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Divine Path System – Chapter 693: The Changes [1] Bahasa Indonesia

Sage Avenue—Life and Death

Ruler Avenue—Order and Chaos.

Creator Avenue—Space and Time.

The three avenues or their six parts were the pillars of the universe. The foundation upon which reality rests.

Yet, not a single being was capable of wielding the powers of the six pillars.

Even if they just took a single wisp from each of the six slivers and tried to use it together, they’d be obliterated.

Forget six, even doing it for four slivers was extremely dangerous.

Because once the powers of slivers were brought together, they’d fuse. No being can be stable in that fusion.

Yet, this was the only known way to break past the limitations of divine paths and go beyond the peak.

So, the tribes tried their best.

But since the slivers of order and chaos were lost, they could only experiment with the four slivers.

The wisps of the four slivers—the traces of Life-Death, Space-Time—were thus present in Sia—a hybrid who shouldn’t exist.

The traces of these powers entered Sarah after she took Sia’s blood essence. In doing so, she also grew an affinity with four slivers.

It was just that.

Everyone who took Sia’s potion also gained affinity.

But the real change came when Varian’s blood entered her body.

As the wielder of Order and Chaos slivers, his blood essence carried the traces of their power.

After a long time in cosmic history, the powers of six slivers combined.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The space shook lightly. Then it began to tremble. Finally, it was as in an invisible wave was flooding the empty space, it began to twist.

“W-What’s happening?”

“E-Earth quake? But the news didn’t inform?”

“Owww! There’s an earthquake even on the moon?”

“Jupiter too?”

“What the fuck is going on?”

People all across the solar system felt it.

Their place—planet, planetoid, space city—whatever it was, began to shake.

As if invisible hands were shaking it like it was a jar, the entire solar system began to vibrate.

Since they were in the solar system, the eight abysses also began to shake.

The Heaven’s Will and Abyss’ Will shook violently as their existences were pushed to the brink.

“W-What the hell is going on?”

A soldier on a planetoid looked at the shaking ground and muttered.

“Is the world ending?”

A scientist gasped after noticing the space indicators.

“Aura…it’s gone chaotic.”

An old man in a villa, a level 8 awakener, who didn’t speak for 20 years sighed.

The reason for all these changes—Sarah—was unaware of what she had just caused.

She lay in a fetal position inside an aura cocoon as heaven-defying phenomena continued inside her.

The powers of the six slivers which should have never met due to devas stealing the slivers met inside her.

It was an event that had a far less probability lower than abyssals making peace with humans.

Even then, this ultra-rare occurrence should’ve ended in tragedy.

Unable to withstand the six powers, Sarah should’ve exploded.

But a miracle was added to the top of the ultra-race occurrence and turned the disaster into a blessing.

The miracle was the ‘Primordial Blessing’ of devas.

It was the greatest creation of their species—everything they had and learned was poured into this one great blessing.

Bit by bit, the white orb inside Sarah’s body began to absorb Sia’s and Varian’s essence.

As it did, the white orb slowly melted into Sarah’s body, fusing with every last cell of her being.

Even though the potion from Sia increased her talent, it didn’t suit her perfectly.

But with the ‘Primordial Blessing’ assimilating everything into her, Sarah no longer had such a problem.

The white orb didn’t stop there. It reached her ‘divine view’.

Sarah, like every normal person, had only one origin.

But since she was a dual awakener, her origin was connected to two avenues.

That origin now shook as a white orb, one identical to the ‘Primordial Blessing’ approached it.

In an instant, the white orb collided with the origin.


Sarah’s body shook and her divine paths trembled for a moment.

Then, her Origin was forcibly pushed back to the beginning, bit by bit and with each passing moment, two more protrusions appeared on the side of the origin.

Then, like a receding tide, her own aura began to fall.

Level 6…

Level 5…

Level 4…

As it approached the start of the divine paths, Sarah’s original origin now had two origins to its left and right.

Level 3…

Level 2…

Level 1…

Due to the addition of the six slivers’ powers and the white orb balancing out the powers and fusing with Sarah’s origin, a fundamental change occurred in Sarah’s origin.

Now, inside Sarah’s body, her original origin was gone and three successor origins, connected by illusory threads formed by sliver powers, slowly reached the starting point of their avenues.

Level 0.

Unawakened State.

It was then that the white orb let out its final light.

“The aura stopped…” Varian wiped the sweat off his forehead as he peered into the white light.

Separated by a celestial-grade glass, he couldn’t even see anything other than the white light filling the room Sarah was in.

His senses and even Sia’s senses were blinded by the light.

After a few minutes, the aura coming into the ghost ship and forming a cocoon around Sarah stopped.

“It ended?” Sia asked with an uncertain expression.

‘Solar System will be shaken today…’ Varian recalled System’s words and glanced at the holograms on his left.

They were displaying the news of mysterious earthquakes all over the solar system.

Even the abyssals seemed to have been affected by it.

“Yeah, it end—”

The ghost ship suddenly shook violently and the ceiling opened by itself.

Sarah’s body shot out from the spaceship and flew into space.

The bright light that was confined until now finally shone in the space.

All the effects that were shielded finally started to affect the world.

“Oh fuck!” Varian covered his eyes and cursed.

Sia closed her eyes with a frown.

Above the spaceship, the aura cocoon enveloping Sarah grew brighter and brighter until it exploded in a burst of light.

Everyone in the solar system was still reeling in from the surprise of world literally shaking for a few minutes until then.

But now…

“W-What’s that?”

Everyone gasped as they stared at the sky.

The Sovereigns enquiring about the earthquakes suddenly paused and turned to the sky.

The Abyss Kings and Queens flew out of the abysses and looked at the space with wide eyes.

All of them were seeing the same thing.


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