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Divine Path System – Chapter 705: Prince Ron Bahasa Indonesia

The initial attacks went well as the human side was taken by surprise.

But after they detected that abyssals were pouring out in large numbers, the reinforcements were called and the scale of the fight, as well as the danger, escalated.

Earth’s army was already facing a shortage of level 7s, so this attack strained them even further.

To end things faster, they decided to send a level 8 and a bunch of peak level 7s.

Of course, they didn’t expect to kill all the abyssals. With their spaceships, they could escape at any time and once they crossed into their side, chasing them anymore would be dangerous.

But before they did, they’d kill as many as possible, and bring down the imbalance of level 7s.

At least, that was the plan…

“Prince Ron?!” The red eyes of the level 8 human widened in shock.

Standing in front of his spaceship with his hands behind his back was an abyssal he knew too well.

The source of his regret.

“What a pleasant surprise, Judie. Have you been well?” Prince Ron asked with a smile.

“Y-You!” Judie’s spaceship vanished into his storage ring and without hesitation, Judie shot toward Prince Ron like a cannonball.

Ron’s insides twisted as if someone was pulling them and his neck snapped to the left.

Ron moved his head slowly to the right as if struggling against an invisible force as his neck made a creaking sound.

His hands at his waist clenched into fists and he bent his back and punched up.


Space shook and an invisible shockwave spread through the empty space for hundreds of miles.

Through gritted teeth, Ron smiled.

Clashing against his fists were two spiky gauntlets accelerated through gravity. The spikes drilled into his fingers and pierced his palm, dying themselves in his green blood.

Yet, Ron didn’t flinch.

Even more, He faced this attack all the while high gravity tried to tear his body apart.

“You failed to kill me when I was a level 7, what makes you think you can succeed now?” Ron’s arms vibrated and he pulled back his fists before punching the gauntlets.


The gauntlets were punched away and Ron kicked the space.

Like a bullet speeding through, he crossed fifty miles in a blink and punched at Judie.

A white barrier—an anti-gravity field formed around Judie, repelling Ron’s attack.

Ron’s eyes shone with a fierce light as his fist clashed with the barrier. Sparks flew out and the white light of the barrier crashed against his green blood.


Gritting his teeth, Ron tried to push through the barrier but he couldn’t move a single inch. The repulsion was too strong.

On the other hand, Judie was sweating buckets as he gave his all to block Ron’s attack.

“Y-You little filth!” Swallowing the blood that reached his throat, the human warrior glared at the abyssal he almost killed ten years ago.

After learning that the same abyssal rose to a bright genius, he regretted not killing him.

“I-I should have gone for you instead of her.” Judie cursed, then he gave a grim smile to enrage the enemy. “Then instead of that bitch, you’d be the mentally deranged one.”

“BITCH?!” Ron roared and veins popped up in his forehead.

Something seemed to snap in him and he pulled strength from every fiber of his being.


The grey fist of the abyssal forced through the white barrier, bit by bit. But as it went against the repulsion, it had to face the consequences.

The skin on his fist, which could withstand even heavy bullets, was the first to go. It peeled off like a layer of the onion.

Next was his flesh.

With every inch his fist advanced through the barrier, chunks of his flesh went missing until all that remained was his bones.



Seeing the white bone fist break the barrier, Judie sucked in a breath of cold air and channeled his gravity power.

His body grew as light as a feather and using a distant asteroid as a source of attraction, gravity pulled him away from the abyssal.


The chi surrounding Ron’s body flared up like an angry flame as the abyssal chased after his enemy.

Judie’s speed was barely higher than Ron’s, after all, he was almost 20 years older and spent more time at this level.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ron’s punches sent shockwaves that crashed into Judie.

Already focused on escaping, Judie wasn’t able to fully focus on his defense. As a result, the shockwaves blasted through his awkward barrier and blasted a hole in his shoulder.

‘He was so weak back then…this fucking abyssal!’ Judie’s eyes glowed with hatred. ‘If only people like him didn’t exist and become the next abyss king, I wouldn’t be fearing my grandchildren’s safety! This fucker! Damn him! Damn his sister! Damn his race!’

Judie abruptly stopped and clenched his fists.

Three shining spears shot out of his storage ring and reached Ron’s throat, heart, and eyes in the blink of an eye.

“Die! You plague! Let’s decide today! I don’t care if I die, as long as I can kill you!” Judie’s growl was filled with unshakable determination.


Ron twisted his body and raised his fists.

With a rate visible to the naked eye, his bony hand was recovering its flesh—the hallmark of a Heal Fighter.

With a large swipe in space, Ron repelled two spears while one managed to pierce his shoulder and spilled out his warm, green blood.

“Kuh!” Ron pulled the spear from his shoulder and shot it back at Judie with full force.


Like a speeding rocket, the spear reached its owner at a scary speed.

“Die with you? Hell no! I’ll live! And I’m curing my sister after we break your level 7s.” Ron said with a burst of mad laughter.

Judie pushed his hands forward and slowed the spear. But his concentration broke for a second when he heard Ron’s words.


“Haha! I can buy the cure anytime now and once I heal her, I’ll let her kill your grandson. He joined the military recently, and deployed in Venus, right?”

“You bastard!” Judie clenched his fists with bloodshot eyes and waved his hand.

The spear shot back at Ron with an even higher speed than earlier.

“Blood for blood. Life for life.”

Red and green blood spilled in the space as the battle went on for hours.


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