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Divine Path System – Chapter 537: Shadow Guardians [3]: The Future Bahasa Indonesia

What would you test in people that would join you in secret operations that if leaked, could lead to the destruction of not only your team but your entire organization?

Seth had to bang his head for this question. As if it wasn’t enough, Gareth too banged his head.

But somehow, the old friends managed to carve out a bunch of tests.

‘To what or whom is your loyalty sworn?’

‘Wha is your cause?’

‘Who or what do you fear the most?’

‘What or who do you love the most?’

They were extra careful—in fact, extremely careful to prevent the betrayals.

After all, just a few days ago, Rudolf and Xia betrayed Enigma and tried to kill her. Even though no one betrayed the organization itself and stuck to the belief of human freedom, this was a betrayal nonetheless.

Even if they knew that betrayals won’t happen for that reason again, there was a deep fear in their heart.

‘What if the army decides to attack the guardians again?’

‘What if a sovereign views us as an enemy?’

The scar in their psyche probably wouldn’t fade for a long time. After all, the worst betrayal the guardians faced didn’t come from Rudolf and Xia, but from their comrades in arms—the army itself.

As a consequence, the guardians would move more independently in the future. They wouldn’t trust the army like they once did.

“Next.” The guard shouted.

Seth adjusted himself in his chair while placing his hands on the table and tapping it lightly.


The doors opened and a woman who seemed to be in her mid-thirties entered the meeting hall.

Like everyone who came before her, she too passed all the six tests and was eligible to take the final one.

“Miss Misha.” A hoarse voice addressed her from the left of Seth.

It was Gareth, ex-master of Leon Training Hall.

After Seth took the miracle potion, Gareth resigned from his duty and came to protect his old friend during the critical period.

As a result, Seth finally reached level 9 in his dual paths.

The ex-hall master wanted to leave after Seth was done. But Seth shamelessly had him join the shadow guardians and threw a good part of work at him.

‘He was the hall master. I was only an instructor. Surely, his experience is better.’ Seth justified his actions.

All the while, the interview was going on.

“Your brother informed me that you only wish for the miracle potion for your son. Nothing more, nothing less.” Gareth spoke in a commanding tone.

“Indeed.” Misha nodded. Even though she was a level 7, she felt terrible pressure from Gareth. But more than this bald man, the bald man next to him was even scarier. She didn’t even dare to lie.

“What if the enemy offers you the same potion one day? Would you betray us?”

Seth’s interest was piqued as he gazed at the woman once again. A hologram popped up in front of him and showed her information along with her test results.

‘My pupil is too powerful.’ As he read through every single data about her from the federation database, Seth praised Varian.

After learning that they were starting to recruit, he gave them a few advanced programs that let them break into the federation’s database and check all the data of any person.

This genuinely made their lives easier.

‘Even if he’s not here, he’s doing a lot.’ Seth clicked his tongue and swiped away the hologram.

Tapping his fingers on the table, he repeated the question to Misha who seemed to be thinking deeply.

“If someone offered you the same miracle potion, would you betray us?” Seth asked and his aura locked onto her.

Misha felt suffocated as her chest grew heavy. In the end, she said through gritted teeth.

“No, as long as my son’s life isn’t threatened…”

Seth smiled and the pressure vanished.

Any other answer would’ve been a lie and she’d be kicked out of her. But since she was honest…

Seth and Gareth looked at each other before Seth said.

“You’re in,”

“Than—” Misha stood up with a bright face but Seth wasn’t done yet.

“If you bring your son to our secret realm. He’ll train here, be protected here, and live here.” Seth said in an irrefutable tone.

“…What if I say no?”

“Forget the miracle potion. The consequence is that your son won’t be strong like you want him to be.”

“…I understand.” Misha finally sighed.

This was a point of no return. Once her son was here, she’d never be able to betray the guardians.

But as far as she knew and heard, guardians had some of the best training plans. Perhaps, he’d grow up well.

“Good. Now, please go to the Orientation Hall.” Seth pointed to another building and the guard called.


As Misha left to join the hundreds of members that made it from the tens of thousands, Seth and Gareth continued their work for two more hours.

In the end, Seth stretched his arms and said. “Let’s go. They’d be waiting.”

“Son of a bitch. My ass is numb from sitting so much.” Gareth cursed without any restraint.

“Haha. Language, old guy.” Seth chuckled and walked to the orientation building.

“Language is bullshit. When I was hall master, I had to hold myself back all the time! It’s torture, I say, torture!” Gareth complained as he walked him. Then, his tone turned serious. “It’s new faces everywhere. Do you think they can do it?”

Seth’s face turned serious.

Most of the guardians died. Now, the only old ones present were the ones that didn’t betray Enigma.

Compared to the new recruits, they were pitifully low. Gareth was concerned if this would dilute the passion and quality of the guardians.

“Don’t worry. If anyone slacks off, I’ll just beat the shit out of them.” Seth grinned as he flexed his level 9 aura.

“Bah. Let me get the miracle potion, I can also flex on you.” Gareth snorted.

“Good luck with that. I was lucky that I got involved in Cluster Cities’ war or it’d have taken at least a year to earn it. Your old ass has to wait for a year at least.”

“So what? Once I reach level 9, I’ll beat the shit out of that mother fucking abyssal that tried to kill our team.” Gareth laughed.

“…” Seth suddenly fell silent.

“Huh? You don’t believe I can beat up that shit?” Gareth raised a brow.

“It’s not that.” Seth said in exasperation. “A thought occured to me…what if there were no abyssals after a year?”

“Pffft.” Gareth started laughing on the spot as he slapped Seth on the back. “Have you gone crazy from too much work?”

Seth looked at Gareth and shook his head slowly.

Seeing the serious expression on Seth’s face, Gareth’s smile vanished and he said in a low voice. “Why?”

Seth took a deep breath and said in a tone that had difficulty accepting the reality.


“He? He grows fast, but he can’t be a Sovereign in a year, okay?”

“You know how long it’s been since he awakened, right?”

“Hm…more than 2 months, but less than 3 months, I guess?”

“…He called me yesterday.”


“He said he’ll reach level 7 in a week.”



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