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Divine Path System – Chapter 777: Meeting Of Abyss Rulers Bahasa Indonesia

The Seven Abysses sent their resting level 9s to the frontline, prompting the Federation to respond with the same.

It wasn’t just level 9s this time, the Abysses also sent level 8s.

Despite the obvious drawbacks to both sides, the Abyssals managed to create a situation that put an end to Varian recruiting powerhouses and exploiting his spaceship’s stealth for terrific exploits.

Mirage Queen, the one overseeing this entire operation, wasn’t satisfied, however.

“The Abysses are still under threat.” She said to the holograms in her make-shift meeting room.

“Indeed. Even if he doesn’t take anybody, that boy is a…level 8, right? He already destroyed many cities along with that bitch. If we give him time, he’d reach level 9 and become our nightmare.” Despair Queen said in despair.

“Despair Queen, why are you being so negative?” Thunder King, Sovereign Ares’ archenemy, frowned. “Do you think Varian has any chance to grow after all he’s done?”

“You mean…” Despair Queen’s eyes lit up with hope.

“His Majesty said he’ll listen to us soon. I’m sure he’d do something about Varian personally. And that’ll be his end.” Thunder King said with a confident smile.

“Soon, huh?” Hollow Queen of Saturn raised a brow before her face paled. “What do you mean soon? Isn’t there a war going on there? How could His Majesty have the time to talk t—”

“Our job is to conquer the solar system and get the legacy. Let’s just do that.” Sin King of Mercury said in a deep voice.

The depressing atmosphere created by Hollow Queen’s ominous words still lingered, but they moved on to the next topic.

“I lost my Holy Altar to Enigma and you lost it to Varian.” Demon King brought up the topic.

“I want to torture everyone he loves before his eyes and I want him to beg for death, but I won’t give him! I’ll trap him in illusions where he lives a happy life and I’ll bring him back to reality again and again…I’ll make his life a living hell!” Mirage Queen said as her nails dug into her palms.

“That’s a good idea!” Demon King nodded at her words. “I already prepared the torture equipment for Enigma. She better kill herself if she wants a peaceful death.”

“Yeah, yeah, do that mental jerk off somewhere else,” Fire King of Jupiter with a disgusted expression. “How do we stop Varian from sneaking in? Any suggestions?”

“He came through Cross Tunneling, right?” Water Queen of Venus said with a calm expression. “And he can also mask the spatial fluctuations. The only way to stop this is to cut off the connections between Abysses and Dungeons.”




“Alright. The Dungeons are only useful if we had decades to plan. The situation both here and there demands a quick solution. Abandoning Dungeons is fine by me. We can recover them later anyway.” Sin King gave his approval.

Following his words, the Abyss Rulers closed their eyes and communicated with the Abyss Will.

Then, the invisible connection between the Dungeons and Abysses was cut off.

Since they weren’t connected anymore, CTF was impossible!

But there’s still one more problem.

“How do we stop Varian from entering into the Abyss directly?”

“I have a proposal, but…” Water Queen’s calm face had a frown as she explained the solution.

“It’s a bit risky.”

“Once we do it, we can’t change it for a decade. What if…”

“While the risk might not seem possible, humans aren’t the same bugs we can crush anymore.”


“We’ll decide this later. The meeting is adjourned.”

— — —

“See ya, boys and girls!” Varian waved off to the old men and women in the spaceport.

“I’m older than your grandma!”

“I’m six times your age!”

They complained at his address.

“But I like it.”

“I feel young again.”

“Hehe. Maybe I should try dating once again. I’m sure a beauty somewhere is feeling lonely…”

“You old pervert.”

“Shut up, granny. You can go try seducing a handsome guy. Just get surgery and regain your young face. Even iron-hearted men will fall for your beauty.”

“Can I? Really~”

“I’ll be the first to chase you, granny.”

“F*ck! Stop it you two!”



The soldiers guarding the spaceport watched this interaction with shocked faces. They wondered if they were dreaming.

‘Are these really the dignified level 9s? The fuck! If not for their aura, I’d brand them as hooligans!’

Feeling the weird gazes of the soldiers, Varian coughed lightly.

The wine was a bit strong and these guys revealed their true nature. Of course, after they got drunk, they started asking him all sorts of questions.

Varian answered the ones he could and skipped most.

In the end, the old men and women who first had the idea of threatening him for ‘Deva Treasures’ started begging him.

“We’re poor as fuck! Throw us some treasure, rich man!”

“It’s true! I live in a small villa!”

“I live in a small flat.”

“I live in a hut!”

“I live outside a hut!”

“I live in the sewer outside below the hut!”

Their words got outrageous one by one and in the end, they even claimed they sold off their kidneys to pay their grandchildren’s school fees.

Varian cursed at their shamelessness. But since they requested him and not demanded him, he didn’t refuse their request.

He generously gave them the chairs from the fourth floor of Deva’s Library.

There were only 25 such chairs. Now, 23 were given.

If they sit on these chairs and practice, then not only will their progress speed up, but they would also have a better comprehension overall. Even the injuries, as long as they’re not fatal, would be healed.

With these chairs, the veterans had a chance of breaking through their boundaries and reaching a higher level.

The Sovereign state was still impossible, but reaching the range of Archduke? That’s in their reach!

“See you all!” Varian bid them farewell for one last time before walking to a special room in the spaceport.

A man with red hair and a sturdy build was waiting for him.

Varian paused for a moment before smiling.



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