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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 80 Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel watched Asmond, Kastor, and Caesar with Enma at the frontline fighting the demon servants. They were a bit struggling to defeat them because most of the demons from the Lucifer tower could fly. They had become stronger than the last time he saw them, especially Asmond because he was the main character of the story.

“Asmond! We will make an opening and you will take care of the rest, okay?” Enma said as she blocked the mace of an angelic-like demon.

“Got it! I will do my best!” Asmond said as he repelled the mace of the other servant with Kastor.

All the wounded Awakeners were resting on the back and Mykel wasn’t that far from them. He decided to approach them and find out what kind of things they had in their minds.

“Good work,” Mykel said as he offered a guy with a helmet on a sandwich that Edith made.

The guy lifted his head and looked at Mykel with a sandwich in his hand. “Thank you and your team is a big help to us,” he said as he grabbed the sandwich from Mykel’s hand.

“Well they are but compared to Asmond, they’re not really that great, huh?” Mykel said as he sat down next to the guy with Edith sitting next to Mykel and checked her sandwiches.

The guy sighed and rolled his eyes a bit. “Yeah, our hero is doing all the work as always,” he said with a bit of annoyance.

“What’s wrong? Did they treat him differently?” Mykel asked and pretended that he knew nothing.

“Don’t make me start talking about it,” The guy answered as he raised his eyebrows while he ate the sandwich. “At first we are happy that we have someone that we can depend on, and I’m grateful that I’m here right now, but they only focused on Asmond that our gap started to visible. Instead of helping us to get stronger, they only focused on Asmond, and I think they were blinded by Asmond’s talent that they forget that they couldn’t clear a tower with just him alone,” he explained.

Mykle listened to the guy’s whine and it started to attract the others who agreed with the guy. One by one people joined in and they were starting to express their dissatisfaction with Kastor and Caesar. They didn’t even bother to talk about it in front of the others and knowing that, Mykel knew the situation was worse than he thought and he couldn’t be happy more than that.

“So Kastor and Caesar did nothing after you guys told them that?” Mykel asked as he leaned on his arms behind his back.

“They did but they said they would think of a way after we are done clearing the fifteenth floor,” The guy with the helmet said.

All of them scoffed and shook their head. “Yeah sure, like we are going to believe that,” a guy said and the others nodded in agreement.

“Those two think they can clear the fifteenth floor if they keep treating you guys like this?” Mykel asked with a surprised expression. “I don’t think that’s going to work if they only focused on Asmond alone,” he continued as he looked at Asmond and tried to be neutral to avoid suspicion.

“I believe Kastor wanted to make a team like how you made your own, Mister Mykel,” Another guy said as he pointed at Mykel. “I think he’s obsessed with the idea of making a team with talented Awakeners, but looking at his own strength, the best he could get is someone like himself,” he continued.

“Yeah, he’s not even that strong but trying to compete with Mister Mykel’s skills and capabilities it will go wrong pretty quickly and I can bet on all Zeny that I have,” a guy said in agreement.

“He could dream to have Awakeners like Gunnar, Rozan, Agnez, Jeanne, and the others. The best he could get is Awakener like us because I believe it isn’t just about talent but also how he treats his teammates,”

“We are jealous of them, Mister Mykel, if only we didn’t leave the Guild Association, we might be able to do better than this,” a guy said and all of them agreed to his words.

Mykel chuckled and shook his head. “No, it’s because of their own hard work and maybe because we have so many facilities that suffice their needs,”

[Congratulation you have cleared the fifth floor of Azazel Tower!]

[The portal to the sixth floor is now open!]

“Well, I guess that’s enough with the small talk,” Mykel said as he stood up and they both walked toward the portal while some of the Awakeners were cheering for Asmond.

Hours had passed and they finally reached the ninth floor, and all the Awakeners from the Guild Associations used all their stamina on clearing the ninth floor. The Awakeners from the Fraternity were also the same except for Kastor, Caesar, Asmond, and Enma.

Kastor looked at the exhausted Awakeners from his team and he was hesitating if he wanted to continue or not. “I believe we can defeat the demon lord since we have Mykel to back us up if things didn’t go as planned. What do you think, Caesar?” he asked.

“I don’t know, we can’t just depend on Mykel after knowing that everyone is exhausted right now,” Caesar answered while he looked at Mykel who was checking everyone from the Guild Association.

“We can rest here for a few hours and then we can continue, I believe we can do it even without Mykel’s help,” Asmond said with a serious expression while staring at the portal. “We need to get stronger if we want to clear the fifteenth floor,” he continued as he looked at Kastor.

Kastor nodded in agreement and then he turned around and looked at everyone. “We are going to rest for now and we can go to the tenth floor after everyone’s stamina is replenished,” he said and it surprised them because they knew it wasn’t because they were exhausted but because they weren’t strong enough to kill the demon lord.

Caesar looked at Mykel who looked fine with the decision, but he wasn’t convinced so he approached Mykel to ask about it.

“What do you think, Mykel? Do you think we can clear the tenth floor? We in what I’m saying is we without you,” Caesar asked while he looked at the Awakeners sitting behind Mykel.

“It depends, but if Asmond is so serious about it, I think you guys can clear it,” Mykel answered as he looked at Asmond. “Everyone is fine with that as well since they wanted to see the famous angel-like demon lord,” he continued as he looked at Caesar.

“Are you questioning Asmond’s talent, Caesar?” Mykel asked.

“No, it’s just that he has been acting weird for the past few days. He’s pushing himself to the limit but he’s endangering everyone else with him. I’m just worried that bad things will happen if he keeps doing things like that,” Caesar answered and he looked worried about it.

“But Kastor seems to like it, right? Look at him, he looks so proud of Asmond,” Mykel said with a smile on his face.

“I think because of the joint team, he’s starting to think differently, especially after we witnessed the difference in skill and power compared to your team, Mykel,” Caesar said as he sighed.

“I guess it’s fine since they see me here with them so they think they can try to push the limit because of the given opportunity. You don’t have to worry too much, I can handle it on my own if things go bad,” Mykel replied. “Just get some rest, you will need it to fight the demon lord,” he continued as he nodded his head at the portal.

“Yeah, I will get some rest,” Caesar nodded in agreement then left.

Mykel looked at Asmond’s status screen and he got the same exact set of skills as in the original story.

[NAME: Asmond Radfeld]

[LEVEL: 23]



[ARCANA COIN: 7,800]


Mykel tapped on Asmond’s skills tab.


[PLEASE SELECT AND MODIFY [Asmond Redfled]’s [Skill Tab]!]


[YES.] [NO.]

Mykel chuckled and tapped on the [Yes] button.


[The [PAIN RESISTANCE (Lv.6)] skill has been removed from [Asmond Redfled]’s [Skill Tab]!]

Mykel tapped on Asmond’s skills tab again.


[PLEASE SELECT AND MODIFY [Asmond Redfled]’s [Skill Tab]!]


[YES.] [NO.]

“Yes…” Mykel said as he tapped on the [Yes] button.


[The [STRENGTH (Lv.1)] skill has been modified from [Asmond Redfled]’s [Skill Tab]!]

“Keep pushing yourself, Asmond, you were lucky because in the original story you had companions who were as strong as you are. Now that those people are on my side, I can’t wait to see you suffer from your own ambition,” Mykel talked to himself quietly.

“I can’t wait to see you scream in pain, Asmond,” Mykel said as he walked back with a big smile on his face.


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