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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 7 Bahasa Indonesia

[NAME: Mykel Alester]

[LEVEL: 100]




[Imitate (Active): The User is allowed to imitate the skill of the target based on the User’s [Imitate] skill level. (Current level is 1. The user can only imitate a skill with level 5 or higher and will downgrade the skill the User imitates to Level 1)]

Mykel stared at the status screen as his head was covered with a towel, he had been working out for a whole week but he felt unsatisfied with the result. For the past two days, he couldn’t progress the basic skills anymore as if he reached the cap with the tools and machines in the gym even though he had [Accelerate (Lv.3)] that gave him a 300% boost.

“Mykel, are you done training for today as well?” Caesar asked as he entered the training room.

Mykel glared at him under the shade of his towel. “Yes, I’m done for today,” he replied as he used his [Admin] skill.

“Such a shame, even though we have been seeing each other since last week, we never had the chance to train together,” Caesar said as he walked toward the bench and put his backpack down.

Mykle just hummed as he wrote Caesar’s name on the command prompt to check his status.

[NAME: Caesar Ceras]

[LEVEL: 9]




[Strong-will (Passive): The moment when the User is under a stress, the User will have all momentarily extra skills. [Recovery (Lv.1)], [Pain Resistance (Lv.1)], [All-Status Resistance (Lv.1)], [Tough Skin (Lv.1)], [Empower (Lv.1)]. (Current level is 1. The extra skills’ level is equal to [Strong-will] skill level with 30 minutes duration and can only be activated once a day.)]

“Are you listening, Mykel?” Caesar asked as he stood in front of Mykel.

Mykel lifted his head and looked at Caesar. “Sorry, what?” he asked as he removed the towel on his head.

Caesar sat next to Mykel and stretched his legs. “I heard you don’t have any guild, are you interested in joining my guild?”

“I’m not interested in guild or becoming a ranker, I have a different goal,” Mykel said as he wiped his sweat on his neck.

“Really? But you will get a lot of privilege if you become a ranker and join a guild though,” Caesar said as he leaned on the wall and looked at Mykel.

“As I said, I’m not interested in all that, what else do you want me to say?” Mykel glared at Caesar.

Caesar raised his hands while he raised his eyebrows. “I’m just saying, but if you change your mind in the future, this offer is still open,” he said as he crossed his arms. “Such a shame, if you joined the rank you will immediately sit on the top since I know what happened that day,” he continued.

“Really?” Mykel asked.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell anyone about it,” Caesar replied while he smiled and grinned.

Mykel knew that Caesar won’t say anything about it since he wasn’t that kind of a person. He then stood up and grabbed his stuff without saying anything.

“Eh? You’re leaving already?” Caesar asked as he stood up.

“Yes, and I’m not going back for quite a while,” Mykel answered as he put on his blazer. “Since you’re here, can you tell Lyneth that I’m leaving and I won’t be back for quite a while?” he asked as he looked at Caesar.

“Sure, but where are you going?” Caesar replied.

“I’m going to District 14,” Mykel answered with a straight face.

“Are you planning on leveling up in the Azazel Tower?” Caesar asked as he put on the hand wrap.

“No, I have other business there,” Mykel said as he grabbed his cigarette and put it in his mouth. “Just tell her that, I’m leaving now,” he continued as he left the room and waved his hand in the air.

Mykel went to the train station as he smoked his cigarette and looked at the date on his newly bought phone. “The event will start in three days, I should be there before it happens,” he said to himself as he put the phone in his pocket.

After he bought the bullet train ticket, he entered the train with a cigarette in his mouth then sat down and crossed his legs.

“Excuse me, sir? You’re not allowed to smoke in here,” The conductor said as he stood in front of Mykel.

Mykel glared at him and his glare was enough to intimidate the conductor. “Relax, I’m not going to light it up,” he said as he gave the conductor his ticket.

The conductor just nodded and grabbed Mykel’s ticket to check it out then gave it back to him. “Please enjoy the trip, sir,” he said nervously then walked away.

The other passengers were looking at him but the moment he looked back at them, they all looked away.

[You have attained a new skill!]

[Open your status screen to check it out!]

Mykel opened his status screen and scoffed as he rolled over the cigarette in his mouth while he was smirking.

[Intimidate (Active): The User’s presence will make everyone in the surrounding area feel threatened by it. The higher the [Intimidate] skill level, the higher the chance that the enemy to avoid an encounter with the User. This skill might not effective against Users or demons with [Unyielding], [Mind Stability], [All-Status Resistance] skills. (Current level is 1. A 10% chance to make everyone fear your presence.)]

[Activate Intimidate (Lv.1)?]

[Yes.] [No.]

Mykel tapped on the yes button because he didn’t want to be bothered by anyone and it was also the only way to increase the skill level.

Mykel closed his eyes as he tried to remember the event that will happen in three days. The only event that he personally loved in the story, was the outbreak event where the demons from all the 13 towers left the tower and destroyed all of the districts.

The demons in that event weren’t that strong, the average level of the demons that ravaged the districts was 5. That was when the first big war happened between Awakeners and demons, and that was when the [Benefactor] system was implemented in the story. All the constellations decided to help those Awakeners and helped them progress rapidly to fight the demons and the demon kings.

After a devastating war between demons, the Awakeners were introduced to the [Benefactor] and the faction of each of the constellations. All the constellations were a being that could be called a god or a goddess, they lend the Awakeners their powers and also a currency for the Awakeners to buy items from the world where their [Benefactor] lived.

The currency was called Arcana Coin and the reason behind that name was because of the factions. There were 21 factions equal to the major arcana in tarot cards and all the constellations were a part of it.

Some of the constellations were in more than one faction so it wasn’t a surprise that an Awakener could have more than one Benefactor as long as the constellation the Awakener chose was okay with it. Each faction had an ally to another faction and an enemy to some, so even though they were helping the Awakeners, they didn’t want to be in the same spot with their enemy.

The constellations were more complicated than the Awakeners thought, and in the future, once an Awakener chose a Benefactor, they couldn’t be friends with another Awakener with a specific constellation because of that. Still, even though they hated each other, the only faction that all of the 20 major arcana hated the most was the Devil Arcana faction where Lucifer and other demon kings resided.

“Loki, Nyx, Zeus, Odin…” Mykel mumbled to himself as he kept closing his eyes to remember the big constellations in the story.

Suddenly a notification sound appeared and he had to open his right eye to check it out.

[You have attained a new skill!]

[Open your status screen to check it out!]

“Meditation?” Mykel mumbled as he looked at his status screen.

[Meditation (Passive): The User can meditate once a day and will speed up the progress of all the skills that the User attained except [Meditation] skill. (Current level is 1. Can meditate for 30 minutes a day.)]

“Ever since I leveled up the Accelerate skill it started to give me weird skills,” Mykel said as he fixed his seating and then he realized that the whole carriage was empty and he was the only one in there. “Oh, no wonder…” he continued as he checked his [Intimidate] skill increased to level 2.

A broadcast was cast and the train was about to reach the final destination, District 14. Mykel stood up and walked to the door as he watched the city of District 14 from the window.

“This is going to be fun to watch,” Mykel said as he bit his cigarette butt.


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