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Divine Path System – Chapter 728: Consequences [2] Bahasa Indonesia

16th, Quart Month, 521 YAB.

Seven days passed since the Xanders launched a fierce attack against the abyssals.

The wars were carried out across ten planetoids with the intent of ‘retaliation’ for the severe loss of princes.

The military was dissatisfied with this decision.

The assassination of abyss princes was preferred over a large scale or even a medium scale conflict.

However, the Xanders convinced them that they needed to retaliate or the abyssals would grow brazen.

Empty words weren’t sufficient, of course.

So, the Xanders revealed their trump card. Their forces would be the vanguard.

‘We’ll be the ones taking the brunt of the damage. If you back off now, then you’re missing up a golden chance!’

With the nod from military heads, planetoid-scale wars began.

Tens of thousands of lives were lost every day. However, Xanders accounted for the majority of losses in high awakeners.

Facing the raging Xanders, abyssals went on the defensive for two days before news shook the demon abyss.

‘Prince Var is dead! He is assassinated by the Xanders!’

Since they didn’t find his bracelet or corpse, abyssals held a slight hope that Prince Var might be alive just like Prince Joshua.

But after two days of searching, they declared him dead.

So, on the third day, abyssals, seething in rage from the loss of their greatest genius rampaged the battlefield.

Leading them was Archduke Mendis.

He had a brutal fight with Kadh.

With each passing, the war got more and more intense.

Even the non-Xanders couldn’t stay back, they too started giving it their all.

More and more lives were lost.

Varian didn’t want this pointless war to continue.

His goal was to weaken Xanders, but he pulled the entire earth army into this debacle.

So, he simply hacked the major social media platforms and posted a simple message.

Seated on the golden throne, and dressed in pure white clothes, Varian crossed his legs and propped his chin on his hand.

Only this time, he wasn’t wearing a mask. His handsome face was in full view, watched by people all across the solar system.

“Dear Xanders, I hope you stop the bloodshed for your whims. Great princes and princesses of your bloodline have died, but shouldn’t you also take into account how many people you are dragging into this war?”

Varian said with an extremely sad expression. He really was grieving deaths. Deaths of non-Xanders.

He initially thought the Xanders would send their experts to assassinate abyssals and abyssals would retaliate.

That way, the conflict would end up only between these two groups.

But since a lot of non-related people were pulled in, he decided to step in.

“Due to this pointless war that did utterly no big damage to abyssals, we lost a lot of our brave men and women.” Varian’s eyes were cold and his voice had a commanding authority.

The people watching felt like they were witnessing a high-ranking military officer and not a teen who just became an adult.

Due to that, they also paid subconsciously agreed with his words.

Yes, princes and princesses died. But waging a full-scale war wasn’t a solution.

Xanders made a mistake.

Such a thought wouldn’t have occurred in the minds of an average person who saw Julius Xander as the hero of humanity.

But with Enigma’s incident, Varian made Julius Xander execute his own family members.

This subconsciously created a divide in the minds of people.

Xander family wasn’t equal to Julius.

He’s still a great hero, but his family? Not really.

People were already having opposing thoughts about the sudden war of earth. But they didn’t voice it out loud.

But Varian’s words caused a decisive shift in their opinion and pushed them against Xanders’ choice.

“And Abyssals,” Varian’s lips curled up into a cold smile.

It was a smile that scared almost every abyssal watching the news.

“The new abyss prince, his name was Var, I killed him.”

The body of an abyssal appeared in front of the throne along with a bracelet with a unique code.

The abyssals watching the news opened their mouth in shock.

That bracelet…

Mendis checked the code on the bracelet and gasped.

“So Var was…”

Mendis clenched his fists as his chest heaved up and down. His throat burned with anger and his blood boiled with rage.

“Varian, you killed the best genius of my abyss.”

A scary killing intent shout out of Mendis’ body and enveloped the abyss base.

“I will skin him alive, break his bones into pieces, roast him for three days and turn his skull into my winecup.” A poisonous oath resounded across the base and beyond.

On the human base a hundred miles away, Kadh frowned at Varian in the hologram.

“And Xanders…”

Varian’s eyes shone with a sadness that showed as if he was grieving for his own brothers and sisters.

“Please don’t stop looking for the abyssal who sneaked into the military bases and assassinated your geniuses.”

Kadh blinked twice in confusion before his eyes widened.


The assassinations of the twenty-six Xanders were weird.

The Xanders were killed by their abyss rivals one by one. More weirdly, the rivals also died!

Since they were fighting against those abyssals for so long, how did they both just die?

In his rage, Kadh put this observation aside.

But that wasn’t all.

Six Xanders were killed when they were in the military base.

Even if abyssals had spies, this was too much.

Since he firmly believed it was the abyssals who killed the princes, Kadh rationalized that the abyssals used treasures and spies for assassination.

But what if it wasn’t abyssals?

What if it was….

“The one who killed Xanders…” Varian’s eyes shone with a mad light as he addressed the human race. “He is their archenemy. I hope the Xanders focus on finding him than waging a pointless war.”

Kadh’s jaw dropped as he confirmed his suspicions.

It was him!

Despite being much stronger than the young man in the hologram, Kadh felt a chill down his spine as he gazed into Varian’s eyes.

‘Archenemy of the Xanders…’

Varian was telling him and every Xander that he’d kill them all. That this was just the beginning.

Kadh was hit with a mix of rage and fear.

And confusion.

‘How did he even kill so many peak level 7s? He just reached level 7, right…?’

Despite what he wanted to believe, he had a hunch that Varian was at the peak of level 7.

Shaking his head, Kadh focused back on Dreamer.

But Varian just gave a peaceful but determined grin.

“A future of peace awaits.”

The broadcast ended.

Varian then finished the speech.

“Even though it’s temporary.”

No other human heard his words.

So they’d assume peace was eternal after abyssals ended.

They wouldn’t know.

Unless humanity stood at the peak of the universe, peace was only a gap between wars.


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