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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 377: 376: Regretting Their Decision. Bahasa Indonesia

“What’s the commotion down there?” Lucifer asked as he leaned on the glass wall and stared down at the street.

“We will find out soon enough,” Mykel said.

As soon as Mykel said that, someone knocked on the door, and it was Edith. She told Mykel that the people from the media and the supporters of the Fraternity Association were gathering and asking for an explanation.

They were angry because Agnez and the others stole the tower clearance from Asmond. But, that wasn’t why Edith came to his office. She came because the Fraternity Association decided to cut ties with the Guild Association.

“They want to cut ties because the higher-ups of the Fraternity Association are disappointed with the incident. Miss Enma is against it, but she can’t do anything since the media and the people want the same thing as the higher-ups,” Edith explained and tried to ignore Lucifer’s presence even though she was curious about who he was.

“She was pressured by them, and defending the Guild Association would only bring suspicion. It’s fine,” Mykel said as he looked at the glass wall and listened to the commotion. “Let them get what they want,” Mykle continued.

“What about Asmond? Did he say anything in this matter?” Mykel looked at Edith.

“No, he hasn’t made any statement. He has been quiet about it,” Edith answered. “But he was furious when we cleared the twenty-fifth floor,” Edith continued.

“Also, this is what they demand. A compensation,” Edith gave the document to Mykel.

Mykel read the document, and it made him chuckle because they demanded five towers of ownership. The Abaddon Tower, the Mahazael Tower, the Beelzebub Tower, the Behemoth Tower, and lastly the Asmodeus Tower.

“Since Asmond has been so quiet about this, then that means he’s not denying this demand. Fine by me,” Mykel smiled as he kept staring at the document. “I’m going to make a statement, come with me,” Mykel stood up, and then left the office.

Edith and Lucifer followed Mykel from behind, and they entered the lift in awkward silence. Edith glanced at the reflection of Lucifer on the wall, and she was curious who he was, but knowing the situation, she would rather stay quiet and ask about it later.

They were in the lobby, and the people outside the building started to get heated because they saw Mykel. They were pointing their fingers and glaring at him.

“You cowardly bastard!” Those were the words that came into Mykel’s ears as soon as he went outside.

Edith was composed and didn’t react to it even though deep down she was furious.

Mykel heard all the cursing words that existed and let them all pour their anger at him. He looked at how pathetic their lives were, and how fun it would be if he slaughtered them in front of each other.

Mykel smirked and suddenly the wind stopped blowing, and the loud curses that came from their mouths suddenly disappeared. They were all gasping for air that didn’t exist anymore around them, and they started to panic, but they couldn’t leave the place as if they were all stuck in their tiny space.

“I’m here going to make a statement, so listen to what I have to say,” Mykel said and canceled his [Spatiokinesis] and brought the air back.

Everyone went quiet as they gasped for air.

“You must have heard, or in fact, some of you going along and supporting the Fraternity Association about them wanting to cut ties with the Guild Association,” Mykel looked at each one of them, and looked who was still have the guts to show their hatred toward him. “This is the document that just got into my hand, and it’s about their demand, or should I say compensate for their dissatisfaction,” Mykel continued as he showed the document in his hand.

“You, which district did you come from?” Mykel asked as he pointed at the crowd.

“District 4,” The guy answered and he looked like he wanted to fight.

“Are you here to utter your dissatisfaction as well?” Mykel asked in a calm voice and face.

“Of course! Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want! I know that I’m just a normal guy unlike you Awakeners, you guys are an asshole for stealing others’ opportunities!” The guy answered and the crowd started to speak up for him.

They were all telling Mykel that they didn’t need them since they believed Asmond and his team would be able to clear those towers on their own. They started blabbering about how Asmond had become strong and proven his amazing achievements. They all started assuming that the Guild Association tried to sabotage the Fraternity Association.

Mykel asked the other people and they were all blinded by their hatred and rage that they all said the same thing.

“I see, I understand your dissatisfaction,” Mykel answered as he nodded his head. “Let’s continue where I left off,” Mykel said as he opened the document.

Everyone went quiet and glared at Mykel silently.

“In this document, the Fraternity Association wants to cut ties with the Guild Association. So, I will accept their request,” Mykel said as he looked at each one of them. “The demand they want is that they will take the ownership of the five towers, from District 2 to District 6,” Mykel continued as he lowered his hand where he held the document up high. “So I will sign the document right here, and you all will be my witness,” Mykel asked Edith for a pen.

