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Divine Path System – Chapter 675: Nightmare Bahasa Indonesia

Varian, Sarah, and Sia reached their mansion in a rather depressed mood. They weren’t much frustrated though, they had vented everything in the training rooms already.

For some reason, they felt closer to each other after seeing how the other two weren’t much different from them.

“You warmongers! Who beats up walls and feels happy from that?” Boo’s cries were, of course, ignored.

They showered after the long day and went off to sleep.

High awakeners didn’t need to sleep. Sarah too could go on for a month without sleep.

But Varian insisted.

“Think of it as a part of chilling. Besides, we aren’t defenseless, right? We’re sleeping in the ghost ship. Take it easy.”

Since he wanted to have a proper sleep and not something like half-sleep—always keeping an eye out for enemies, Varian decided it’s best to arrange the bedrooms in ghost ship.

Since the security was guaranteed, they could doze off without worries.

With a click, Varian turned off the lights in his room. Since the ghost ship had a cheat-like property to enlarge the space inside it, his bedroom was as big as his old home.

There was a fragrance of flowers in the air, coming from the flowers arranged at the window side of the room.

The luxurious Morpher flowers released a special chemical into the air with soothing effects.

It also had the bonus effect of letting awakeners fall asleep.


At least, that’s what he heard.

“I can’t sleep! Deep sleep my ass, I can’t even take a nap!” Varian groaned as he rolled on the bed.

It was fluffy and smooth and overly big. Big enough for three people to sleep in comfortably.

Varian had absolutely no other intentions of buying it. He just thought it was comfortable. He swore on Boo that it was true.

“Master, you are a pervert.” Boo rolled on the bed and said.

“…Climbing my bed uninvited in the middle of the night, aren’t you the pervert here?” Varian countered.

“T-That…” Boo was flabbergasted.

It’s a ghost, you know?

How can a ghost be a perve—

“Humans have long known about how perverted ghosts can be,” Varian said with a scary smile, the one that narrators of horror stories always had.

“Boo is not a pervert!” Boo protested. It was pure, innocent, and cute. The complete opposite of shameless, shameless, and shameless master.

“Tsk.” Varian clicked his tongue, folded his arms behind his head, and rested his head on them.

The ceiling was transparent, so he could see the night sky.


“Yes, Master?”

“T-Tell me how great you are. That book…you wrote about it?”

“Right away!” Boo straightened its back and started the speech it always wanted to finish but always got interrupted by Varian.

“When Boo was born, the sun shone in the rain, People were so lively that even dead began to come back to life,…”


“Master!” Boo shouted in horror as it found Varian slipping into a deep sleep.

Varian who struggled to sleep until now dozed off right away!

“W-Was this perhaps your true plan!” Boo took a step back as it gazed at Varian with a fearful expression.

Varian’s peaceful sleeping face seemed more malicious to Boo than even the villain of its favorite comic.

“Woo~ Boo’s speech isn’t completed yet…Bad master, bad master…” Boo protested in a low voice and fell silent.


Varian’s light breathing sounded in the silent room.

Boo approached Varian. For some reason, it felt that his face no longer had the worry it once had.

After the ruins, he changed in some way. Boo didn’t know exactly how. But it wasn’t bad.

Seeing his relaxed face, Boo’s lips curled up. With a cute voice, Boo said. “Sleep well, master~ You are always doing something, risking your life…sleep well.”

Varian’s face showed a slight smile and he went into a deep sleep.

Boo stood up and floated toward the exit of the room. As it was halfway through the door, Varian’s sudden yells froze it in its tracks.

“Sia! Sarah!”


Boo turned around to see Varian desperately gasping for air as he clutched the bedsheet tightly. His head was already drenched in a layer of sweat and his eyes were looking around frantically as if searching for someone.

“Sia? Sarah?” He spread his mind sense to search for them. They weren’t here. His brows knitted together and an expression of deep fear filled his face.

“Master, what ha—”

Boo couldn’t even finish as Varian shot out of the room and teleported out of the ghost ship to above the mansion.

His spaceship spread out and his eyes turned in one direction. Without hesitation, he teleported there.

In the backyard of the mansion, there was a beautiful garden filled with the fragrance of thousands of flowers.

Floating lanterns shone like stars lighting up the garden and painting it in a dreamy atmosphere.

On an elevated platform, there was an exquisite table and three chairs around it.

Sarah and Sia, in short pajamas, were in the middle of a talk when Sia suddenly turned her gaze upward.

Sarah followed her and the next second, she saw someone land in front of them with red eyes.

“V-Varian?” Sarah stood up in confusion.

“Haa! Haa!” Varian’s chest heaved up and down and his tense shoulders finally relaxed.

“I-It was a dream…?” He scanned Sarah and Sia with his mental sense to make sure they were real. Once he confirmed it, strength left his body and he slid backward.

“Hey!” Sarah held him gently and stopped him from falling. Feeling his pajamas drenched in sweat, she bit her lip.

He must have experienced a nightmare.

“Who was it?” Sia suddenly asked. “Who killed us in your dream?”

Varian’s body stiffened at her words and he looked at Sia in surprise.

He didn’t want to talk about it. It was a very, very bad experience.

So, he gave an apologetic smile and skipped the topic. “Sorry about that. I’m still adjusting. I’ll try to—”

“Is it Julius? How did he kill us?” Sia continued.


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