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Divine Path System – Chapter 476: Progressing Towards Level 7 Bahasa Indonesia

Blue Flash touched Varian’s shoulder and the space around them shifted.

The world seemed to move at ridiculous speeds and everything went blank.

“…” Varian opened his eyes and saw that he was in a vast dark space. Thankfully, his senses were far higher and he was able to experience the time in slow motion.

The first thing he noticed was a stinging feeling on his face, arms, legs. Then he realized it was the wind. This strange ‘wind’ was trying to push him back.

‘The characteristic of Boundary.’ Varian thought and glanced to the side.

By the time he turned his head, the wind from stinging him to injuring him.

Blue Flash’s gaze was fixed on a twisting greyish region of space.

When they hit that special greyish zone, Blue Flash’s grip on Varian loosened.

And then it happened.

The space currents roared and they engulfed him.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

The space began to twist violently and like a fragile piece of glass, broke into pieces.

“Grgh…” Varian gritted his teeth as he felt his bones twist into strange shapes and deep cuts appeared all over his body.

Blue Flash remained in the distance and watched him patiently.

Even though it felt like a lot of time, not even a second passed since they exited the Outer Space.

‘I hope he can do it.’ Blue Flash muttered as her space sense locked onto Varian.

Blood started to gush out as his muscles began to be torn apart by the abrupt tightening and loosening of space.

Large pieces of cavities appeared in his body as the space blades cut away pieces of flesh.

At some places, even bones were visible.

Blue Flash hesitated. Should she believe him? Or should she save him?

As she was in a conflict, a green light flashed and she saw Varian’s bleeding stop. His injuries also started to heal, but it was too late.


Varian was blown out of the layer by the space currents and the next thing he knew, he was floating in space some hundred miles away from the ghost ship.

“Fuck.” He muttered as he moved his body with telekinetic force.

An aching pain coursed through his body, and Varian was reminded of the fact every part of his body was injured.

“Kuh…” As he coughed out blood into empty, dark space.

The red liquid floated away into darkness and Varian felt the space around him twist.

Darkness enveloped him before light burst it.

“Haa~” Varian opened his stiff eyes and saw Blue Flash staring at him with deadpan eyes.

“I’m fin-cough.” He said and coughed out another mouthful of blood.

Blue Flash continued to stare at him and he finally sighed. “It’s harder than I thought, ok?”

She sighed. “You were in the layer for 10 milliseconds.”

“PARDON?” Varian almost jumped to his feet despite the injuries.

He felt like he stayed inside for a few minutes. Of course, with his heightened senses, his sense of time was a mess.

“0.1 seconds, if you want it in normal language.” Blue Flash repeated. Then, she stared at him with a strange gaze. “Even with s-six paths, you shouldn’t do it.”

Varian didn’t answer and instead used his telekinetic power to grab a 9-star potion.

Without hesitation, he downed it.


Blue Flash felt like hitting him in the head. That was a 9-star potion for fuck’s sake!

While it could heal him rapidly, it was overkill.

What’s more, as she looked at his nonchalant face after throwing the potion vial into the trash, she realized that he didn’t really care about the potion’s worth.

‘Why am I so poor?’ She clutched her heart.

They needed space stones for CFTs. She sold everything she had to buy them. But this guy…

‘Urghhh.’ Blue Flash stomped her feet in frustration.

“Let’s go.” His voice snapped her out of her thoughts.

“Huh?” Her space sense checked his condition and saw that while he still had injuries, they were only minor.

“Let’s give Enigma an hour’s rest,” Varian glanced at the room where she was sleeping and turned to Blue Flash. “Now, I just want to train.”

“…” Blue Flash shrugged and touched his shoulder.

Darkness enveloped Varian and he was once again facing horrifying space currents.

They pierced at him like spears, slashed at him like swords, pricked at him like needles.

His whole body seemed to be pulled and pushed as it began to twist in strange shapes.


Varian was once again floating in space, some five hundred miles away from ghostship.

“Again!” Varian yelled eagerly.


Varian got better at using his body and telekinetic path. His space sense completely focused on the chaotic space currents and studied them earnestly.

Even though he was staying in only for 0.1 seconds, to him, it was equivalent to a few dozen seconds of precious study.

“Again!” He yelled with enthusiasm.


“Again?” Blue Flash asked eagerly. Her eyes staring at Varian also changed. There was a mix of endless curiosity and boundless expectation.

She felt it clearly.

His aura…despite being weakened due to his excessive use and injuries, was actually improving!

This was the first time Enigma saw his progress and it thoroughly broke her worldview.

‘If you can keep on improving, I’ll even try throwing you into Inner Space!’ She beamed inwardly.

‘At this rate, when you will be a Sovereign? This week? This month? Hehehe.’ She covered her mouth and chuckled.

‘Eh…why is he not replying?’ She glanced at the silent man and asked again. “Again?”

“N-No.” Lying on the ground like a dead fish, Varian muttered with a tired smile. He was drenched in his own blood from head to toe and injuries of every size could be spotted on his body.

If it was any other time, he’d have taken another potion and agreed to train.

Not this time.

“I hit the limit,” Varian replied.


Varian exhaled deeply, coughing out blood in the process. “I…I can’t improve more at the moment.”

It was true.

Using the same method too many times in too little of a timespan caused him to ‘stop’.

“Oh…” Blue Flash muttered in a silent voice. “It’s really a pity.”

Varian rolled his eyes and checked his status.

[Body Path Level 6: 2/6 (+2)

Space Path Level 6: 3/6 (+2)

Lightning Path Level 6: 2/6

Morpher Path Level 6: 2/6 (+2)

Telepath Path Level 6: 0/6

Telekinetic Path Level 6: 1/6 (+1)]

‘Not bad. Not bad at all.’ Varian grinned inwardly.

His body and Morpher path greatly helped him and due to the continuous construction-destruction of his body, the connection between his aura, prana and body improved.

The Varian now would be able to defeat the thirty abyssals of Pluto if he used Body, Space, and Morpher Path.

“I’m ready.” Enigma exited her room and walked to Varian.

“Give me thirty minutes.” Varian grinned painfully and took a deep shower.

After half an hour, he entered a spaceport, did the same stuff with teleportation formations, and exited at Mars.

Enigma said she was able to suppress the tracker until Earth, but Varian didn’t want to risk Earth.

It was too dangerous.

Soon, they were once again chased by Mars patrol guards and they were out in space.

The federation was finally fed up.

They conducted a detailed investigation on the IDs used by Dreamer and traced them back to one person.

Sovereign Irene.


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