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Divine Path System – Chapter 770: A Crazy Plan Bahasa Indonesia

The Telekinetic Abyssal hurriedly created a shield around him to block the sword. But it was too late and the sword lodged itself in his chest and blasted his heart into pieces.


As his body lost strength and life, the abyssal crashed to the floor and his eyes looked into the horizon with hatred. In his final moments, his mind sense saw a familiar spaceship.


The Abyssal breathed his last before he could utter the name of that deplorable enemy.

Right next to him, the psychic clutched his throat in a desperate attempt. But blood gushed out like water escaping a broken tap.

He pulled his ambusher into the illusory world, but his body in the real world was punched anyway.

His defensive armor crumbled and the spikes on his enemy’s guantlet puncutered his neck.

So, the psychic also died a miserable death.

“That bastard! How did he do this?!” One of the Abyssals asked as she created an invisible spear and attacked the fire awakener.

The man evaded the attack and launched a flurry of attacks on her, forcing the telekinetic to dodge.

“I don’t know!” A psychic answered as he engaged in an intense fight with a body awakener.

Their battle in the mindscape was only growing more and more dangerous and he had trouble speaking.

“But we must inform others! We should not let that vile evil succeed!” His voice sounded in the female abyssal’s mind.

She continued to dodge the attacks and risked her life as she sent a message to the rest of the cities.

As a result of her actions, she wasn’t able to block an attack properly and suffered a major injury.

A few moments later, she was besieged by two more humans and died.

The three remaining abyssals faced ten humans and under the absolute disparity, they were only able to last for a few minutes before they were all killed.

Then, the Alpha and Beta teams quickly reached the city and slaughtered everyone in sight.

At the same time, they took special care to rob all the precious materials they could and destroyed everything they couldn’t take.

Before they could chase down the denizens that escaped the cities, the ghost ship arrived and picked them up.

From there, they quickly reached the rest of the cities and picked up the teams who were also just about to chase after the citizens.

It was clear that the other four teams also achieved their goals.

“Rest while you still can,” Varian said as the ghost ship headed for the next region.

A few minutes after Varian left, ten level 9 Abyssals reached the cities and their raging roars shook the skies.

— — —

The second-highest alert was issued and all the level 9s got in touch with each other.

As he expected, the first strike was the easiest. The second one was going to be a tough one.

It’s best if he could attack right away, but that’s impossible.

The first four members of the team had minor injuries and slight exhaustion from the fight.

The fifth members—the ones that dealt the killing blows—had no injuries but were incredibly tired.

“Five minutes.” Varian’s voice rang in the ears of the warriors recovering in the healing tubes.

Their eyebrows furrowed, but they remained silent, expressing their acceptance.

“What now?” Enigma asked with a frown.

Varian looked at her for a moment before smiling.

“What was that for?” Enigma tilted her head.

“You aren’t wearing your mask anymore. It feels weird.” Varian chuckled and pointed to her beautiful face.

Enigma opened her lips and wanted to say something. In the end, she pursed her lips and complained in her heart.

Her mask was broken when she defended Varian from Evander’s attack. Of course, she had spare, but not as of good quality.

Enigma retrieved a mask from her storage ring and was about to put it on when she felt an invisible force snatch her mask and shred it to pieces.

“It’s weird, but not bad.” Varian shrugged. “In fact, it’s better this way.”

Enigma wondered what he really meant but nodded anyway.

“The Plan.” She asked once again.

Varian’s carefree expression disappeared and he gave her a meaningful gaze.

“Boo.” Varian sent an order to his little ghost.

“M-Master! Are you sure?” Boo’s shocked voice reverberated in the room.

“This is the best step we can take now.” Varian nodded.

“Would it kill you to reveal your plan?” Enigma asked, without noticing her begrudging tone.

Varian smiled playfully and placed a finger on his lips.

Enigma rolled her eyes and a silver light flashed. Her figure shrunk slightly and her hair turned brown.

Sia opened her eyes and looked around in confusion before nodding with an understanding expression.

“She’s sulking, eh,” Varian said in surprise.

“Are you proud?” Sia placed her hands on her hips and questioned.

“That, I am,” Varian admitted.

Sia nearly collapsed to the floor at his cheekiness.

With a snort, Sia walked to the map in the hologram and stretched her mind sense.

As she noticed their trajectory, her eyes widened as she vaguely guessed her boyfriend’s plan.

“You are really…”

“Boo already sneaked in once. It’ll be easier this time. And the teleportation formation is also there.

So, once we smash it, even if other cities are informed of the attack, they won’t be able to come to the rescue right away.”

“Mirage Queen will be sooo pissed.” Sia rubbed her forehead.

“That’s the plan.”

“What’s the guarantee she won’t launch a war on Mars out of spite?”

“Even if we do nothing, Mirage Queen will start a war with her current advantage.”

“It’s a great plan. I only hope those elderly level 9s won’t have heart problems hearing what you’re about to do.” Sia said with a playful smile.

“Ah, I wonder about that,” Varian smirked and noticed the hologram glowing.

Time for their second strike!

So, Varian cleared his throat and his voice sounded in the room of the Strike Teams.

The old men and women, who were soaking in the healing liquid, nearly had a cardiac arrest at his outrageous words.

“Boys and Girls, get ready! We’ll be breaking into Mirage Queen’s castle and raze it to the ground.”


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