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Divine Path System – Chapter 500: Varian’s Choice Bahasa Indonesia

In the eyes of the defeated man, there was no fear, no regret, no anxiety. There was only disappointment and hatred.

Disappointment at his own kind’s stand against Shadow Guardians and Hatred against Sovereign Julius.

Fully aware of all the gazes on him, Varian raised his arm and condensed an ice sword.

Watching the match far away, Misha closed her eyes as she awaited the inevitable helplessly.


The sound of a sharp object cutting the wind caused her to shiver and tears dripped down her cheeks.


Then came the sound of metal clashing with a blunt surface.

“Huh?” Misha opened her eyes in confusion and gawked at the screen.


Everyone in the audience and even the host stared at Varian in shock. His sword penetrated the area right next to the shadow guardian’s neck.

“Participant Ryke, what do you mean by this?” The host asked coldly. “Are you perhaps trying to defy the contract? I suggest you rethink, for the fate of that is far worse than death.”

‘Of course, you guys went out of your way to insert all the hidden clauses.’ Varian snickered inwardly but on the outside, he maintained a solemn expression.

Raising up the injured shadow guardian, he pointed the bloodied man to the audience and yelled.

“I don’t want to kill him!”


A tense silence filled the stadium. Even the participants that were about to start their match stopped in their tracks.

Julius looked down at the participant with interest. Those words were enough to kill him. But he was willing to listen today.

Like others, he also thought that Varian was a sympathizer of the terrorists.

“Death isn’t enough for these traitors!”

Varian’s words caught everyone by surprise.

But he didn’t seem to care as he continued with a face distorted in hate and a voice filled with venom.

“The traitors that betray their own race should be tortured! Death is too light for them!

Since they want to support another race against us, the best revenge against them is to show them what they are going to miss.

Show them how powerful we grow while they remain inside a dark room they can never come out of.

Let them rot there for years, decades, and let them go crazy!”

Varian’s words caused everyone in the audience to nod fervently. Even the higher-ups considered his words in a favorable light.

‘Not a bad suggestion actually. Moreover, they’re useful alive.’ Julius tapped his seat and mused.

His interest in this guy increased.

“I want them to suffer!” Varian’s voice rose by another octave before falling abruptly. “…My sister was killed by them. Death is too light for them.”

His final words seemed to hit the nail in the coffin as some of the audience started crying.

“Yes! Torture them please!”

“We can’t let them off too lightly!”

“Yes, we general public are no longer ignorant!”

“Lord Sovereign!”


One by one, they all chanted his name, and Varian too looked up at the floating seats high up in the sky with seemingly eager eyes.

Julius looked down at everyone and finally, his voice reverberated across the arena.

“As you wish!”

Cheers erupted in the arena as the audience was overcome by joy.

“I humbly thank you, Sovereign Julius,” Varian said with a seemingly reverent gaze.

Inwardly, he sighed in relief that he was able to save lives. For now at least.

“I am optimistic about your future. Work hard, young man.” Julius nodded at Varian and went silent again.

The host waited for a few minutes after their exchange was over before he announced.

“So, according to the changed rules, you don’t need to kill them. Just incapacitate them and you’ll pass.”

And thus, the matches started one by one.

“…Thank you very much.” Misha kneeled towards the screen that showed Varian.

Regardless of his reasons, her brother was alive.

Yes, this was the guy who nearly beat her brother to death. But if not for him, he’d be dead for sure.

‘I’ll save you, brother.’

Misha was going to do her best to get him bail and prove his innocence.

It wasn’t just her, but hundreds of people who saw their relatives and loved ones in the shadow guardians prostrated to Varian as they thanked him from the bottom of their hearts.

“Haa~” Varian yawned lightly, as he watched the last match with visible disinterest.

Of the four hundred participants, three hundred and fifty survived while fifty died.

While the participants were told not to kill, it didn’t mean the shadow guardians wouldn’t go for the kill.

“And the final watch, Scriv wins!”

The audience clapped lightly, but they too were bored by this point.

So, he glanced at them with a smirk and continued. “Now, without a delay, let’s start the prize ceremony!”

Varian’s brows tensed but he controlled his breath and showed no abnormalities.

“We pick one winner from each level based on their final battle.” The host announced and Varian involuntarily stiffened.

Even though saving the shadow guardian was one of the reasons he was so high-profile, another reason was to win this prize.

First impressions were truly impactful. So, he exploited it to the fullest and gave his best in the fight.

The audience waited in anticipation for the host to announce names. But the man simply chuckled and snapped his fingers.


Five figures shot out of the arenas and instantly reached the floating seating—where the most important guests, including Sovereign Julius, were seated.

In mid-air, a blue light flashed on them, cleaning them off from all their blood and sweat.

By the time they reached the floating lounge, they were prim and proper.

It was definitely a high awakener butler’s work. And not just one, but a bunch of them—water awakeners cleaned him off, telekinetics arranged his clothes, and so on.

While Varian tried to distract himself from his own situation, he couldn’t ignore it any longer.

‘Haa~ Holy shit!’ He raised his head and saw the man who stood at the very top of the solar system.

Sovereign Julius.

*** *** ***


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