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Divine Path System – Chapter 612: Varian [12]: Nora, Curtis and Jamie Bahasa Indonesia

Near the end of the valley, the blood bath continued.


The giant humanoid bull held a red hammer and smashed the ground.


With each swing of its hammer, a giant crater formed on the ground, and cracks began to spread for miles.

The sixteen people facing it hurriedly scattered.

But one woman didn’t.

She raised her hand and swung it in the air as if slashing a knife.


A giant fire knife was conjured in the blink of an eye and clashed with the giant hammer.

“Princess Nora!”

“Only she has this strength!”

“She even slew the guardian beast!”

Praises came from the crowd.

“Let’s join her as well!”


Soon, the fifteen joined her in the hunt.

Just ten miles away from it was a giant tree with countless vines. As it stretched its vine outwards, sometimes, they turned as thin as a thread and the others, as thick as a tree trunk.

These vines slapped even extreme defense awakeners to the point of coughing blood.

Then, they absorbed the blood and flesh, if possible the whole body, and shot out seeds. These seeds sprouted and grew into a big plant in the blink of an eye. Then these plants began to release a poisonous white mist.

As such, a white fog enveloped the five miles surrounding the giant tree and continued to spread outward.

The poison not only had an offensive function, but also a peculiar defense.

It blocked fire, water, earth, and lightning. Even space and gravity weren’t able to bring it to its heel.


“Coordinate your attacks!”

“We need to make a way through the fog!”

The eleven people fighting the tree struggled with the tree. To slay the tree, they needed to break through the poisonous white fog it created around itself.

But it was too hard.

At that moment…


Air exploded like someone blasted a hundred bombs in an instant.

An invisible force pierced through the white fog like a knife slashing through the water.


The white fog was pushed to the side when the force touched it, but the next moment, it regrouped.

But in the current situation, that shocked everyone.

“What’s that?!”

“Is it…Prince Curtis?”

“I thought he already left.”

Right then, a calm voice sounded in the field.

“Everyone, follow me when I clear the fog and enter inside. Once you get in, end the tree.

But the risk is if you can’t follow right after me, the fog will regroup and you’ll face poison directly.”

Hearing his words, the group of eleven nodded fervently.

“We can do it!”

“I am a superhuman awakener! That much is nothing.”

“Let’s go!”

As the white fog cleared, the awakeners used that short window of time to barge in.


Thirty miles away, the twelve-headed snake hissed at the thirty humans under it. Due to its giant body, it was nearly thirty meters above the ground and the humans looked like nothing more than dots.

Each time one of the snakeheads opened its mouth, it spew out either fire, water, lighting or poison.

However, each snakehead had only one power.

At first, the thirty humans facing it were perplexed at its many powers. But when they observed its body, they sucked in a breath of cold air and understood.

…This wasn’t a twelve-headed snake.

This was twelve snakes stitched into a single body.

The gross realization only pushed the humans even more.

“It’s too strong!”

“Take down the heads one by one!”

“We can’t! The heads are defending each other.”


Even if they tried their best and were about to destroy a snakehead, the other snakeheads responded immediately and protected it.

Then, one of the snakeheads would spew something on the injured snakehead and it’d quickly heal.

“That…That bastard heal fighter snake.”

That healer snake was a heal fighter.

Heal Fighters had a crazy property. Their body fluids were very good for healing.

“Until we take that healing head down, we can’t do anything.”

“But how?”

“…I wonder.”

Despite being the largest group facing one of the three monsters, they didn’t see any hope.

Right then, a calm voice sounded.

“Leave the healing head to me.”

Then, a figure blurred on the ground and all they could see the next moment was a flash of light reaching the healing head.


“He’s damn fast!”

“Let’s follow up!”

As an extreme awakener specializing in speed, Jamie reached the healing head in the blink of an eye.

Using his momentum, he thrust the spear in his hand at the healing snake head’s right eye.


Stepping on the snakehead, he jumped high into the air.

The very next moment, a barrage of furious attacks landed on one of the snakeheads.

The remaining ten snakeheads attacked the humans in a bid to halt their attacks.

But ten out of the thirty humans came forward and defended the other twenty.

Space Blocks. Fire Walls. Ice Barriers.

The ten heads could only watch helplessly as one of the snakeheads got beaten to death.

If the healing head was still alive, it’d have helped. But now, there wasn’t even an option.





With each passing second, a snakehead exploded.

Soon, the twelve-headed snake became a headless snake and collapsed to the ground.

“Prince Jamie! The fastest!”

Almost at the same time, there was a loud explosion in the distance.

The giant tree shook fiercely before it wilted at a rapid rate. Its green leaves turned brown and it shriveled. Soon, it turned into ashes and died.

“Prince Curtis! The strongest!”


The ground shook fiercely as the hammer of the humanoid bull crashed to the ground.

Then, a giant fire burnt through its chest and turned the internal organs of the creature into ash.

“Princess Curtis! The fiercest!”

The two men and one woman who spearheaded the slaying operation looked at each other from the distance.

They turned around and noticed the remaining people fighting smaller, but numerous monsters.

The rest of the hundred level 7s were fighting these monsters. As they were about to lend a hand, a giant white wolf landed.



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