluto!” Seth said in a choked voice. “Give them back! You bastards, give them back!”

Leaning forward and resting his forehead on the glass, Seth punched it as he stared at the planet that took away everything from him.

“Jona! Belle!” Seth raised his head and looked at Pluto with red eyes. His lips parted as he painfully squeezed out. “I’m back.”

That seemed to break a string as tears spilled out of his eyes and fell like rain.

“I’m back…after six years…I never thought I could make it here…I did…oh heavens, I’m back!” Seth collapsed onto his knees as he started wailing.

Varian watched his tutor with pity.

The happy days of Seth’s life as an adventurer abruptly ended with the destruction of Pluto.

He lost his wife and their unborn daughter.

It was a shock that the man couldn’t accept.

After the crippling blow, Seth focused all his energy on growing stronger so that he could avenge them.

But when he realized that he couldn’t go any further since he was a dual awakener, he started looking for someone to latch his hopes onto.

Someone he could trust.

The someone who could destroy Abyssals, conquer Pluto and avenge his lost family.

Varian was that someone.

Seth thought it’d take decades for Varian to avenge him. By then, he would be dead. And he’d have died without even seeing Pluto.


Seth slowly got up and wiped off his tears. Then, he gave Varian a huge hug and said with all his heart. “Thank you. You don’t know what this means to me. The best decision I’ve made in life was taking you as my pupil.”

Varian was overwhelmed by Seth’s reaction. But feeling his emotions, Varian simply patted his back. “You’re welcome.”

Seth broke the hug and grinned from ear to ear. “Let’s go kick some ass! I have no regrets even if I die here! I can rest in peace with my family!”

Varian suddenly felt a jolt down his spine.

‘Enigma, you…’

He got a feeling that Enigma knew this would happen. That Seth would be emotionally hit after seeing Pluto. That he would have no problem dying here.

His family’s death would be avenged by Varian sooner or later. After fighting for so many years, the man perhaps wanted to die!

So, if Varian falls into grave danger, unlike others, Seth wouldn’t hesitate to risk or even sacrifice himself for Varian’s safety.

With a level 9’s sacrifice, Varian would’ve no problem entering the ghost ship and once he did, he’d be safe.

‘Enigma, this is really…’ Varian sighed inwardly and yelled at Seth. “Don’t even think about dying!”

Seth shrugged.

A few seconds later, the Ghost ship toured Pluto and spotted a few special regions.


The homes of Lightning Wyverns.


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