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Divine Path System – Chapter 739: Mirage Queen Bahasa Indonesia

At the center of the mirage abyss capital floated a castle.

The silvery red building was a single piece of treasure built from the hardest non-celestial material known to abyssals.

The castle’s four spiral towers were equipped with defensive treasures that could block off the attack of even a Sovereign.

The extravaganza didn’t end there. There were multiple turrets on the towers. These lethal weapons were filled to the brim and could instantly shoot down low level 9s like birds. Even high level 9s couldn’t remain unscathed after being hit.

Undoubtedly, the castle was both an offensive and defensive treasure.

Given its special aura core engine, it also possessed the capability to move at fast speeds for a short period of time.

All in all, the castle was the living definition of a mobile fortress.

In the courtroom of the castle, a female abyssal crossed her legs as she listened to the reports of the human domain.

For one second, she appeared to be a human woman in a silvery-white dress. The next, she turned into a petite girl in her early teens. Then, she turned into a beautiful middle-aged woman.

The high-ranking abyssal officials seated on either side of the throne below the platform ignored the changes.

Their Queen was practicing illusions all the time and they got used to her behavior.

“Your Highness, Sovereign Kreo doubled down. Mars is under very strict control. Due to the reckless search, most of our agents are found.” The Chief of Intelligence reported the situation.

“Most?” Mirage Queen’s brows frowned as she parted her lips and a melodious voice rang in the courtroom. “Give me a number.”

Even though this wasn’t the first time, the abyssals in the courtroom shivered at the sweet voice.

It was like a seductive whisper promising them infinite joy only if they…

The Intelligence Officer pinched his hand and stopped himself from falling into mind control.

“N-Ninety-six percent, my Queen.” He replied with a stoic face, except for a little stutter.

Mirage Queen’s eyes shone with a dangerous glint. “So, our Mars branch is effectively paralyzed.”

“Y-Yes.” The abyssal lowered his head and hesitated for a moment before saying. “As the humans of mars are growing more and more dissatisfied with the lockdowns, the officials started are using the abyssal spies as a reasoning.”

“Bastards.” Mirage Queen laughed, but her eyes only grew colder.

She fully understood the implications of such actions.

Since this news was made public, citizens of other planets would also demand their officials conduct a search for the spies.

Even though some would protest against the harsh lockdowns, the hardcore federation supporters would convince the public to bear it for a short time.

As if he knew what she was thinking, the abyssal continued. “Other planets have contacted mars’ officials. With the patterns and clues from our mars’ agents, they’ll start a clean-up.”

“…Damn you, Kreo!” Mirage Queen gnashed her teeth.

The spies were supposed to play an important part when the humans were pushed into war.

So, abyssals were building a giant underground network for decades.

But in a matter of weeks, it’s all gone.

As her chest rose and fell in anger, the courtroom was filled with an illusion of the planets burning up as the human race went extinct.

Everyone could feel the heat from the planets and hear the wails of the women and children.

The end of humanity…

The day their oath to the motherland would be fulfilled.

The abyssals took a breath and a fire flashed in their eyes.

Even if they laid down their lives, they’d have to fulfill their oath.

“Search through whatever means, but find where the hell Kreo’s daughter is.” Mirage Queen’s lips curled up. “Since he loves her so much, if we find her, then killing him is simple.”

The intelligence officer noted down the order and was about to leave when the ruler asked. “What about Kreo? Is he really staying away from the planetoids for so long?”

It’s been more than two weeks since the Sovereign last appeared on the battlefield.

Of course, Sovereigns don’t fight frequently. So, it’s not an abnormal occurrence.


“He challenged me last month…” Mirage Queen recalled.

Kreo was super happy for some reason and roared. “Bitch, soon, I’ll give you the fight of your life. It’ll also be your last fight.”

He seemed super confident for some reason.

Of course, Mirage Queen wouldn’t know. Kreo was anticipating the potions after Sia was captured.

His daughter could get a potion and get healed. He could get a potion and reach a new level of strength.

That’s why he bragged in front of her.

But now, it ended up backfiring.

“He wasn’t lying.” Mirage Queen tapped her index finger on her purple lips.

“Maybe the disappearance of his daughter is all a facade for something he’s doing now?” The Chief suggested.


“It could all be a big plan to cover up his true actions.”

“My Queen, I suggest you attack the planetoids and force him out.”

“I agree.”

“I agree as well.”

“Me too.”

As the ‘yes’ kept ringing, Mirage Queen was also about to yes when one of the archdukes said slowly.

“Think again.”

She stopped her words and looked at him for an explanation.

“The whole thing…it might as well be an elaborate trap. The words he threw at you in the last fight, the excuse of his daughter disappearing, weeding out abyssal spies and forcing you to fight him.”

The archduke’s words caused everyone to pause.

Indeed. They were trying to pull off the same with Sovereign Irene during Valos.

Just like Irene back then, Mirage Queen was almost compelled to attack the planetoids.

“There are a lot of planetoids, how can he plan anything?” Mirage Queen asked.

“Maybe it’s related to a treasure. Or maybe he’s confident in leading you to the trap no matter where you attack.” The archduke stated some possibilities.

This was the case with conspirers. In their eyes, everyone else was also a conspirer.

Mirage Queen considered both possibilities and said. “Both attacking and not attacking lead to dangerous possibilities. I’ll wait a day for you to gather the results. Then, I’ll attack.”

The chief nodded and started mobilizing the manpower.

“What’s the actual truth?”

The traitor Sovereign knew, but he didn’t tell the abyssals.

So, Mirage Queen didn’t know, just how big of a chance she was missing out by not attacking mars.

“Hm?” Suddenly, Mirage Queen raised a brow and glanced in a direction.

Her mind sense scanned the holy altar and its surroundings before she muttered.

“…Was I thinking too much?”


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