Mykel signed the document in front of them and showed his signature to the cameras. They were all happy about it and made some sarcastic comments toward Mykel.

“With that being said,” Mykel raised his voice a bit to attract everyone’s attention. “Since I have signed the document, we, the Guild Association will not hold any responsibility to those five districts. We are not going to help you if a breakout is bound to happen,” Mykel closed the document as he stared at them with a stern look.

His words were cut deep into those people’s hearts because they realized that the Guild Association wouldn’t help them when they needed their help. Some were still happy and didn’t care because they believed in the Fraternity Association. The rest started to regret it because no matter how strong Asmond had become, having Mykel and his team would be good insurance if bad things happened.

“May the Gods have mercy on your souls,” Mykel said, but then he scoffed as he smirked. “The Gods don’t even have the ability to save your life and soul, they can only watch as your life is slaughtered by the demons,” Mykel continued and looked at them with pity. “Should I say, may the demons have mercy on your souls? Because they’re the ones who will take your souls,” Mykel said with a serious expression.

“If that happens, don’t blame the Guild Association. Blame the one who demands this agreement. That’s all,” Mykel left and went back inside the building as he gave the document to Edith.

Edith looked back for one last time, and the silence was still lingering in the crowds. They all looked scared, but some of them still believed in themselves and the Fraternity Association.

“Is that really necessary, Mister Mykel? There are so many innocent lives that don’t want this to happen,” Edith asked with a worried expression.

“Necessary? Yes, because they didn’t learn from their mistake in the past. People who made the same mistake twice is a fools. Dealing with a fool is just a waste of time, and saving them only overpopulates the Earth,” Mykel answered. “Don’t you worry about those who are smart enough to not entrust their lives to the Fraternity. They will think it would be dangerous to stay there, and will move to another district,” Mykel continued.

“Just prepare District 13 for those who decide to leave. Give them a new home. We have still a lot of time before the next breakout happens. They will realize with their own two eyes which side is safer. Just give them time,” Mykel said.

“The next breakout? But didn’t Luciel promise that she won’t do that again?” Edith asked with a confused look.

“She’s not the one who decides,” Lucifer answered as he walked next to Mykel and looked at Edith from the corner of his eye. “The game doesn’t belong to her, so what makes you think she’s the one who can change the rules?” Lucifer asked.

Edith was shocked and terrified about the fate of those innocent lives.

(In the Fraternity Association building)

“What is this, Enma?” Asmond asked as he looked at Enma standing in front of his desk. He held a paper that she gave her after they watched Mykel’s statement.

“I’m leaving,” Enma answered without showing any expression.

“Why? Don’t tell me you’re going to move to the Guild Association? Is that why Miss Vix is here, isn’t it? She’s trying to coax you and persuade you to join them,” Asmond asked and he looked disappointed and sad at the same time.

“Why? Do you think after hearing that from Mykel would bring any good to us? I’m the only one who was against this bullshit, and you were quiet and didn’t even give any response. You should be the one who makes the decision, not those old bastards!” Enma shouted as if she had burst all her pent-up frustration. “I’m not going to put myself in a trouble for something that I didn’t decide. I have been doing my best here, and Vix was there to help me while you guys are busy clearing the dungeon,” Enma gave a stern look at Asmond.

“How naive and hypocrite you are, Asmond. You accused her because she’s here with ill intention, but what did you do? You didn’t even bother to bring in someone to help me run the association even though you don’t trust her in the first place. Good luck, Asmond,” Enma said as she walked away.

Asmond was taken aback by her words. When Enma was about to leave his office, he stopped and turned around.

“I wasn’t planning on doing that, but know you said it like that. I don’t think it would be a bad idea,” Enma chuckled in disbelief.

“He’s dangerous, Enma,” Asmond replied.

“Dangerous? Who said that? He has power, and now you said he’s dangerous? I can’t believe how hypocrite you are,” Enma scoffed and looked at Asmond in disgust.

I hope you don’t regret this, Enma,” Asmond said, and he seemed to be holding back his words.

“Regret this? I have been regretting my decision to stay ever since you killed Kastor, Asmond. Goodbye,” Enma said and then left the room.


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