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Divine Path System – Chapter 713: One Plus One Bahasa Indonesia

The world was still for a moment before a shockwave swept the battlefield.

The giant red snake’s tail was thrown back as if someone yanked it from behind and the abyssal was blown away into the air.

Dust storm ravaged the area as large cracks appeared and destroyed the land.

“Shit!” Austin Xander cursed under his breath and focused his powers on the abyssal.

In the exchange just now, the two seemed equal, but attacks were Declan’s morphed entity’s strongest attribute.

On the other hand, the abyssal…

With a sonic boom, the dust was steered away as the abyssal shot toward the snake.

The red snake, on the other hand, was a bit slower and responded by opening its mouth and spitting fountains of red venom.

The sand in the air melted upon mere contact with the venom and a pungent smell with poisonous properties spread in the air.

While the poison was dangerous, as the one who made the first move, the abyssal had ample opportunities to evade.

The abyssal twisted his body and was about to dodge when—

“Got you!” Austin’s eyes gave off blue light and the abyssal’s eyes went blue.

The illusion took hold of the abyssal and this time, Austin had no intention of letting him go this ti—


The abyssal’s eyes returned to red color for an instant and Austin staggered as something seemed to block off his mental force.

“H-how did he block…” Austin was going nuts.

On the other hand, Varian dodged the venom fountains and reached the base of the snake.

With a kick to the ground, he flew thirty meters in an instant and reached the head of the snake.

The red snake gave off a hiss and a horn grew on its head. Emitting a glowing red light, the horn spun and shot at Varian.

‘If the psychic bastard isn’t making things tough, I’d have ended it in a few seconds. Fuck.’ Varian gritted his teeth as he faced the shining red horn.

If he wasn’t using his mental powers to block off Austin’s attack, he could’ve used it on the snake to delay its reactions and finished it off in the gap.

But now…

“Graaah!” With a battle cry, Varian stretched his hands and grabbed the horn that was as large as a truck.

Due to the sheer force, he was blown off into the clouds.

The skin on his arms cracked and green blood spilled out. His muscles began to break from the impact and his bones creaked.

However, Varian didn’t budge as he held the spinning horn.

It might have been minutes or seconds or just an instant, but when Varian felt like his hand bones were about to break, the horn stopped.

Varian gripped the large horn and raised it above his head. The muscles on his arms bulged and undetected by anyone, telekinetic power was added to the horn, ready to shoot it like a missile.


The horn descended from the clouds like divine lightning, powered by both physical strength and telekinetic power.

“Declan, dodge!” Austin’s panicking voice rang in the red snake’s mind, but speed wasn’t the creature’s forte.

Even though it tried its best and avoided being pierced on its head, the spear lodged itself into its eye and destroyed its insides.

Like a mountain collapsing, the snake crashed to the ground.

Cloud of dust rose and the surrounding five miles were swept away by shockwaves.

“D-Declan!” The genius psychic, Invisible Hunter, Austin Xander felt his heart drop.

It wasn’t supposed to go like this.

They’d ambush the level 7 abyssals and Judie would—

A chill shot down Austin’s spine and he quickly turned around, only to see the abyssal standing behind him.

“J-James, back me up…” Austin hurriedly called to the space awakener but everything blurred and the next thing he knew, he was lying on the ground with a huge hole in his chest.

His heart was blasted to pieces and the abyssal’s chi was wreaking havoc in his body.

‘I’m going to die!’ Austin’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

He never thought he’d end up like this. He dreamed of going to greater heights, reaching level 8, level 9, and even…

“How unexpected. I was searching for one and got two. Is this the famous one plus one?” The abyssal spoke in human tongue as he stepped toward him.

The human soldiers that came to assist Austin were blocked off by abyssals.

They were left alone.

“Y-You bastard!” Austin spat out blood as he felt life rapidly leaving his body. “E-Even for a moment, don’t you dare think you can walk out alive.”

“I’m scared.” Varian bent down and grabbed the Xander’s hair.

“You’ll die! You, your teammates will all die!” Austin’s words were filled with venom, but his eyes were filled with certainty.

Varian’s hand froze for a moment before he snapped the psychic’s neck.

An ominous premonition filled his heart and he hurried for his bracelet.

*** *** ***

Far away from the planetoids, Ron was waiting on the spaceship while avoiding the human patrol ships.

If he got involved in a battle, then it’d be hard for him to secure the level 7s on other planetoids.

He needed to overlook several teams and it wasn’t wise to start fighting.

Besides, if he, a level 8 was found on the battlefield, humans would also send a level 8 in no time and escalate everything.

What’s more, he suspected there were human level 8s hiding and waiting for him to make an appearance to ambush him.


Ron glanced at the signals and confirmed they were all right before opening a wooden box.

A flower glowing with purple light showed itself.


“It will be ready in a few days.” Ron’s lips curled up slightly.

He had waited ten years.

But these last few days, he felt more impatient than ever.


As he recalled the innocent smile on the little girl’s face, his bracelet suddenly rang.

It was a text message, not a voice message.


Ron raised an eyebrow and read the message.

“Prince Ron! Be careful, there could be amb…”

After reaching the ‘careful’ part, Ron pressed a button and his seat was ejected out of the spaceship.

The next moment, his spaceship blew up.

“F-Fuck!” Ron jumped out of his chair and right away, the chair was crushed into pieces as space cracked apart.

Turning his gaze to the right, he saw two humans looking at him with frustrated expressions.

He recognized one of them.


The bastard responsible for his sister’s plight.

“You cockroach! Why don’t you just die?” Judie’s voice filled with hatred and frustration resounded in the dark space.

“If you like it so much, I can kill you and your little friend together,” Ron replied and shot toward the two.

Inwardly, he sighed in relief. ‘Thankfully, I didn’t get injured or things could get ugly…’

The battle between Ron, Judie, and the space awakener human commenced.

Ron was naturally stronger than Judie.

But when another person was added to the mix, he was at a disadvantage.

However, he wasn’t easy to kill or he wouldn’t qualify as a bright genius.

After five minutes, he was riddled with injuries and was in a far worse condition than the other two.

But he survived.

That changed everything.

On the horizon, five abyss spaceships appeared as they quickly sped to the battlefield.

“I’ll kill you one day for sure.” Spatting those words, Judie left with the space awakener.

Ron put on a strong front until the reinforcements arrived. When he finally got into the spaceship, he fainted.

Soon after, all the hunting teams under Ron got an emergency return order.


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