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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 4 Bahasa Indonesia

[You have attained a new skill!]

[Open your status screen to check it out!]

Mykel walked the sidewalk as he stared at the notification, he opened his status screen and checked the new skill he attained. “Accelerate?” Mykel said to himself. “That’s something I have never heard of, now that I think about it, I don’t remember making all of these skills in the story,” he continued as he stared at his status screen.

[Accelerate (Passive): Your hard work to reach the max level is making you understand the system like no one else. Your understanding of the system allows you to speed up your skill progression and learn new skills. The higher the [Accelerate] skill the faster you learn all of your skills. (Current level is 1. Speed up your skill progression by 100% and extra 50% chance for you to attain a new skill.)]

“Hmm…” Mykel hummed with understanding. “So this is an exclusive skill that can be obtained once an Awakener reached max level,” he continued as he closed the system.

Mykel thought about it and decided to test it out, he went to the place where a crowd of people gathered. That place would be the central business district where hundreds of people gathered, he went to the biggest crossroads.

Mykel stood in between the crowds and that alone was enough to get himself a new skill. He looked at his status screen and checked what kind of skill he had just gotten. “Charm again? Are you serious?” he said under his breath. Mykel looked around and so many of them were staring at him and admiring his handsomeness. “Whatever, I’ll take it,” he said to himself.

A certain woman had been staring at Mykel ever since he crossed the road, and she unconsciously had been following him. Mykel noticed that and decided to use the opportunity to make a move on her.

“Excuse me,” Mykel said as he gently smiled at the woman.

“Y-yes?” The woman replied nervously.

“Can you help me get to the gym? I’m kind of lost right now because this is my first time in here,” Mykel asked while he kept smiling at her.

“Ah? Oh, okay…” The woman replied while she was blushing. “Then, please follow me, I know the best gym in the city and I used to work out there, But, it’s on the other way so we have to cross the road again,” she continued as she pointed at the road behind her.

Mykel tilted his head and then looked at the woman. “I see, then I will be in your care,”

The woman nodded and then they both walked back to the crossroads.

As the woman kept talking with Mykel about her boring story, he purposely stood closer to her and kept looking her in the eye. The woman was blushing and couldn’t hold her nervousness any longer and she started to lose some of her senses, while at the same time Mykel used his right hand to search for the girl’s bag and grabbed her wallet.

[You have attained a new skill!]

[Open your status screen to check it out!]

Mykel smiled at the girl as he glanced at the notification.

“We are here,” The woman said as she pointed her finger at the building.

Mykel looked at how tall the building was and he wasn’t sure if that was really a gym. “This is the gym?” he asked as he looked up at the building.

“Oh, you must be confused. This gym is where the awakeners trained as well, so the bottom floor is for people like us to train our body while the second floor and above are for the awakeners to train their skills,” The woman explained as she pointed to each floor.

“I see, thank you for showing me this place. This is the place where I have been looking for,” Mykel said as he looked at her with a fake smile.

“No problem!” The woman replied with excitement. “Oh, are you going to work out here from now on?” she asked.

“Yes, I think so,” Mykel answered as he looked at the awakeners that came in and out of the building.

“I see… then I hope we can see each other in the gym,” The woman said and then looked at her watch. “Oh no, I’m late! I have to go now, goodbye!” she said as she started to run but then she stopped and turned around. “Can I ask you your name?” she asked.

“Mykel,” Mykel answered.

“Mykel… that’s a really cool name. My name is Sasha!” Sasha said and then left after she waved at him.

Mykel waved back at her with a smile on his face and immediately changed his expression the moment she disappeared.

[NAME: Mykel Alester]

[LEVEL: 100]



[SKILL(S): ADMIN (Lv.1), CHARM (Lv.2), STEALTH (Lv.1), [ACCELERATE (Lv.1)]]

[Stealth (Active/Toggle): This allows the User to lower their presence and become unnoticed by the surroundings. This skill might not effective against Users or demons with [Perception] skill. When the User activates [Stealth] it will tire their body and will automatically inactive the moment they lose consciousness. (Current skill level is 1. Extra 10% chance of the User being unnoticed by their surroundings.)]

“Huh? My Charm increased already?” Mykel said as he raised his eyebrow and looked at his status screen. “Well, now that I’m in the gym, let’s see how many skills that I can get from working out,” he said as he entered the gym.

Hours had passed, and Mykel wiped his face with his shirt since he didn’t have a towel with him. He showed his muscular body and tattoos to all the people in the gym, and the women who worked out next to him were staring at him and aroused by his body.

[NAME: Mykel Alester]

[LEVEL: 100]




“Not good enough, I need to get those numbers up,” Mykel said as he walked toward the bench press and put 200 kg on each side. He started to push them up and down like it was nothing to him while everyone stared at him with their mouths wide open.

Mykel kept doing bench press for other hours as he kept staring at his status screen and not his surroundings. The moment his [Strength] and [Stamina] reached level 5, he stopped doing bench presses and put them back on the machine.

“Hey, I saw you come in here a few hours ago and you seem to not have spare clothes on you,” A woman said as she approached Mykel.

“Yeah, I ended up covering my whole shirt with sweat,” Mykel said as he looked at his wet shirt on the floor. “I should go and put them in the laundry,” he continued as he stood up and grabbed his shirt.

“My apartment is not that far from here, and I can borrow you my washing machine if you want to come over,” The woman said with a flirtatious expression.

Mykel stared at the woman and smirked. “Is that so? Then take me to your apartment,”

Mykel walked next to the woman and she wrapped her arm around his arm so tightly. His chest was popped out since he didn’t wear his shirt and only wore his blazer, which made the guys look at him weirdly but made the ladies excited.

“This is my apartment,” The woman said as she looked at the skyscraper building in front of them.

“Which floor is your room?” Mykel asked as he looked at how tall the building was.

“Over there, on the 104th floor,” The woman whispered into his ear. “Come on, let’s get inside, you must be cold,” she continued as she pulled Mykel into the building.

Mykel just smirked and followed the girl into the building.

The 104th floor was only a floor away from the top of the skyscraper, he was a bit surprised that he hit a jackpot since the woman seemed to be rich.

As soon as Mykel entered her room, he knew how spacious the room was, but he never thought it to be that spacious that could fit a hundred people inside. He walked toward the see-through glass and watched the buildings down below that looked so small.

“Hey…” The woman said as she wrapped her hands around his body. “Let me take this off for you,” she continued as she unbuttoned his blazer while Mykel just looked at her and smiled.

The moment she removed the blazer, Mykel grabbed the blazer from the woman’s hand and threw it away. He grabbed her waist and lifted her up with a smirk on his face. “Let’s not waste any more time,” he said and the woman smiled then immediately kissed him so passionately while he brought her to her bed.

[You have increased a skill!]

[Dexterity (Lv.1) Dexterity (Lv.2)]

[Agility (Lv.2) Agility (Lv.3)]

[Stamina (Lv.5) Stamina (Lv.6)]

[Charm (Lv.3) Charm (Lv.4)]


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