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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 83 Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel sat down and poured himself a glass of wine, he looked at everyone who was enjoying the feast in the restaurant. It was funny for him to look at them munching all the food even though there was barely any spots left in their mouth.

“So, how was it? The twelfth floor?” Mykel asked with his legs crossed and arm rested on the chair.

Agnez cleared her throat while putting the knife and fork on the table. “It was harder than the eleventh floor, but it wasn’t really a problem at all for us since we dealt with all the demons on the second day,” she said as she wiped her lips. “The problem was there was a side quest and we had to free the people that the demons captured. They used them as slaves, or more like a sex slave,” she continued.

“It was horrible, boss,” Gunnar said as he kept putting food in his mouth. “They breed them like chicken, they-” before he could finish his sentence, Jeanne threw a pea at him.

“Please don’t talk about it here, I still want to enjoy my food right now,” Jeanne said as she furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Gunnar.

“Yeah, can you stop talking for a moment and let us enjoy our food first?” Rozan said who started to lose his appetite. The others were nodding in agreement while Gunnar frowned and continued eating quietly.

Jeanne was still angry about what happened back there in the hospital room. Mykel didn’t want to make a fuss about it and let her deal with it.

“All of the Heroes are safe, right?” Mykel asked.

“They’re safe and they’re also doing great compared to back then. Something is bothering me about Costrezeir though,” Rozan replied. “She looked sad all the time and her stares were empty,” he continued as he looked at Mykel.

“It was because she spent her lifespan to use a skill. She only has a year or so before she runs out of time,” Mykel answered.

“I asked Costrezeir about her hair the other day, and she said that she wanted to know how long her hair could grow before she died. I didn’t know at that time and I thought it was to motivate herself, but turns out it’s because of that? That’s so messed up,” Sven said as he ate the lobster tail.

“Nothing isn’t messed up if you live in that kind of situation for years. You would have nothing to entertain yourself anymore,” Rozan replied as he stared blankly.

Mykel looked at Lillith who had been glancing at him ever since they saw each other. “Lillith, come with me,” he said as he stood up and looked at her.

Lillith looked scared but she nodded with understanding and followed Mykel to the balcony.

“I know why you’re bringing me out here, Mykel. You want me to keep quiet, right?” Lillith said as she looked at Mykel who was enjoying the breeze.

Mykel turned around and leaned on the railing. “Were you surprised?” he asked with his arms crossed.

“Are you really a God?” Lillith asked.

“If I say, I am, are you going to tell everyone about it?” Mykel asked back and looked at Lillith in the eye.

“No, Goddess Hera has warned me about it already, she threatened me that she would give me a skill that could rot my body and soul,” Lillith answered as she put her hands in her sweater pockets to comfort herself. “But can I ask you a question?” she asked.

“As long as you don’t ask me about my past, I can give you an answer,” Mykel replied.

“Okay, can you tell me what’s your goal?” Lillith asked.

“Asmond Redfeld,” Mykel answered immediately.

“Asmond Redfeld? What is that mean? Are you here for him?” Lillith asked with her eyebrows furrowed and her head tilted.

“Go and read Edith’s memory, you will be able to see her vision of the future,” Mykel answered as he put his hand on Lillith’s head. “You will understand why I’m here,” he said and then went back inside.

Lillith followed Mykel from behind and went back to her seat. She looked at Edith and read her memories from her encounter with Mykel then she saw it, the vision that Edith had.

“Mykel, I hope you can redeem yourself in the deepest part of hell,” Asmond said while he looked down at Mykel who was on his knees and a sword pierced through his chest.

Lillith looked at Mykel who barely had any energy left, his stare was empty with his face covered in blood. She looked around and saw Gunnar and the others were laying on the ground dead including herself.

Lillith’s heart was pounding really fast and couldn’t believe what she saw. Asmond grabbed the sword in Mykel’s chest and he kicked Mykel’s body to the ground.

Everyone was cheering for Asmond even though the whole city was flattened including the tower. The blood-red sky was the only thing that Lillith could see in the sky.

Lillith walked around and noticed that Jeanne wasn’t dead, she was captured and she was crying and screaming at Mykel’s dead body while she was on her knees. Jeannie’s scream was so loud it echoed throughout the city.

Jeanne grabbed a sword from one of the guy’s waist and stabbed herself in the heart. Asmond was screaming her name while he ran toward her dead body, and then the dark clouds formed.

Everyone looked at the sky and the clouds blocked the light in the sky. A hand came out from the sky, the hand was big enough to grab the whole earth with it like a basketball.

The hand slowly shrunk itself and was small enough to pinch Mykel’s dead body. The hand took Mykel’s body into the dark clouds and everyone was cheering with excitement.

Asmond looked at the sky with tears in his eyes. “Thank you, Goddess of All,” he said quietly.

Lillith had seen enough, she closed her eyes so she could go back, but the moment she opened her eyes, she was still in there and all of the people were still cheering on Mykel’s death. She closed her eyes as tight as she could, and then the cheering voices disappeared.

“That was scary,” Lillith said to herself as she opened her eyes but then her whole body was frozen and trembled in fear.

The cheering disappeared not because she went back to reality but because all the people were glaring at her with their eyes wide open and looking at her silently. Lillith breathe heavily as tears fell down to her cheeks and those people were still glaring at her including Asmond.

Gunnar and the other dead bodies were still there but they slowly opened their eyes and moved their head toward her and glared at her so widely. Lillith’s whole body felt so weak as if her body turned into liquid.

“Please, let me leave,” Lillith said quietly to whoever prevented her from leaving. “Please, I beg you,” she continued with her trembling voice while sniffling.

Footsteps could be heard walking toward her, and he saw dozens of people holding their weapons upside down. Lillith looked at them standing around her and glaring down at her, she shook her head repeatedly as she breathed heavily.

“No, please, no…” Lillith said as she sobbed and closed her eyes.

A pair of hands appeared from the ground and forced Lillith to open her eyes. She looked at all of the people who were ready to stab her with their swords and spears.

“Please! N-” Before Lillith could finish her sentence, all of them stabbed her body over and over.

The unbearable pain that she could feel in every part of her body was so immense that she could do nothing but watch them mess her inside out. Her eyes rolled to the back but the fingers pulled her eyes back and forced her to keep looking at her own intestines were being pulled out.

“Aren’t you a curious little one,” A woman’s voice whispered into Lillith’s ears. “Enjoy your stay here, forever” the woman whispered and it fade away.

Lillith screamed as loud as she could while she was gurgling from her own blood and stared at the dark sky.

“Lillith!” Mykel yelled at her.

Lillith was shocked when she saw Mykel holding her in his arms while the others were looking at her in fear. She looked at Mykel and she immediately hugged him so tightly and started sobbing loudly.

“Mykel…” Lillith called his name over and over.

All of them were so confused and scared at the same time when her body collapsed from the chair with her eyes wide open. They had been trying to wake her up for almost an hour but nothing happened.

Mykel lifted Lillith’s body and she didn’t want to remove her arms around him. “Get the car, let’s go home,” he said calmly and the others nodded with understanding.


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