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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 393: To lead, not to protect. Bahasa Indonesia

“We got these keys from killing the fifth Demon Lords. These are the same keys that you used on those mysterious doors, right?” Jeanne asked as everyone was gathered at the dining table with the keys placed orderly on the table.

“Yes, each of these keys will give an artifact,” Mykel nodded as he looked at the keys. “You guys can use it, but you will be facing powerful demons in there,” Mykel warned as he lit his cigarette.

Everyone looked at each other and hesitated to propose to Mykel that they would voluntarily do it for him.

“How powerful?” Rozan asked.

“I’m not going to tell you,” Mykel smiled.

“He’s just messing with you. The demons aren’t that strong, and we can clear it easily,” Agnez said and looked at the keys. “If you guys don’t want to do it, then I’ll do it myself,” Agnez grabbed all the keys.

Everyone was trying to take the keys from Agnez’s hands, but they couldn’t even open her arms. She was laughing and looking at them pitifully, but then she gave it up and let them have the keys.

“Hmm? Where are you going?” Agnez looked at Mykel took the blazer off the chair and put it on.

“Abaddon Tower. Asmond is planning on clearing the thirtieth floor today,” Mykel answered as he fixed his tie. “I’m going to watch Asmond kill the Demon Lord. It has been three months and he’s been hesitating to clear it. I’m going to show my support and just be there for him,” Mykel explained as he emptied the bottle of vodka and put out the cigarette.

Nobody questioned him and they watched him leave the suite.

Mykel took the train to District 2 since it only took an hour, and it had been a while since he took the train. Everyone was looking at him in disbelief, and the women who were in the same carriage as him couldn’t get their eyes off of him.

He looked at the TV while waiting, and saw Lilith and Sapphira start to appear in commercials. The news about the cure for cancer had become the main topic for the past few days. Nobody questioned who they were, and everything was thanks to Lyneth’s connection that could make it happen.

He arrived at District 2 and walked all the way to the Abaddon Tower which was a few kilometers away from the train station. He was the only one who didn’t wear a winter jacket, and with every step he took, the snow around him melted which attracted everyone’s attention.

When he arrived at the Abaddon Tower, Asmond and his team came in big buses. They all looked nervous that they didn’t even realize Mykel was among the crowd. They all entered the tower with Mykel following right behind them and removed his presence.

Asmond opened the door using the Bimasakti world key, and then they all entered the Bimasakti world. They still hadn’t realized that Mykel was among them, and he listened to their conversation about the plan they were going to use.

“Are you sure that would work?” Mykel asked as he looked at the people in front of him.

“We aren’t sure, but that’s what Glen and the others are proposing,” One of the guys answered. “I’m not sure it would work though,” He continued.

One of them turned around to look at who they were talking to, but then they took a few steps back and bumped into the others. They all turned around to see what had happened, and then they were surprised when they saw Mykel with them.

“Mykel Alester!” One of the guys shouted.

Asmond and his main team heard the commotion and Mykel’s name. They turned around and saw Mykel standing at the far back while he smoked his cigarette.

“Mykel?” Asmond hurriedly walked to the back. “Why are you here? And how?” Asmond asked with a confused look.

“I have been following you ever since you entered the tower,” Mykel answered. “I’m here to watch and to give you a moral boost. It will also put you at ease when there’s someone that can guarantee your safety,” Mykel puffed the smoke and looked Asmond in the eye. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to do anything, I can promise you that I’m here to watch, and nothing else,” Mykel flicked his cigarette.

“I see, then come with me to the front,” Asmond said.

Everyone was talking behind Mykel’s back, especially Glen, Rufus, and Silas who showed their hatred at him.

They entered the twenty-sixth floor, the Estriona World. The world had been destroyed by demons and took all the resources to build a demon kingdom. The Demon Lord’s name was Vallon, a wyvern rider, a demon in the sky.

Asmond thought that Mykel would ask what happened to the Estriona World, but he didn’t. He was so sure that Mykel would ask him, and he was planning to not give him any information, but it was all just in his head. Mykel didn’t even bother by his surroundings and kept walking next to him without saying a word.

“Asmond. We are being watched,” Glen said as he glanced from left to right. “Looks like the demons are back occupying the city,”

Mykel walked away so casually and watched them in action.

The demons surrounded them and blindly attacked them from all directions. It was a one-sided fight because Asmond and his main team defeated them so easily while the rest of them leeched the XPs and finished the demons off.

They all looked at Mykel and expected a reaction from him, but Mykel seemed unfazed by it. It irritated them, but they pretended like they didn’t care about his reaction.

“Let’s keep moving,” Asmond said as he sheathed his sword.

They went to the other side of the city and stood in front of the portal to the thirtieth floor. They were nervous and waited for Asmond to give the order because they didn’t have the courage to enter of their own will.

“Let’s go,” Asmond said as he walked into the portal.

Everyone entered the thirtieth floor, and they saw a fortress protecting the Abaddon Tower. Without a warning, they were showered with arrows and boulders.

“Everyone stand on my back!” Asmond said as he created an earth barrier to protect everyone.

“Can’t do! The demons are coming in hot!” Glen said as he looked at the demon army in full plate armor running toward them. “There are at least hundreds of them,” Glen held his spear so tightly.

Asmond looked to his left and right and saw they were outnumbered. Not only that, they were cornered because the arrows and boulders were flying toward them.

“Leave them to us, we will be fine,” Rufus patted Asmond’s shoulder and then left to deal with the army with Glen, Silas, Roxanne, and Arum.

“What are you going to do, Asmond? Just stand here? Using your power to protect them? Is that really what your power is for?” Mykel asked as he stood right behind Asmond. “If you still have a feeling of the need to protect them, they’re just going to slow you down,” Mykel walked away as the arrows missed him.

“You’re here to lead them not to protect them!” Mykel shouted.

Asmond was taken aback because it was the first time he saw Mykel shout. He then looked back and saw dozens of his men hiding behind his barrier, scared to leave.

“Everyone! Follow me!” Asmond yelled and canceled the barrier. “We are going to kill the Demon Lord Vallon! Charge!” Asmond yelled and ran to the fortress.

Rufus, Glen, Silas, Roxanne, and Arum watched Asmond fearlessly run forward with the rest of them. It gave them an adrenaline rush which made them fearless and had confidence in themselves.

Mykel watched them break through the fortress wall, and fought the demons without fear. The arrows and boulders were still flying toward him but they all melted before they could hit his body.

They fought for hours, and they finally killed each one of them. Unfortunately, the one they were looking for was nowhere to be found.

“Where’s Vallon?” Glen asked as he pulled his spear from the demon’s throat after he made sure every single demon around them was dead.

“You won’t be seeing him or her on the ground,” Arum replied as she sighed. “Vallon’s title was the demon in the sky, and that means all we have to do is to look up,” Arum pointed at the sky.

Everyone looked up and suddenly a black wing flew down at them. They were thrown away because of the impact, and they heard a loud roaring that ruptured their eardrums.

They staggered and couldn’t stand straight because of the roar and the ringing inside their heads. They all looked at the black three-headed wyvern with three long rails and wide wings.

Before they could deal with the terrifying presence of the giant wyvern, a demon jumped down from the wyvern’s back. A demon in full plate armor and helm with demonic horns on it. He held two halberds and he was as tall as the wyvern which was five times the size of ordinary people.

“We are going to fight that thing?” Arum asked as she held her head and stared at Vallon.

“Don’t forget the wyvern,” Roxanne staggered as she regrouped with the others.

“We have no other choice but to fight. That’s the only option we have, so be prepared for battle,” Asmond said as he held his giant sword with both hands.


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