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Divine Path System – Chapter 553: Pervert? Bahasa Indonesia


Sia glared at Varian who was standing in her room, intensely staring at her bra and panty in his hands.

“No, this isn’t what it looks like. I promise!” The 16-year-old Varian raised his hands and said with an anxious expression.

Sia raised a brow and crossed her arms. “Then pray do tell, what is it?”

“It is…” Varian opened his mouth with a confident expression but he suddenly stopped.

Sia gritted her teeth and walked up to him. She stretched her hand to grab her underwear, but unexpectedly, Varian stepped back and hid them behind his back.

“You!” Sia’s face flushed in anger and embarrassment.

“I need them for a very important thing,” Varian said with a serious expression, but Sia wasn’t buying any of that.

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