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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 46 Bahasa Indonesia

“We did it,” Asmond said as he stabbed his sword on the road and leaned on it, and chuckled with disbelief. “We defeated all the demons,” he continued as he looked back, but his smile disappeared the moment he saw hundreds of people laying on the sidewalk dead.

“You have done a great job, Asmond,” Kastor said as he patted Asmond’s shoulder.

Asmond didn’t say anything and just kept staring at everyone carrying the dead bodies of strangers and even their own friends. There were no smiles or laughter, everyone looked depressed and devastated even though they won the battle against the demons.

“Don’t think about it too much,” Kastor said as he sighed and looked at those people. “Let them mourn because that’s the only right thing to do. If you want to see smiles and laughter, we need to get stronger than this so something like this won’t happen again,” he explained as he tightened his grip on Asmond’s shoulder and shook him gently.

“Master, why the Guild Association don’t help us? I know that we made a mistake and it was despicable, but letting these people die, aren’t they just as bad as us?” Asmond asked while looking at Kastor with a frowned expression.

“I’m sorry, Asmond, it was all my fault. You can’t blame them and I understand why they made such a bold statement because even I was furious and devastated when I heard the news,” Kastor answered and looked down while taking a deep breath. “All of this wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t make a bet with him,” he said quietly.

Asmond looked at Kastor and was confused by his statement but before he could ask about it to him, Kastor’s assistant came. “Mister Kastor, I have received a message from Enma and she said that Caesar’s condition is stable now,”

“I see, I will visit him once I’m done here,” Kastor replied with a gentle smile on his face. Her assistant nodded with understanding and then left. “Let’s help these people, Asmond, they need our help physically and mentally,” he said as he walked to the sidewalk.

“It’s finally over, right?” Jeanne asked.

“Yeah, I think it’s over,” Gunnar answered as he nodded his head. “Your friend is amazing, Jeanne, he’s the reason why they could ward off all the demons from destroying the city,” he continued as he stood up.

“Where are you going? Rozan asked while staring at Gunnar walking past him.

“I need some fresh air after watching all that,” Gunnar replied while he waved his hand and walked to the door.

“Do you have to go somewhere after this?” Mykel asked Lyneth who had been busy with her phone.

“Yes, I have some business with the government related to the damages, I’m planning on covering all of the damages,” Lyneth answered while keep staring at her phone.

“I see, well then, Agnez and Lillith will be your bodyguards,” Mykel said as he grabbed Agnez and Lillith’s heads from behind. Agnez gave him a thumbs up while she keep watching the news.

“Hmm? Do you have a plan?” Lyneth asked and looked at him.

“I’m going to accompany, Gunnar, he looks like about to cry from watching the breakout,” Mykel answered as he grabbed his blazer. “Jeanne, Gerrard, Rozan, you guys bring those three to the gym and give them the same training that I gave you guys,” he said as he walked to the door.

“Got it, boss,” Rozan said as he stood up. “Come on, we don’t have time to waste,” he said and looked at those three.

“I knew you would be down here,” Mykel said with the Blazer over his shoulders.

“Boss?” Gunnar asked with a full glass of gin.

“Make some space, your body is getting bigger and bigger now,” Mykel said as he looked at the sofa that should be enough for three people but Gunnar almost had it for himself.

“What are you doing down here, boss? I thought you’re going to be with Miss Lyneth,” Gunnar asked and then drank the gin.

“How can I leave when I see you like this,” Mykel answered as he leaned and stared at the ceiling while putting a cigarette in his mouth. “Can I ask you something, Gunnar?” he asked.

“Sure, boss,” Gunnar answered.

“Am I a bad guy?” Mykel asked as he stared at Gunnar from the corner of his eyes.

“I don’t believe you’re a bad or good guy, boss. You’re just doing what’s best for your own good, that’s what I think,” Gunnar answered.

“What if people called me the bad guy, are you still going to follow me?” Mykel asked and stared at his cigarette in between his fingers.

“It’s too hard for me to answer, boss, but I want to keep following you because Rozan and the others are my new family now. Not to mention we got three new recruits,” Gunnar answered as he poured himself another full glass of gin.

“I see, I hope that you forgive me if I didn’t meet your expectations, Gunnar,” Mykel said as he leaned her body forward and poured a glass of gin.

“What are you talking about, boss? You’re making me feel bad now for saying that,” Gunnar replied while looking at Mykel who barely made any expression.

“Just enjoy your alone time, you can come back whenever you’re ready. Oh, also those three are in the gym now if you want to mess with them. I’m going there now,” Mykel said as he patted Gunnar’s back then stood up and left.

“Eh? Really?! You should have told me earlier, boss!” Gunnar said as he ran toward Mykel and joined his walk.

Asmond and Kastor went to the hospital where Caesar was treated. Asmond looked at his surroundings and so many Awakeners were being treated. He couldn’t bear to see those people with heavy injuries all over their bodies and kept walking next to Kastor.

Kastor entered the VIP room and saw Caesar’s face was covered with bandages and Enma sat next to him. “How’s he?” he asked Enma as he looked at Caesar’s condition.

“He’s doing better now, he had a few broken bones and stitches all over his face and arms. The doctor said he will be okay thanks to his skills that helped him stay alive and recover from the injuries,” Enma answered as she kept staring at Caesar’s face.

“How about his face? Is it really that bad?” Kastor asked as he sat down on the other side of the bed.

“The doctor said they have fixed it but it won’t make his face back like how it used to be because so many parts of his face were fractured and crushed that it was hard for them to fix. Caesar said that it wasn’t necessary as long as he could see with his both eyes,” Enma replied as she sighed and frowned.

“I’m glad that he’s doing okay,” Kastor said while he looked at Enma.

“If the Guild Association didn’t send medical supplies, they said they would lose him. Thank goodness they got the supplies the moment we came in here,” Enma said and started crying.

“Yeah, I heard they are going to cover all the damages and medical expenses. I knew that she wouldn’t abandon us, she’s the Lyneth I know,” Kastor said and started to smile.

“I told you to stop crying, Enma,” Caesar said weakly as he slowly turned his head toward her. Enma nodded and sniffled as she wiped her tears.

“Hey Caesar, how are you feeling?” Kastor asked as he stood up.

“I feel like shit…” Caesar said and tried to chuckle but he coughed instead which sounded so painful.

“I think you shouldn’t be talking and just get some rest. We came here to check your condition, that’s all,” Kastor said as he gently patted Caesar’s chest.

“I’m fine, don’t worry about me, it’s just quite hard to breathe with this thing in my nose,” Caesar said. “Ah, you’re here as well, Asmond, I’m glad to see you here,” he continued as he slightly raised his hand.

“Hi, sir, I’m glad that you’re okay,” Asmond said with a nervous smile.

“I told you to stop calling me sir, just call me Caesar like the others. We aren’t strangers anymore, you know?” Caesar said and then he stared blankly at the ceiling. “I heard that you guys killed the demons in District 11 and District 12, I also heard that you cut the minotaur in half, Asmond. You know that you’re a fucking hero, right?” he said as he looked at Asmond.

“No, I don’t think I’m a hero, I’m just doing my best to protect everyone and killed the demons, that’s all,” Asmond answered while chuckling and scratching the back of his head.

“That’s what a hero does, Asmond, you’re the hero of the story,” Caesar said while he pointed his finger at him. “I can see that we have a bright future with Asmond with us, Kastor, I can see it,” he continued and coughed again.

“Yes, I believe so too,” Kastor said as he looked at Asmond and nodded in agreement.


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