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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 44 Bahasa Indonesia

“It’s happening! Everyone get in position!” Kastor shouted as he saw the entrance of the Azrael tower open so slowly.

The moment a demon came out from the tower, bullets were shot at the demon and it was overkill. The demon collapsed but then the ground shook and a giant axe flew from the entrance toward the soldiers and smashed them onto the ground.

Kastor was staring at the pool of blood on the ground and suddenly a giant minotaur came out from the entrance. The minotaur charged at them and the soldiers immediately shot a missile at him but nothing happened, not even a scratch after the missile exploded on his chest.

“Don’t let a single demon enter the district! Charge!” Kastor said as he ran toward the minotaur and was followed by hundreds of Awakeners.

The minotaur growled as he shook his head and kept charging at them, then he grabbed the hellhound that ran next to him. He threw the hellhound toward Kastor and the others and hit some of the Awakeners. The hellhound immediately stood up and bit off and tore their bodies like it was nothing.

The minotaur growled again and more hellhounds came out from the tower. Those hellhounds were so big but so agile at the same time that it was so hard for the soldiers to hit them with missiles and bullets. Even if a bullet hit them, it didn’t affect them at all and kept on charging at them.

The helicopter from above the tower saw how those hellhounds massacred the Awakeners like they were nothing at all. They broadcasted everything on TV so everyone could see what kind of danger they were dealing with. Gunnar and the others watched the massacre with their eyes and mouths wide open.

“What the fuck? Is that even real?” Gunnar said as he gulped and kept staring at the TV. “Boss, why are these demons looked so strong? We have never seen these kinds of demons in Azrael tower even though we cleared it up to the ninth floor,” he asked as he turned around to look at Mykel leaning on the wall with a cigarette in his mouth.

“What did you expect? A low level demon?” Mykel replied and puffed the smoke, everyone turned their heads around to look at Mykel. “You should know already from the first breakout that those demons weren’t the demons from the first five floors. The ogre that I fought during the first breakout was the ogre from the ninth floor of Azazel tower,” he explained as he kept staring at the broadcast.

“Wait, does that means these demons that we are watching are from the eleventh up to the nineteenth floor?” Rozan asked while staring at Mykel with disbelief.

“No, I believe those demons were from the eleventh to fourteenth floor” Mykel answered while shaking his head. “The first breakout was triggered because nobody cleared the fifth floor, and the demons that came out were from the sixth to the ninth floor,” he explained as he looked at them.

“That doesn’t change the fact that those demons are stronger than what they can handle,” Gunnar said.

“You were given a task and you didn’t finish it, do you think there will be no consequence? We are facing demons who’s their only objective is to destroy the world. What makes you think they would go easy on us?” Mykel asked as he stared at Gunnar.

“So this is the end for them then?” Rozan asked with a devastating expression.

“No, the government has prepared for this kind of situation and they have expected this situation as well,” Lyneth said as she walked toward Mykel. “You don’t have to worry, and you will see it soon enough,” she continued and grabbed the cigarette from Mykel’s hand.

A siren could be heard and Kastor looked back when he saw the soldiers waving a flag at them. “Everyone fall back! Now!” Kastor screamed his lungs out and was loud enough to be heard by all the Awakeners around him.

Kastor ran as fast as they could while the artillery bombarded the ground behind the Awakeners to prevent the hellhounds to follow them. Fortunately, the hellhounds couldn’t withstand the destructive power of the artillery and they immediately retreated and stayed away from the radius of the explosion.

The sounds of fighter jets could be heard from the distance and there were so many of them. Everyone looked up in the sky as they saw dozens of fighter jets approaching them and then released something near the tower.

Cluster bombs were being released from the jet and straight went down to the open field around the tower. Thousands of small bombs bombarded the hellhounds and they exploded the moment they hit something.

Kastor and the others watched the body of hellhounds splattered all over the ground as the fighter jets kept releasing the cluster bombs from the sky. It was impossible for those giant demons to avoid the bombs, and so almost all of them were laying on the ground dying.

“I know that it’s hard to fight demons inside the towers, but not when they’re outside,” Lyneth said as she smoked the cigarette. “We are not primitive, we have survived for thousands of years and we know how to deal with a threat,” she continued as she looked at everyone.

“Unfortunately, there’s always a limit and that means, bombs and guns will be useless at some point,” Mykel said as he looked at the broadcast. “And that just proved my words,” he said as he pointed at the TV.

“Impossible!” Kastor said as he glared at the minotaur who was still standing in the middle of hundreds of dead bodies of hellhounds.

The minotaur growled and blood came out of his mouth, he then looked at the Awakeners and started to walk again. Kastor noticed that the minotaur was heavily injured and he believed it was their only chance.

“Charge! If we kill that demon, the breakout will end!” Kastor said as he ran toward the minotaur. All the Awakeners followed Kastor from behind while the soldiers bombarded the minotaur with missiles and shells from the tanks.

Kastor dodged the body of the hellhound that the minotaur threw at him, and the moment he got close to the minotaur, he jumped and swung his sword down as hard as he could. The minotaur grabbed the sword with his bare hand and then punched Kastor in the stomach and made him fly quite far away.

Kastor coughed blood as he went on all four, he tried to stand up but the minotaur broke his ribs. While he struggled to stand, he heard movements from in front of him, he saw one of the hellhounds slowly stand up and looked at Kastor who was struggling.

The hellhound growled at Kastor as it slowly walked toward him, the hellhound then started running and leaped toward him. Kastor closed his eyes and covered his head with his right arm since that was the only thing he could do.

“Master, are you alright?!” A man’s voice could be heard from in front of Kastor.

Kastor opened his eyes and looked at Asmond who stabbed the hellhound on the neck from the side. “You save my life, Asmond, I owe you one,” he said with a smile on his face.

Asmond screamed his lungs out as he pushed the hellhound to the side and then pulled his broadsword from the hellhound’s neck. He then helped Kastor to stand up and carried him to the side where he was safe from any demons.

“I see that you have become strong now, Asmond,” Kastor said as he leaned on the wall while he put his right hand on his left ribs.

“You shouldn’t be talking, Master,” Asmond said as he stood up and looked at the minotaur. “Let me take care of the rest now,” he said as he walked toward the minotaur.

Asmond took a deep breath as he watched the Awakeners struggle to fight off the minotaur, and then he activated his skill and dozens of notifications appeared in front of him.

[Nemesis has been activated!]

[The target is Demon Minotaur]

[Skills and Level have been equalized!]

[Duration is 1 minute]

Asmond ran toward the minotaur and immediately jumped toward the minotaur from the side.

“Take this!” Asmond screamed as he slashed his sword down at the minotaur.

All the Awakeners and the soldiers who watched him were shocked and in disbelief. The minotaur was cut in half by just a single swing of Asmond’s sword.

[NAME: Asmond Radfeld]

[LEVEL: 14]




[Nemesis (Active): Allows the User to be equal with the target’s level and skill for a certain amount of time. (Current level is 2. The duration is 1 minute and can only be used once a day.)]

[Retribution (Passive): When fighting demons, increase all resistance and base skills based on [Retribution] skill level. (Current level is 1. Increase all resistance and base skills by 1)]

Mykel smirked while crossing his arms. “The power of the main character,”


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